Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Bloomers

The rain is back today after a nice stretch of sunny, warm weather so I can't really complain. Besides I'm not suffering from tornadoes as so many are. My sympathies to those who are affected. I thought I'd share a few of my May bloomers.

 Phlox asurgens 'Wagon Wheel' is a creeping phlox. I keep it in a container. 
It puts out its main bloom in May and then sporadic bloom throughout the summer. 

 Thalictrum aquilegifolium is a spring bloomer with great foliage. 
I like how it reseeds. 

 Syringa x 'Tinkerbell' is just finishing up. I was blessed by its sweet fragrance. 

 I photographed this a few posts ago but couldn't resist a repeat photo. 
I just love this Jacob's Ladder. No fragrance, Catherine but it's got everything else. 

 Heucherella 'Sun Spot' 

 Native Bleeding Heart [Dicentra sp.] 

 A native iris blossom. 

 My very first rose of the season, 'Therese Bugnet'

 Solomon's Seal

 My first blossom of pink California Poppy. 

 Verbascum. Ooh I love these!

 More Verbascum. 

 Variegated Weigela. Btw, this plant makes a splendid, fragrant cut flower.
I've got some next to me right now. Yum! 

 Lewisia cotyledon 

 Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin' is a Zone 8 perennial and blooms nonstop. 

 These are just some overwintered snaps that were in a pot I purchased at a garage sale. 

 Geranium 'Samobar' 

And finally, Argyranthemum


  1. Love them all! Love that Jacob's Ladder too. That sunny warm weather last week was so wonderful. I feel so bad for all those people affected by tornadoes.

  2. Grace, the sunshine is so beautiful on your flowers..I do believe I have my (your) California Poppies in the wrong location. Do they make seed like the other poppies? THe Verbascum, is that what I saw in bud in your last post in the area you cleaned out? What's not to love about this lovely! Just jotted it's name down. My Weigela is of the burgandy foliage with dark pink blooms. THe Lewisia is a very pretty flower, how long does it bloom? Great snaps too! I also feel for the tornado victims and their families.

  3. You have so many pretty flowers blooming! I started some pink Verbascum last year after seeing yours. They are nowhere near blooming right now, I hope they look like the ones you have. I love the pink Jacob's ladder, it doesn't have to smell good when it looks so nice.
    I'm really anxious for some roses, I've got some buds starting.
    It sure is hard to complain about the rain when other people have those terrible tornadoes.

  4. Grace girl that is a wow factor with all of your plants !
    I can just imagine the scent from that gorgeous old rose .. like my ZD .. some of the older varieties just can't get any better eh ?
    I think I need a new camera to keep up with all of you that take such great pictures .. it is on my list for my birthday ? hehehe
    We are in for a few days of rain .. thank heavens because I think I blew a gasket ? over doing it today with my garden adventures .. lets all have a collective groan from when we do that sort of thing ? LOL

  5. I know you are tickled pink with your May blooms! ;-)
    Just lovely Grace.

  6. I love all your May flowers, Grace. You make it look so easy to have a show of blossoms. I *might* have about five, including several Lewisias, which I love.

    Have you found the Solomon's Seal to be invasive? I've just discovered it blooming at our local community center and there's so much everywhere, I'm worried I should get most of it out.

  7. Your blooms are all so pretty. Such beautiful colors. Congrats on your first rose bloom!

  8. Hi Grace,

    We have had a ton of rain and today very cool. I love the look of that pink ruffled rose and all of those sofft colored spring flowers.


  9. Beautiful blooms! I've now put variegated Weigela and the Thalictrum on my 'must have' list.

  10. So many beautiful flowers! I've planted Jacob's Ladder but it didn't make it so I never saw the flowers, it is lovely.
    Thank you for posting all these beautiful flowers.

  11. Such a pretty colour of the phlox - so delicate! I would like to have a pink California poppy, looks beautiful and your other flowers are all lovely too!

  12. P.S.
    Grace girl I just saw Darla's lupins and had to come over here to say
    "those were SOME seeds" girl !! LOL
    I said to blow up the picture to poster size and show those smarty pants who is boss ! haha
    Joy : )

  13. omg, I'm so glad I found you. Every time you've left a nice comment on my blog, I've tried to follow it back and it goes nowhere. Whew. I've bookmarked you now so hopefully that won't happen again. Does this have anything to do with when your blog disappeared (or something strange)??
    Anyway, your blooms are gorgeous, as always. I LOVE the verbascums especially. I planted several more last year that I'm hoping to see this summer (if the sun ever returns!) You can always be counted on to have something pink and unusual. The creeping phlox is really pretty too. Happy Memorial Day weekend Grace.

  14. gorgeous collection of spring bloomers! I think my fave is your overwintered garage sale find.

    Youknow, I've been having some probs getting on your blog - don't know if it's an issue with me or with your blog, so just fyi. Sometimes it said there's no such blog or something like that...

  15. Oh, how i love finding new gardeners that share the passion of Gardening! I host a garden party on Thursday's called Cottage Flora Thursday's...would love to have you come by & peek around & would love it even better if you'd link a garden post sometime? oxox,tracie

  16. Nice selection! Can't wait until my solomon's seal is larger.

  17. So many pretty flowers in your May garden, Grace. I can see why Verbascum is a fave. Tinkerbell caught my eye, too.

  18. Verbascum is blooming already? Mine is sitting low yet!
    I always see some new (for me) plants in you posts, Grace. Geranium Samobar has very pretty flowers! Thalictrum aquilegifolium - what funny blooms! Thank you!

  19. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I planted a verbascum plant I bought at a farmer's market the other day. I'm not sure if it will live over the winter here. It was called, 'Southern' something or other. I hope it blooms this summer.

  20. It's nice to see how you've used verbascum. It looks better in the ground than at the nursery. I especially love your light lavender one. Might have to add some of that to my garden.


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