Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Photos

I'VE BEEN TAKING A lot of photos lately so I thought I'd share them with you all. They're pretty random, taken at various times during the last few months. 

This is a Filipendula rubra blooming in a hellstrip, of all places.
I thought they liked shade and water. 

One of the gardens featured on the tour in June had this vertical planter
with fresh Viola blossoms growing in a vertical planter.  

Is it just me or are the Crocosmias looking exceptionally vibrant this year?

I have several photos of  hellstrip plantings. This Echinacea is especially healthy.

Sea Hollies (Eryngium) are such an unusual color of blue. 

At one of the entrances to the university, a very healthy Dierama is in full bloom. 

Recently I spotted this very tall, pink-flowered Poor Man's Orchid (Impatiens balfouri) growing at a park.
I was able to collect some of the seed. 

I've been watching a church yard near where I work. Here is one of the Penstemons in full bloom. 

Here is another shot of the church yard's perennial border. 

Another shot of the church garden. The photo doesn't do it justice. 

I thought this variegated Liriope planting was kind of cool. 

As you can imagine, the bees were very happy with this planting. 

Another hellstrip planting. Common, annual Cosmos. 

Another hellstrip had a small above-ground water feature. There was a tiny pump and fish.
I'm not quite sure what the wire was all about. It kind of detracts from the aesthetics, don't you think? 

I'm not sure what this "Victory Garden" mobile greenhouse is all about but it's kind of cute, don't you think?
How's this for unique garden art? 

I like the combination of Japanese Blood Grass and  Voodoo Sedum 

This pretty display is part of the garden tour in June. 

Another garden tour planting. 

I really like this cement bird bath/planter. 

One of the backyards on the tour. The tree made it really shady and pleasant. 

From the garden tour: isn't this an ingenious composting system? 

Functional and fun. 

Nix the lawn and have a fun front yard. 

I thought this gate was really cool. 

This house is near my work. If you look closely at the railing you'll see that it's a one-of-a-kind.

I like this front porch with the blooming clemmy. 

And finally, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of my friend Annie's pot.
As always, 


  1. omg Grace ~ SO much to comment on ~ I hope I remember it all!
    Love that church border ~ I've never seen one so amazing here. Filipendula rubra grows in full sun in my garden but I have to water it extra. This year, I couldn't keep up (without any rain to help) so instead of blooming, the buds turned brown. :(
    I see why you love that birdbath ~ I do too!! The railing on the house near your work is incredible. Love details like that.
    I have serious envy over that clump of dierama. I've wanted that in my garden FOREVER and can't find one hardy enough.
    I wonder if the wire is over the water feature to keep cats or other critters from getting the fish??
    Awesome "random" photos Grace!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what wonderful, colorful and fun photos.

    I love the Filipendula rubra, the poor man's orchids, and the purple chair with colorful plantings from the garden tour in June.

    It's all good and makes me feel happy on this early, thundering and wet Monday morning.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love random photos like this. The hell strips are very 'cool' looking. I guess the wire over the water feature is to keep stray animals and birds from getting the fish....almost back to normal around here... :)

  4. Grace, all photos are nice, but I love the Sea Hollies, I grow them too in my garden. They are very unusual!

  5. Thanks for the tour...OMG...I'm so jealous of that Dierama!!!

  6. Such lushness...
    My gardens are burnt to a crisp.....
    the church gardens look so amazing....
    Thank you for reminding me how gardens are suppose to look!
    I am praying for rain....

  7. Grace, wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. Perhaps the wire over the water feature is to keep out the raccoons who are rather fond of fish, they ate all ours.

  8. Oh my wonderful photos and was I ever happy to see the Queen blooming away, I absolutely refuse to have a garden without her. She is a prairie plant so dry is alright isn't it? Mine is in semi shade but semi dry spot.
    I think I need to know more about this Deirama. Penstemons and Monarda in full bloom and huge plants, so jealous!
    Loving the yard art and all the beautiful flowers, great photos Grace.

  9. The shade garden was my favorite. I’m trying to figure out out how to copy it. You would think sunshine in Alabama, but in the woods it’s more shade than full sun. Thank you for zone 8 posting. It’s hard to find plants that really work as we do get frost sometime between October and January.

  10. I am with Kathleen .. OMG ! there are so many gorgeous things to comment on.
    First the little above fish pon with all the wire (to keep it safe from cats and birds no doubt , but why out front ??? I would have it out in my back garden to enjoy !
    I need another fillipendula ! I have one that is about 10 years old and is beginning to fade into the back ground so its time may be done .. they are so pretty though eh ?
    The hell strips are really interesting and shocking with what plants are doing so well !
    I love the unique handrail on that house and those blue pots really catch your eye !
    Your friend 's garden art of the cat in the pot is GREAT !
    Anything with cats and I am a fan of it! haha

  11. I always think of you when I see my Fillipendula rubra bursting into a froth of pinkness.


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