Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wild, Wacky, Winter Weather

THIS WEEK HAS been crazy weather-wise. It started with snow on Monday and then again on Tuesday morning.  Tuesday night's high winds ushered in a significant warm up, followed by a steady, drenching rain. And, according to the forecasters, more rain is on the way for the remainder of the week. We're in the throes of a "Pineapple Express"--the moniker for storms that travel up from the tropics and dump copious quantities of rain. It's all about making up for lost time. December was unseasonably dry.    

I think this is 'Cinco de Mayo' with Clematis 'Nellie Moser.' 
I am so far behind on blog reading. If I haven't visited you lately, please bear with me. I will do my best. In the meantime, I thought I'd follow Joy's lead and post photos of flowers. You remember, those things that show up in summer on green things that come out of the ground? In case you've forgotten, like I have, here are some reminders. 

Phygelius 'Cherry Ripe' 

Pelargonium 'Apple Blossom' 

Rosa 'Purple Tiger' 

Verbascum 'Southern Charm' 
 Okay, that's all for now. I've got to get my scuba gear out so I can swim to work in the morning.

As always, 


  1. Seriously, hasn't this weather been crazy! I was annoyed that the heavy snow last night (with the rain) really did a number on the garden...most of the plants I leave up for winter interest were bent...many snapped cleanly off! Oh well. I love that's totally on my seed list for this perfect with those subtle, muted colors!

  2. That's a relief. I thought that rose was still blooming in your garden.

  3. Grace girl thank you for the "tag" and I think I will have to post more flowers from last year too .. even though this winter started late .. it's affects are impacting to say the least?
    My goodness I love your flowers girl !
    That pelargonium is gorgeous , the shot makes it look like a multitude of tiny roses .. the variation in colour for each flowerett ? is amazing .. I am going to have to find this one for sure !
    'Cinco de Mayo" rose is also a stunner .. this has put me in a FLOWER Power mood for sure : )
    Thanks girl !
    Joy : )

  4. More beautiful blooms from your gardens. Pretty soon they will be blooming for you again this year.

    Wish we would get some rain, we really need it.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. I hadn't been over here for a little while, still trying to catch up. I did a little changing of things on my blog page and I think we are both using the same script font for the post title, nice look! ;-)
    The weather the PNW has been getting has been quite newsworthy. Know Texas would love a little of your water now!!
    Love that Apple Blossom Pelagorium

  6. Hi Grace - sorry to hear about the wet weather. We're having a crazy winter also - hardly any snow and when it does arrive, it's rained out a couple days later. Really bad for our perennials because they are used to a thick covering for insulation against the cold.

    And I'm with Kelly (above) - thought that rose was still blooming. Shame, it's a beauty as is the verbascum.

  7. This weather is pretty challenging, all right! I just posted about a few injuries to my garden from Wednesday night's snow — luckily, none of them fatal, I think.

    So thank you for lightening things up with this taste of summer. I'm generally not much of a pelargonium fan, but 'Apple Blossom' is stunning and you captured it at a perfect point. I do like verbascum, and 'Southern Charm' is exactly that!

  8. Grace, this sure is wacky weather we are having. Thanks for the lovely flower pictures to remind us of the wonderful color we have to look forward to.

  9. We've been hearing about your weather here Grace! At least every day we are inching our way toward spring, right?
    Your flower photos are beautiful ~ can't wait till it's time to see them IRL!!! Stay dry!

  10. I was trying to think who all I knew that was in the path of that snow storm. Hope you enjoy it. LOL! I know not do much huh?
    What a beautiful picture of the Cinco de Mayo rose. I wondered also what those Purple Tiger roses looked like. Now I know and I love it.
    Do you still have your Apple Blossom geranium? So far my red Rosebud double like it is still growing in the kitchen window. Would you like a start off of it when it warms up?
    Well if it warms up and rains I hope you do not get any old ice.

  11. So nice to see such cheerful blooms in winter. Loved seeing the flower photos! I'm anxious for spring.

  12. I just read not more than 5 minutes ago that more bad weather is headed to th PNW, is that right? Your flower photos are gorgeous be careful out there on those roads!

  13. Grace I can't get over the verbascum...summer is the only time to see it here...we are fine with water...we finally have a bit of snow cover and lots of cold...warm here is 40. Stay dry

  14. Just stopping by to make sure you aren't one of those up in the PNW without power and hating it, with a tree on your roof. Whew.

  15. yeah, it's sort of a must to check the weather these days for us too! I always love your photos of flowers. :)

  16. Gorgeous, Grace! Thanks for adding color and warmth to my dreary, grey day!!

  17. Lots of weather weirdness here, too. Ice one day, almost 60 the next. I love your Apple Blossom geraniums. Beautiful!!!

  18. Yes, the winter weather has been wacky. I am ready for spring to arrive and be done with wanting the cold get here so the warm can follow. I enjoyed seeing your blooms.

  19. Such a cheerful post for a rainy week! Beautiful flowers!


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