Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I Didn't Shiver Today!

For the first time in a week, I didn't shiver when I went outside today. I got some photos during one of those shiver sessions: 

There was snow!

Not the kind of deep snow that fell up north but enough to remind us that it's still winter.

My courtyard fountain is apparently the coldest of all my water features. Here it is right before things started to warm up.

Weather wuss that I am, that is all the photos I took of the snow.

I don't think the low temperature dropped below 28 degrees so my plants did just fine, even the tenders I keep on my covered patio. I put a blanket over some of them, and also my Melianthus. It is still a bit bent out of shape but alive. 

Melianthus major

On the aforementioned covered patio, Fuchsia 'Tricolor' is blooming. This is a baffling plant. It didn't bloom at all during the summer months and just a few in the fall. I don't mind though. Winter bloomers are very special.


Fuchsia 'Tricolor'
I'm always surprised how early the Grass Widow (Olsynium douglasii) sends up its tiny blades.

Grass Widow (Olsynium douglasii)

There are plants that would be blooming now if it hadn't been for that cold snap. For instance my new Prunus mume 'Kobai' (not pictured). And of course Daphne odora. 

Daphne odora

And this Rosemary in my front yard. See all those buds? And the sweet little friend? I noticed not one but two bright red lady beetles sleeping on those fragrant stems.  

Rosemarianus officinalis and friend

 And we can't forget our little Dougie-the-birdseed-stealer. (Douglas Squirrel)

This duo are regular visitors to my front yard. They've come to expect the apples we toss to them. On this visit I had my camera handy. (All of those brown balls are from my Sweet Gum trees.)

That about does it for this go around. Spring is not far off now and I'm SO ready! 
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