Thursday, June 23, 2011

From Slump to Jump

I guess you could call it "growing pains." My bi-polar garden, just a few short weeks ago, slumbering in apparent bliss, is now fully awake and going gang busters.  I'm constantly running for the pruners. Then for the wheelbarrow. Certain plants, that shall remain nameless for the sake of brevity, are bullying their neighbors and I'm cutting and trimming and deadheading. I'm not complaining though. Pruning brings instant gratification and after such a long slump, I'm happy to be at the "Jump" stage. Here are a few photos I took this morning.

 My PINK California poppies are looking great albeit a bit on the wild side. 
[I purchased my seed from this site.]

 'Gertie' [Rosa 'Gertrude Jekyll'] is happy with the fertilizer I gave her. :)

 Rosa 'Knock Out' is knocking my socks off. 
In the center of the photo is the first of my Breadseed poppy flowers--a nice matching pink! 

 All of our spring rain has been a boost for the Calla Lilies. They look better than they ever have. 

 Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue' is a happy camper. 

 Rosa 'William Baffin' is blooming but the rain has really done a number on its foliage. Oh well...

 Santa Barbara Daisies, Phygelius 'Cherry Ripe' and a Veronica. Ordered chaos!

 Persicaria 'Red Dragon' with Geranium 'Jolly Bee' 

 Rosa 'Grotendorst' with Geranium 'Patricia'


  1. Grace my dear, all is so, so over the top gorgeous here...if only I could visit in person I could learn so much from you. It's funny that I have already gathered breadseed poppy seeds and yours are just beginning to bloom. What is the white flowering ground cover in your path please. I'll be back later to really drool and ask a few more questions. Seriously you have 10 green fingers and I'm sure some toes in there too.

  2. Your garden is gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed all your pictures. Have a great day.


  3. So pretty! I have been wanting to get my hands on some pink california poppies, but can't seem to find any. What is the white creeping flower on the edges of your flagstone walkway? I love how it is mixed with the green ground cover! I may have to copy your look!

  4. Beautiful, Grace, beautiful garden you have put together there, and I love your whimsy about the beds, i.e. that lovely old wicker chair. These overcast days we have had the last few really make the garden intense with color. Loving it.

  5. You know, I can't help but noticing that all of your foliage looks downright perfect. How are you doing this?

  6. Grace girl .. you have so many beautiful scenarios broken up through out your garden !
    It would be such an amazing stroll through it all : )
    I love that you have a Canadian rose ! wink wink
    All of your plants looks so healthy and happy .. there is something VERY satisfying about pruning so I know what you mean exactly ! haha
    That was a gorgeous tour to take, thank you !
    Joy : )
    PS do you do that Epsom salts thing with your roses ? I find it is amazing !

  7. Pruners and wheelbarrow are mighty weapons when you wield them, Woman! Lovely, just lovely. Thanks so much for posting.

    Is that your kitty sitting so pretty beside the flagstone path with the white ground cover? He/she reminds me of a cat we used to have.

  8. I had to go back to make sure you weren't showing a garden CENTER or botanic garden.
    Your work is spectacular, nothing short of that.
    Way more than just pruning--lots of hard work and insightful planning is evident in your garden.
    I am going back to look again!!

  9. Your garden is jumping! You have so many pretty pink roses. I'm trying to figure our where I can squeeze another one in. It's interesting to see how far ahead some of you plants are. My Phygelius is nowhere close to blooming and poppies are still tiny.

  10. I love your ordered chaos! I love a garden that is full and lush - and colorful! Yours is spectacular!

  11. Gorgeous garden Grace! We have had some thunderstorms that have washed out areas of the gardens and plants are falling your foliage tattered from the rain?!?!!? I don't even see it.

  12. I am going through the same thing Grace, lots of pruning to keep things within bounds. We have had a lot of rains also, some pretty bad storms.


  13. As always, your garden...feel like we are sort of kindred gardening spirits! I always forget that there are PINK California Poppies...I'm heading over to that site for some seed right now! Love the pairing of 'Red Dragon' and 'Jolly Bee''s perfect!

  14. You must be a dab hand with the pruners...every thing looks well shapely. I 've managed to make big gaping holes every where.

  15. The garden is looking incredible, I particularly enjoyed the photo with cat tucked away in it. Pink California poppies, very nice! The flowery moss filled paving pathway looks great, it's a good time of year to be a gardener. Very nice indeed!

  16. I bet you look forward to this time in your garden when it is in full bloom and so green. Heck, I would even sit there and admire your work all day long!

  17. Dear Grace,
    Your gardens are lovely. They are a reflection of your graceful spirit. Your gardens speak of the love of nature you must have. For them to be so abundant and happy you must be giving them just the right habitat.
    Thank you for posting these photographs and taking all of us on a tour of a garden that is well loved.

  18. Oh my gave me sooo much to look at.
    You've sure got tons of color. Love the Rhapsody in Blue and so much more. I see you have Red Dragon,it's a pretty cool plant. Mine can be cut, divided, stepped on, and totally neglected and it still wants to live.

    Love to see a post on just your garden accents.I'm seeing so many wonderful things but want a closer look.

  19. Hi Grace! Smashing as usual. I'm wondering what you do to keep your pebble path weed-free? I'm so far behind with my weeding, and it continues to rain... but I'll get by... ;-)

  20. I can just tell how your garden is absolutely bursting with growth and energy. I love your rosa Rhapsody in Blue. Enjoy this glorious time in the garden - and keep those pruners handy! :)

  21. Pink California Poppies!!!!! I am in love! I've got no roses in blooms yet, just buds while I know neighbors have blooms - my yard must just be cooler?!
    I thought I saw a black lace elderberry in there? Do you love it? Mine had die back which surprised me but it is back and beautiful as ever.

  22. All of your PINK just makes me smile. Wonderful! And to think you have matching breadseed poppies? Lucky you. Ours are looking to all be purple this year, but I'm holding out on some crazy red ones. Maybe.

    Grace, your garden is GORGEOUS.

  23. I enjoyed reading about your exploits with your plants and seeing your awesome photos. I love the expression, "ordered chaos". I have some of that, too.

  24. Grace, my blood pressure went up when I looked at your garden. Paradise! You should be very proud of it!
    I am sorry for my dissapearing from your followers. This FriendsConnect messed up something, and I show up not the way I want to. I try to fix it... I will be back, I promise! I love your blog!

  25. Dang, Grace! I think your garden needs to be tested for steroid use! Love it all, especially the kitty and the pavers.


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