Sunday, February 17, 2013


YES, IT AMAZES ME the things you find when you're outside cutting dead twigs and pushing last fall's leaves away. You see things waking up. Little sweet plants, such as... 

Violets! Look at this sweet, pink violet. And no slug bites! 

Daffodils, just a few weeks away! 

More daffs,  just a few days away. 

And these Tete-e-Tete mini-daffs I planted in this container three years ago. They're right on time. 

Celebrating SEDUMS! 

And the first Pulmonaria blossom! 

But of course, the little opportunistic weeds are also making their presence known. 

But I don't mind a few weeds when I can see foliage like this too. 

And foliage like this. 

Tiny buds are emerging on this Spiraea. 

My roses are budding out even though last year's ickies are still evident. 

These Nandina berries were so photogenic they spoke directly to my camera and I just obeyed. 

And check out Daphne odora, days away from blooming. 

Sarcococca ruscifolia has been in bloom for several weeks. The scent is delicious! 

And speaking of scent, my Chimonanthus praecox is so fragrant, I can smell
a sprig of 3 blossoms from across the room!
 To those of you still buried under mounds of snow, take heart. Spring is not that far off now.


  1. Wow, Grace, Spring has definitely sprung there! All those daffs are enough to perk up anyone, anywhere; I am imagining the heavenly scent of the Sarcococca; and the Nandina berries, well they are just flat out mesmerizing! Yes indeed, signs of spring are everywhere in your gardens. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Grace ~ What a delight to see spring happening in your gardens. It is thrilling.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Wow...amazing, Grace! It's clear how much milder it is where you live than here in VA! I usually think it's pretty mild here, but there are NO budding heads on my daffs...and not a single bud or flower close to opening here other than a scilla or a hyacinth (and only 1 of each). Oh, and 1 crocus! But your photos are so pretty and such a tease (!) to me, as I am eagerly waiting to see (and smell) some spring-y sights. So glad you are experiencing a bit of spring right now. I am sure it's rejuvenating to walk through the garden and see those lovelies!!

  4. This post makes me wish I was home gardening (and not behind this desk - where I should be working and not blogging!).

    It also makes me wish I could grow daffodils here in Florida!

    Very beautiful.


  5. Oh how funny, I just did a similar post and the two could be of the same yard! :o)
    This is my FAVORITE time of year!
    I'm itchin' to get out and whack and unbury. I'm watchin' for blue skies today.

  6. We have had a few nice days to get more work done in the valley, and with rain coming the next several days, we should see more things emerging. The first photo of the daffodils looked like praying hands... I'm sure they too are ready for change. ;)

  7. I love going out to the garden to see what's waking up. You have lots! Glad you found time to do some cleaning up. I've never seen a pink violet, it's really cute!

  8. What an exciting time of the year! Your daffodils are ahead of ours! When all of this new growth starts it reminds me of how short our winters really are! Hooray! Your plants all look healthy and happy to be alive!

  9. I was out this weekend, starting to clean up the garden, and I also noticed quite a bit starting to break dormancy. LOVE that purple-colored Sedum...they are so great right about now...they are the promise of what is yet to come :-)

  10. Lovely! Spring is coming! I love the nandina berries, but the spirea and the sedum are also beautiful. Soon, soon, all those daffodils will be blooming! :)

  11. As always a stunning view of your garden life, Grace! Thanks for the inspiration! Spring truly feels as though it is right around the corner!

  12. Grace, lovely young red leaves of spirea and roses! You're lucky- spring was coming to your garden!

  13. Grace how lovely your garden is waking up....mine is asleep under snow still and more on the way.

  14. I was out pulling, sniping and dragging , so tricky trying to balance and not tread on all the new emerging growth! all very exiting to see

  15. Don't you just love the scent of Daphne! I have one, but for some reason I keep killing the other one I plant. I've been the demise of three of them so far.

  16. Grace, Your garden is so full of the promise of spring! Gives hope to all of us. P. x

  17. Hey there "amazing Gracie girl"!LOL
    You are so lucky to see such beautiful signs of life in your garden right now .. I am totally jealous .. we have more nasty weather coming and it is going to be a very long fight between Spring and Winter I fear this year! (poet don't know it?) haha
    I love seeing all these little lovelies and I wish I could smell that wonderful scent too .. mail me some ? LOL
    Joy : )


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