Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring's Tentative Arrival


Daffodil 'Tete-a-Tete' blooming for the second year in a container! 
It wasn't that many days ago that I was writing about... 


And it wasn't long after that when the pristine whiteness of it all morphed into...

...this!  (Discarded snow piled in the corner of a parking lot.) 

But, lo and behold, underneath it was... 

 ...this! (Pulmonaria 'Reginald Kaye') 

And walking a little farther along the garden path was...

...this! (Helleborus 'Hot Flash')

Not too shabby, eh? I've noticed lots of things blooming around town too. Camellias, fruit trees, Magnolias, Azaleas... Spring is making a valiant effort to shoo away winter. 

A few days ago, I pulled into the parking lot of a store. Outside the front entrance was a display of  tantalizing offerings begging to get their picture taken. So I obliged. 

Gerbera Daisy with water drops.

A deeper-colored Gerbera

Luscious tulips just waiting to go home with me. 

English Daisies--some of the nicest I've seen.

And one more photo... just because nothing says spring like pretty flowers. 
I think it's time to celebrate spring! 
As always, 


  1. Just makes a person feel so good to know Spring is 'kinda' making an appearance.

  2. Such pretty English Daisies! We definitely have spring nice and settled in here and summer feels like it is trying to creep in WAY too early!!

  3. I hope all that snow is a dirty puddle of water by now Grace. Your spring daffodils look so sunny and bright. What a lovely Hellebore. I have to get more of those beauties. And look at all of those pretty pink blooms. I would think you had to have one of each. LOL! The Gerbera and the Daisies are beautiful with the water drops.They make you smile just looking at them.

  4. Isn't it the most thrilling thing to see what's under all this and that? :)

  5. Yes, I think spring is here in the PNW! Glad you found flowers under all that snow. Plum and cherry trees are blooming here now.

  6. It's always amazing to me just how quickly weather can change. I always think snow is so dramatic...so beautiful one moment, a slushy black pile of filth the next. Love the blooms...glad you found a home for the Tulips ;-) Let's hope winter is really, truly behind us!

  7. Ha - I posted pictures of that Pulmonaria today too. :o)
    Great pics.

  8. Love all those happy spring blooms! Hope Spring comes to stay for you soon. While I was reading your blog, it hailed, thundered and is now raining buckets. This weather is crazy!!! Cheers Julia

  9. Your Helleborus..full shade?
    What a beauty...

  10. Hi Grace! Nice to see some "spring" pictures! I'm soooo ready!

  11. I have a nickname for the discarded snow piled in the corner of a parking lot: "smice." Smice is a hellish compound of snow, mud and ice.

  12. Here's a toast to those Daffs in the container! What great pink colors you have shared with us. Love all Gerberas, I have never had luck, well yes I have bad, with English Daisies.

  13. Ugh! I remember when I lived in the Panhandle how the snow would get yucky before it all melted. Down here farther south, thankfully it melts quickly before it gets ugly. Those flowers are all so beautiful. I would have had a hard time not buying some.

  14. So good to see color, and color with raindrops is even better!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. I think everyone has warmer weather than I do to have such beautiful flowers blooming. Ok fine I have some blooms!!!
    Beautiful colors Grace, I especially love that hellebore.

  16. ugh, the pile of dirty snow is the worst. Fortunately/unfortunately, we didn't see that at all this year.

    Spring flowers are the best! love those pink daisys. I might need to switch out my ranunculous which tricked me - i thought it was pink and turns out it's red. I can't focus on anything else b/c it bothers me so much!

  17. I love gerberas!! Beautiful photos! When I lived in SC they were considered a perennial. Thanks for your tips on the clematis. It's actually been in the ground for 7 years in that spot and already looks better. I read that sudden weather fluctuations can trigger the fungus, too. It's cooled off and The President has perked right up. I don't blame her. :o) I don't like 80's in March either!!

  18. Ha - it's been snowing here today, though the ground it too warm for it to stick. Love the pink gerbera. And I think crokies and clemmies sound great. I love nicknames for plants!

  19. Let's clink our virtual glasses in celebration! Your photos chases away my blues and replaced them with pinks!

  20. Cross fingers for a sunny weekend ! Lovely pics


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