Thursday, May 31, 2012

June--What's Not To Love?

I THINK THE SONG is wrong. Right now is the most wonderful time of the year, don't you think? Everything is either in bloom or looking lush and healthy in leaf-form. There is something new to observe and enjoy with every stroll through the garden. Life is good!  

'Lonicera x heckrottii ‘Gold Flame’ is in full bloom and climbing up the pear tree!

The Acanthus is under a Japanese maple--too shady for it to bloom but that's okay. 

Aquilega (Columbine) 'Woodside Strain' is in bloom but the flowers aren't particularly breathtaking.
It's all about the foliage. 

The leaves on the Cercis (Red Bud) tree are ooh, la, la, don't you think? 

Brunnera 'Jack Frost' is getting bigger. 

Don't you love how pretty Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' is? 

This is the third summer for my variegated comfrey
Symphytum x uplandicum 'Arminster Gold.' I'm loving it. 

Persicaria 'Red Dragon' got tall, then fell over when it rained. Now it's sort of happily mingling. 

I've been growing this Oxalis for several years. Recently I bought a few more
when I saw them for sale at the grocery store, of all places. 

My Tetrapanax is happy!

My Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding' is celebrating the spring nuptials. Here is one stem...

And here is a bunch of stems! I'm thinking of you, Scott

Cistus 'Snowfire' is going to get a serious pruning after it finishes blooming. 

I know Jupiter's Beard is "common" but I love it. 

Please forgive me for being so aloof. I've been crazy busy but things should be slowing down now. I hope to visit you all soon. I hope you're enjoying your gardens! 


  1. Beautiful1 We have some of these, but not as big. I never saw a Jupitures (sp?) beard before. Pretty.

  2. My goodness your garden is in full swing. I just love how everything seems to get along so well together. My Jupiter's Beard hopes to look like yours one day, it told me so. :)

    Here's hoping all your efforts get positive feedback!

  3. Beautiful blooms and colorful foliage as always. Your gardens are such a treasure. My heart is grabbed by the ~ onicera x heckrottii ‘Gold Flame’.

    Happy June gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your gardens look amazing...looks like everything is coming up nicely! I totally understand the busy part too...I have very little time to blog since theres so much gardening to do!

  5. Oh, your Red Dragon looks really good! Actually, everything looks really good. I bet you could root some of those long, floppy Red Dragon stems if you cut it back just a bit. I love Jupiter's Beard too.

  6. SO pretty!! Thanks for sharing your beauty.

  7. Hi Grace! Isn't June wonderful? I love your lush foliage and colorful blooms. Jupiter's Beard is so bright and screams warm weather arriving! Cheers, Jenni

  8. Beautiful! I dont know about you but I sure wish the weather would improve so we could spend more time in the gardens!

  9. Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' is absolutely stunning! Your gorgeous 'Gold Flame' also caught my eye. The variegated Aquilega is something special too. Your garden must be looking an absolute picture right now.

  10. I tried for years to grow Jupiter's beard but it hates my humidity so I gave up. Argh!!! LOVE yours and that fabulous honeysuckle. Your garden looks wonderful!! :o)

  11. Haven't things taken off, your plants are looking great !
    Are they enjoying this humid weather, I'm sure not.

  12. so I'm not the only one who has been mia... ;)

    good to see you, Grace, and your garden photos are as beautiful as ever. ooh, la, la can't be beat, can it? We had one, but lost it for unknown reasons several years ago; perhaps I should give another one a go.

    A bit overcast here in the lower valley, another morning for some mulching. Does it ever end? lol My body needs a rest, but then how could I otherwise enjoy the outside so much.

  13. I love the black lace and gold flame!

  14. There is lot going on in your garden right now. I really like your trio of Brunnera, fern and Hosta. They make a wonderful foliage grouping. Your Persicaria pairs well with the geranium, too, even if it has some balance issues.

  15. "Ooh la la" sums it up nicely. Your garden is "busting out all over" "in the most delightful way". See. I know all of those old songs too.

  16. I like the two tone oxalis-- I'll have to check the grocery store... and I NEED a redbud tree. Maybe this year I will find one. That sweet vine climbing in the pear tree gives me ideas. Your garden is looking awesome Gracie!

  17. It's a gorgeous time in the garden and in yours especially. That Aquilegia is amazing: who needs blooms when you have foliage like that? Thank you for talking about pruning your Cistus. I want to prune mine but had no idea if it was possible to do so without harming the plant. Now I feel empowered! Ain't June grand?!


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