Monday, June 29, 2015

Almost July

Well, the garden survived the (second) heat wave of the summer and it's not even July yet. I'm sure glad for the shade my maturing trees are providing. And I'm thankful for good ole water. 

Filipendula rubra blossom--such frothy goodness.

Actually I have to bend the stem down to look at it because
it towers over the garden. 

This Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus 'Aphrodite')
is blooming already--way early!

Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising' is looking fab!

The hardy fuchsias are starting to bloom.
This one is called 'Flash'. I love the vibrant reds.

This is that little Evening Primrose (Oenothera kunthiana 'Glowing Magenta')
Several times I've grown it in a pot but it never wintered-over,
This year, I decided to put it in the ground, hoping it will winter-over.

I'm really impressed with this Cuphea. I think it's Cuphea llavea 'Flamenco Cha Cha'

Mondarda didyma 'Raspberry Wine' with Impatiens glandulifera

The beginnings of the hollyhock fest.

Pretty milkweed -- Asclepias speciosa

Galega officinalis 'Lady Wilson' and Geranium 'Patricia'

Not the most complementary photo, this is Stipa barbata being all regal.

Here are a few wide shots of the garden:

Almost daily we're seeing butterflies in the garden.
I'm still hoping for a monarch.
I hope you all are enjoying your gardens.