Monday, October 31, 2016

Time for My Annual: "My Garden Looks Like Crap" Post

People really like fall because the leaves get all dramatic as they wave goodbye. I admit the colors are vibrant and lovely but I still don't like fall. All my puttering through spring and summer to make my garden look good, then Nature blows in and ruins it. You're probably rolling your eyes and thinking, move to the tropics then if you don't like the temperate climate, sheesh! Whiner! 

As much as I might like to dream, I'm not going to move to Florida anytime soon. And I can have a bit of her right here in my Pacific Northwest garden. Specifically I'm talking about my sweet  smelling 'Frostproof' Gardenia. Here are the last two blossoms of the season. 

Gardenia 'Frostproof'

Here is a photo of my three year old plant.

In 2014, I purchased a packet of Tinantia erecta seeds. Each year since, it has reseeded. It's blooming much later than usual this year but it is a welcome little plant. On cloudy days the flowers stay open longer.

Rain-soaked Tinantia erecta

There are still Dahlia blossoms.

Dahlia NOID

'Junkyard Dog' is my most prolific Dahlia bloomer. It didn't rain Saturday, (miracle!) and it was fun to see all the honeybees enjoying the nectar. Funny none are visible in this photo.

Dahlia 'Junkyard Dog'

A few of my Clematis are pushing out a their last blooms. In September, I purchased C. florida sieboldii from none other than the famous Linda Beutler herself while she was tending the Rogerson Clematis Collection booth at the Salem Hardy Plant sale. A few very late blooms are doing their best to make an appearance before closing down for winter.

Clematis florida sieboldii

Clematis florida sieboldii

Also, finally blooming is my Groundnut Vine, Apios americana. I'm hoping next year it won't be so shy. 

Apios americana

Aren't these blooms fun? So unique. And fragrant! 

Apios americana

Garland Nursery is only five miles from my home so, of course, I make regular trips there like any smart, plant addicted gardener would. A few weeks ago they had their fall plant sale. I bought so many plants for so little money, it was almost criminal. Included was this 'Tubby Andrews' Bergenia. 

Bergenia 'Tubby Andrews'

And along the same foliage lines, check out my Fallopia japonica 'Variegata'. I'm kind of hoping the flowers will go to seed. I'd love to have a few more plants. 

Fallopia japonica 'Variegata'
The golden-leaved Sedums are happy.

Sedums in a small hypertufa pot.

Another pot.

Finally, I am coming to terms with the aforementioned fall foliage and the season that perpetuates it. Here you can see my 'Chandler' Blueberry plant, arrayed with blushing red foliage.  

Blueberry 'Chandler'

Blueberry 'Chandler'

Yes, my garden looks like crap but what am I going to do? Keep my eyes on the pretty things and hope spring makes an early appearance.