Monday, August 27, 2012

Drive-By (Photo) Shootings

LAST FRIDAY I TOOK another stroll around a neighborhood near where I work. I was on the lookout for street-side beauties and I found them! 

Japanese Anemone 
 Under the shade of a towering broad leaf, I spotted this cool border.

This entire strip was all abloom with pink flowering Japanese Anemones. 

Making my way down the sidewalk a few feet, the Anemones are replaced with a huge fern and hardy Fuchsia. 

A turn towards the property and this cute and inviting row of steps came into view.

And then, just beyond the steps was this enormous mound of Bergenia with a clever perennial Sweet Pea snaking through it. I thought it was photo-worthy. 

Arum italicum
A little farther down, I saw something orange poking through the succulent Bergenia leaves. Upon closer inspection, voila, Arum seed pods. How cool are these? 

Aware that something was watching me, I glanced across the street and pointed my camera at the culprit.

Single Sunflower
 Although all of you may enjoy them, the above and below photos are specifically dedicated to Linnie.

Morning Glory
 Right next to the blooming sunflowers were these pretty, sky-blue Morning Glories. 

After capturing those photos, I set off to find another shoot. Boy did I find it. 

Sedum just starting to bloom among the shrubs. 
 This block had amazing front gardens.

Next door to the above garden was this edible and cut flower garden.

Some baby pumpkins in the hellstrip. 

Corn in the hellstrip
While I was admiring these gardens, the owner came out and we chatted a bit. She told me she was growing this corn to share with her neighbors. They were planning a neighborhood harvest party for that evening. How cool is that? 

A little farther and I ended up on a cul-de-sac.

Albizzia julibrissin or Mimosa (a bit blurry--sorry). 
This amazing Mimosa blew me away. I know Mimosas are notorious for litter and seeding around so I would never have it in my garden but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it from afar, right? 

I had to get a photo of this cool sign. 

Finally, I thought this border was really inventive. The cannas in the middle are amazing.

Have you seen any drive-by gardens lately?


  1. Oh, you saw some amazing gardens, Grace! Very pretty. I love that sedum with the dark red stems. I love Mimosa too, but I'm afraid to plant it in my own garden.

  2. Oh Grace, thank you for these wonderful glimpses around your neighborhood. So much to see and enjoy. I really loved those hidden steps, something mysterious and wonderful about them.

    So many wonderful bloomers, great textures and shapes.

    Hope your day is a good one.


  3. Grace, wonderful photos, I love the most anemones! I've seen your pics on the page "Garden in July", what's a beautiful place is your garden, I liked the compositions of colors of all plants!

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful walk. Are you in Portland? I love that city and will be visiting there next month.

  5. You just keep confirming what I keep hearing about Oregon, especially the Portland area...the most beautiful plants in the states, the best weather in the states....I'll see it one day~~ Do ya'll have any type of bad weather season? If so, what?

  6. Oh Gracie, thank you for the sunflowers! They really do watch, don't they? So glorious. (My seedlings are about six inches tall now..."Hurry!" I tell them.) I loved the image of the steps leading up to the gate, like the beginning of a story. Seems to me the mimosa is just a fuzzy bloomer, not out of focus at all. I've heard those rumors of mimosas popping up everywhere but that rarely happens in my clay soil so I'm risking it--Enjoy the lovely cool week!! xo L

  7. I never realized Japanese anemones came in that deep pink, though I have sen the pale pink and the white ones. Spectacular! That clump of sunflowers looks like it's crowding through the fence to get as much sun as possible.
    The inventive border is interesting, but I would never have thought to pair the pink petunias with those hot orange cannas - that's a really different color sense!

  8. My anemones are white (Honorine de Jobert) and I look forward to them every year...much as I look forward to your posts.

  9. I really love the Anemone nemorosas in the spring and the Anemone japonicas in the fall, both are really carefree for me and also I have spread the A. nemorosas around my garden a lot, they are really easy to dig, now that I think about it, now's the time!

  10. What beautiful plants you are running across on your strolls Grace. I love the Anemones and Fuchsias. What a lovely border they make. The signs are terrific!

  11. I love taking photos of other people's gardens and you reminded me that I haven't done this yet this year.

    There are such great plants out there.


  12. I must say that was one creative and beautiful many unique plantings and I loved the corn...of course that sedum knocked my socks off

  13. What great looking gardens! Really love the anemone border and those steps remind me of something in Italy.

  14. I wish more people here gardened. All I see in front yards is row after row of ugly boxy shrubs and miles of lawn. Your area seems so beautiful!

  15. You do have some lovely gardens in your area. There are some we drive by, I've been noticing more and more people planting their front lawns with gardens. I drive my some houses just for the plants!


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