Friday, May 11, 2012

Garden Voyeurism: Round 2

DON'T YOU JUST love the month of May? I went on a walk during my lunch hour today and with my trusty camera, I got me some eye candy! 

 I'm not positive on the identity of this particular Dogwood but from my Google search it looks like a variety called 'Venus.' Talk about a beacon. Wowzers! 

 This is one of the borders I admired along my journey. I'm afraid the sun was a little too bright to do it justice. 

 Can you believe this 'Doublefile' Viburnum? Pretty classy plant, don't you think?

 Next to the 'Doublefile' was this lovely 'Bridal Veil' Spiraea. Although these are fairly ubiquitous shrubs, I love the cascading form when they're in full bloom. 

 I thought this porch looked lovely. The Pelargonium pots look like they've been wintered-over successfully.

 One block over, I had to photograph this amazing church building. I'd love to take an inside tour someday.

 The trees are finally completely leafed out. There is nothing like a green canopy on a sunny day to make me happy. I had to capture this gargantuan pink Rhododendron framed by all that wonderful green.  

 Years ago, when I volunteered for the Master Gardener program, this space (above) was one of the areas we tended. I love this neat clump of blooming Sea Thrift (Armeria). 

 These last two photos are my favorites. I was elated when I spotted this red-flowering Horse Chestnut tree. It was a small tree and although I was unable to get a good photo of the entire tree, I am very happy with this close up. I so love these exotic-looking flowers.   

 Finally, I love this calming, tidy front yard. Manicured shrubs skirted by several freshly uncoiling ferns look so inviting bathed in dappled sunlight from the canopy of mature trees.  It was a nice way to spend my lunch hour. 
More sun and higher temps are in the forecast. Hooray! 
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  1. Ooooohhhhh, thank you for another lovely garden tour it was a real treat. A really wonderful neighborhood.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. My goodness you have the most beautiful area for a stroll during your lunch break Grace. I bet you'll be out walking a lot more this month..

  3. That's a beautiful area where you work! I've never seen a horse chestnut bloom up close, it is quite pretty. Love the doublefile Viburnum too. There are some great old Craftsman-style homes near you.

  4. Grace - how cool to be able to take a lunchtime walk like this! The views are wonderful; especially the Sea Thrift - great texture and color! Thanks for taking us with you on the 'tour'!

  5. I'm glad your "real job" is not interfering with your job of keeping us inspired. Nice job!

  6. What lovely views Grace. You are right May is a wonderful month. I love the Bridal Vail Spirea. That one is loaded with blooms. The Armeria is pretty too. I had one years ago but it died out. Looks like it was a wonderful day for a walk.

  7. Grace:
    Indeed, judging from the size of the bract like flowers on the Cornus, it looks like 'Venus.' I have two at the nursery, but their flowers are still quite small and lime green tinged..... can hardly wait to wow my customers when it comes into proper bloom. I am very excited about my own Viburnum plicatum f.tomentosum var. 'Mariesii' - such a long winded moniker for 'double file' is it not but you know me! It's top layer of horizontal branches are smothered in flower buds. You can be sure it will be a photo expose when it opens.
    I too am thrilled that the 'job' doesn't interfere with your horticultural adventures!

  8. Nice landscape photos and tour. Love the old bungalows, especially the trim work. Such craftsmanship.

  9. Love the walk. I love Bridalwreath Spirea, they shine in the spring. So you used the word 'volunteered' in past longer active in the MG program?
    Think you should check out that church ...and get pics for us to see from the inside. :-)

  10. what a great tour! I love the architecture of those houses. I also love that play of unfurling fern and the perfectly clipped shrub.

  11. Thanks for taking us along your lunch hour stroll. I love the blooms of the Horse Chestnut..I've never seen that before!! Cheers, Jenni

  12. What a beautiful area! I'd love to see the inside of that church, too!! Thanks for the wonderful tour. :o)

  13. what a lovely walk...I love that porch and those noce to be able to walk there

  14. Oh wow Grace, what a gorgeous area for a stroll! I don't know what I love more, the gardens or the houses? Thanks for taking us along...Cheers Julia. PS, I have awarded you a sunshine blogger award =)

  15. I so love the homes on your tour Grace. They all look so well kept and inviting. Just the style I like too. It would motivate me to walk if I had an area like that nearby.
    The dogwood is absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow! But then so are the chestnut flowers. I don't see those trees very often ~ I wonder why?? They're very striking.
    Applauding you for your healthy lunch habits (walking instead of lunching!!) and yes, go inside that church sometime! Great architecture.

  16. Oh Grace you must love the area, how beautiful! It is wonderful you are able to spend you lunch with so much eye candy and a nourished soul at the same time.

  17. What a lovely photo of the spirea! I have pinned to my Pinterest gardening board - and would be happy to add any additional credit info you'd like. Thanks for sharing!


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