Monday, November 17, 2014

Dang, It's Cold Outside!

That Polar Vortex got the better of us this past weekend. Fortunately temps didn't drop too terribly low, compared to many parts of the country. But there have been some cold nights. 

Sorry about the blur. This was the lowest temperature for Saturday night. 

Fortunately, it wasn't cold enough to do serious damage. 

More blur, sorry. Rosa 'Jacques Cartier' wants to continue blooming despite the cold.

Geranium 'Samobar' is a little mussed up.

Musa monster. 

Alstros are sad too.

And the Fuchsias.

This Penstemon is happy. 

Oddly, despite ice storm destruction of my front yard sweet gum trees,
my backyard Japanese maple thinks it's July.  

I saw these blooming at two different nurseries last summer so I bought and planted three boxes (at $2 each.)

I love what it says on the top of the box.