Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Shortage of Blooms!

The sun is supposed to return later this week. This, after something like two weeks of clouds and downpours--so unusual for this time of year. The garden, other than several water-weary plants leaning horizontally, is managing fine.    

The first of my Echinaceas is starting to bloom.   

 And the Daylilies... This is 'Rose Petticoats'

An Asiatic lily... 

An unnamed red... 

 This is Daylily 'Strawberry Candy' 

The Fuchsias are looking good too. 
I don't know the names of any of them. 

 This is Clematis 'Julia Correvon' 

 And Clemmie 'Polish Spirit' 

 I think this is Hydrangea 'Tellar Red' 

I'm psyched about my Gardenia. (Gardenia 'August Beauty') The photo above shows it at the absolute best it has ever looked. This might be a fluke but after losing several plants over the years, I finally learned, quite by accident, that if I want it to overwinter successfully, I've got to completely STOP watering it during the winter months. I left this plant, in its pot, under my (Zone 8) covered patio. In spring I began gradually watering it with a little water-soluble fertilizer and, voila! Three lusciously fragrant blossoms with many more in the works, and no spider mites! 

Again, my thoughts are with those of you struggling with this horrid heatwave. 


  1. Grace,

    I love fushia but always seem to fail at growing it in our climate until I came upon Fushia Autumnale. I have it in my containers and it is doing great, I wonder why the difference.


  2. Your garden looks great, Grace. The gloom has gotten the best of mine and I don't have much blooming at all.

  3. Good to know about the gardenia Grace. I had one a couple years ago and tried to winter it over (in a dormant state) in my basement. I usually water things sparingly while they're down there but maybe even that is too much?? I can hardly think of another plant whose fragrance is so heavenly. You are so lucky to have all those blooms ~ it looks like it's loaded. Enjoy!
    ps I didn't mean to ignore the rest of your garden ~ it looks great too (as always) ~ I just got stuck on the gardenia! I do really like that 'Tellar Red' hydrangea tho.

  4. Grace girl all of your beauties look amazing with water droplets .. and yes, I wish for your rain girl and you can have our blazing sun for a while? "if only!!" .. the gardenia .. wow ! i have never seen a real one and I am so curious as to what they smell like ..I love the foliage let alone the flower and what patience you have had to keep up with it ! A true plant warrior girl : )
    PS .. Sharon gets 30 years with no parole ;-)

  5. Your blooms are beautiful. I can never keep up with the names of Daylilies. I so miss the blooms on my clematis'...I know a blogger that has the most gorgeous Gardenia bushes, she said she puts pickle juice around them. I am going to add some epsom salt to mine. They are in the ground and look so, so sad.

  6. Beautiful blooms as always but I think my favorite this time is your gardenia. I have two plants grown from cuttings that Seventh Street Tom rooted and sent to me from NC. I just love the scent of gardenias.

    Hope you get some sunny skies soon.


  7. Grace, you must be the only one who needs the sun! You can't tell it hasn't been perfect growing conditions by looking at your garden! It looks so healthy and lush!

  8. Gorgeous pictures grace! I love Clematis but they always seem to die with the frost we have in the winter time. I'll just enjoy your blooms instead!

  9. Gorgeous. I love the clematis (they're on my wish list, I just have to decide which one and where) and also the fuchsia.

  10. Grace, it looks like many of your plants like this cool weather! Nice, happy blooms! I wish I knew your Gardenia tip before! Mine is gone. Stay warm (he-he)!

  11. Hah! Now I am armed for the gardenia! My past is littered with bug-infested yellow-leaved gardenia plants with buds falling off before opening...Can't thank you enough for what feels like TOP SECRET information-- I will be buying a new gardenia at the first opportunity, I just love them!

  12. Grace, All your flowers are beautiful, but I'm particularly taken with Rose Petticoat. You must be getting our rain; it's been very warm and dry here. Yesterday and today, I finally broke down and watered flower beds -- a move that usually brings on rain. -Jean

  13. Beautiful, as always, Grace. Glad you discovered a way to keep your Gardenia going!

  14. I have Strawberry Candy and loved its blooms. We got some long stretches of super hot weather and the daylilies were rather short lived. Hoping they shine more next summer.
    I have about 10 (?) Gardenias...but not August Beauty...have Frostproof. Smaller leaf and supposed to handle my zone better. (7b) They are about 3 feet tall now, were planted last summer.
    I was envious seeing all the raindrops on your blooms. Send some our way!

  15. We are definitely on the opposite spectrum with the weather situation. The Polish Spirit is very pretty and I wish I could smell the gardenia. I will think sunny thoughts for you, if you think rain for me. :)

  16. rose petticoats is gorgeous! Unfortunately, most of my garden is going horizontal right now... I'd be really psyched about that gardenia too - ahhh - the fragrance.

  17. Grace,
    Beautiful flowers glistening with rain.
    So nice for you the gardenia is blooming. All your blooms are lovely especially those dripping Fuchsias with their striking colors. Always a pleasure to see what's growing in your stunning gardens.

  18. I think we are about a week behind you. The echinacea are just starting to bloom now. This recent sun is glorious though! I have success overwintering my fuchsias the same way you are doing your gardenia. I ought to add a gardenia and they can all share the dark spot they have in the garage during the wintertime ......

  19. Hope you had the nice sun we had the last few days, altough it looks like rain and cool weather is coming back tomorrow. How I wish we could have a whole week of sun. Do you notice that your Clematises are behind this year? Several of mine are really late. I've got 'Strawberry Candy' blooming in my yard too right now.

  20. I'm happy to see your fuchsias and clematis as I don't have any blooms from mine this year. Beautiful flowers, I've been here a few times to look at them!

  21. Hi Grace,
    I enjoyed seeing your blooms. I love that purple clematis! I don't remember most of the names of the day lilies and such, but do remember I also have 'Strawberry Candy'.

    I have some flowers that are leaning, too. I have tied around the bottoms of the stems of some of them. I'm just glad they are surviving this heat OK. It's 90 now, "cooler" than it has been, so we don't have the excessive heat warnings we did for a number of days in a row, but it is still hot.

  22. I long ago lost the fuchsias to heat...no amount of water was saving them.....Love seeing your blooms with water droplets...we are thirsty here.
    I am trying to find a way to like summer. I think my herbs are going to be my salvation....
    Always love your blooms....


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