Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Plants Make a Happy Gardener

ANOTHER WEEKEND has come and gone. Doesn't the time just whiz by? It seems like there's never enough hours in my week. Between indoor tasks, I was able to get a few things done in the garden. Usually the lilacs are in bloom by April 15th but they're late this year. Here are some of the happy plants among the throng of emerging wonders. 

Bergenia cordifolia in bloom

Oxalis crassipes just starting to bloom

Oxalis 'Sunset Velvet' (I think)

Hebe 'Pink Elephant'
I had the most difficult time getting this plant established but now, it's finally growing and happy! 

The yellow flowers of Leopard's Bane or Doronicum orientale are not my favorite
but it blooms faithfully this time of year so I let it be. 

I bought this Helichrysum (Strawflower) on sale last summer.
It wintered over in a hanging basket and is blooming. Cool, huh? 

The flowers of  Evergreen Huckleberry (Vaccinum ovatum) are about to open.
The bumblebees love them. 

I've got a Vinca minor plant in a hanging container. It's blooming. 

Finally, a photo of Disco, my youngest daughter's monster kitty. 
 I hope your garden is making you happy! 
As always, 


  1. It was a wonderful weekend in the garden! I'm intrigued with your two oxalis species as I only know Oxalis oregana. The monster kitty looks quite that deceptive? Happy Ides of April, Grace!

  2. You got so many lovely blooms on show today. The colour of the Bergenia is fabulous. I simply love that Hebe, and the Helichrysum. Discon is rather a good looker too.

  3. Your gardens are waking up beautifully. I will have to read more about Hebes, love that foliage. Humid southern summers? Zone 7b-8?? You certainly have the best pinks around!

  4. How long have you had your evergreen huckleberry? I do not believe mine has ever bloomed, but I have not paid it any attention.

    A pot is definitely a good place for that vinca! It's growing all over my hillside, choking out many plants that the previous owner planted. I don't have the time to yank it all.

  5. Looking great, Grace! Thankfully the weather was nice during the weekend to be outside!

  6. Kudos my friend for being diligent with the 'Pink Elephant' she's a beaut! It does look a little "off" seeing yellow in your gardens, they remind me of gerbera dasies...Way cool on the survival of the Strawflowers, very pretty and so full! I'm just not sure how I feel about the Vinca minor, haven't had much success with it blooming. That kitty doesn't look like a monster.....I just love the soft look of all that later.

  7. Hi Grace. Your Hebe is so lovely. I love the shape of it with the color variations. The Flea Bane is so pretty Grace. That is just wonderful that your Straw Flower survived through the winter. We need some pretty surprises once in a while for all they cost. LOL!

  8. That first oxalis has beaten mine to the punch. You've made me want to go dig in the leaves for buds. :o) I never knew the name of it. I always called it wood sorrel I think. Isn't it exciting to be taking pictures of blooms! :o)

  9. Gracie girl !!
    I finally made it over here .. I have been trying to rest my naughty leg from Saturday's garden mission .. it is actually HOT here over 21 Celsius and windy and DRY ! No Spring rain for us so I would trade with you in a snap !
    I love your plants .. I have always been fascinated by Hebe for some reason .. all your plant kids look great girl .. and Disco ? gorgeous even if he is a little monster ? LOL ..
    Joy wink wink .. wait til you see today's episode of Y & R !!!

  10. I love visiting you blog because we grow such different plants. :o) I've never heard of hebe but it looks so cool! I've never grown strawflower, either, but I love it when plants we think are dead resurrect themselves.

  11. I absolutely love that hebe! What a beautiful and usual plant. So glad you took the extra effort to get that one started. It's a stunner! And the monster - I mean kitty - Disco looks very sweet!

  12. It sure was a beautiful weekend! I've never had much luck with Leopard's Bane, it never comes back for me. My Bergenia is starting to bloom, their pink flowers always surprise me.
    It's not hard to be happy this time of year when there are new flowers blooming all the time.

  13. It's a wonderful time of year in the garden. My favorite. My garden is making me very happy with daffodils, forget-me-nots, bleeding hearts and iris reticulata blooming. Even found a trillium (our provincial flower) hidden under a tree. Love it!!

    And love your bergenia - you're ahead of ours which is just starting to come out.

  14. Your flowers are gorgous...the phots really captured the true beauty!

  15. Just love that name huckleberry. You know..from the movie Doc Holidays famous line. Anyways love your garden and the new blooms.

  16. Grace so many pretty happy flowers, truly what a gardener needs. Is that Vinca purple blooms? I have the blue but that purple is adorable.
    Funny you don't really like the Leopard's Bane, I ahem lost mine a few years back and have been wanting to get a new one!
    It is a beautiful time of year.

  17. Your garden is looking great. I especially like that Hebe. Pink always attracts me for some reason. It's nice when an annual overwinters.

  18. Aren't evergreen huckleberries just the best shrub? But you might want to keep that vinca in a pot--I have gangs of vinca major marauding around the garden. That pretty strawflower looks like a party!

  19. You know my Mom grew strawflowers when I was a child and I sort of forgot about them... I wonder if they'd grow here?

  20. Grace, you have such lovely plants in your garden and containers. It sure is lovely to have some warmer weather, but of course today we have rain, which is OK as I have had some kind of tummy bug all week, so have not felt up to going out in the garden. In answer to your question about raspberries, no I do not have any growing but am considering finding a place to grow a few. Have a nice weekend, I think we are in for a little sunshine.

  21. Hi grace,
    Love the Hebe! and the straw flowers look "fresher" than the straw flowers I remember.

    Disco does look sweet!

  22. Yes, those plants do look happy. Do you ever dry the strawflowers? I do, but I also enjoy how long they last on the plant.


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