Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Is Why I Love Gardening

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been absolutely wonderful. After several rainy, icky Aprils this year is a refreshing improvement. The garden is just bursting. 


Tulips from Costco planted late, blooming right on time. 

Saxifrage blossom. I love the intricate markings. 

Lewisia is almost in bloom. 

Lady Banks rose is about ready to explode.

It's already exploded into this massive bush. As soon as it finishes blooming
it will be getting a serious haircut. 

Ferns stretching out after months of slumber. 

Hart's Tongue Fern 

The new foliage on my evergreen huckleberries is fooling the hummingbirds. 

And check out this cool coloration on Aquilegia 'Woodside Strain.' 

One of my red-leaved Japanese Maples bit the dust.
Fortunately this one is still alive and looking fab. 

A Heuchera, blooming Euphorbia  and Creeping Jenny doing the tango. 

Variegated Fuchsia foliage  

The new foliage on Thalictrum ichangense ‘Evening Star’ is a dead ringer to Epimedium.
In fact, if you look closely, you'll see Epimedium foliage behind it.  

See? Actually the Epi foliage is bigger and heart shaped. 

I bought this Sophora just a few days ago to fill in this area.
I love the new pink foliage. You know me and pink. 
Ooh la, la...

On the other end of the border is this stunning Spiraea that makes me so happy.
Being diligent with the slug bait is paying off. The hostas look really happy. 

I've been so busy lately. (Details on my writing blog. Click link on sidebar.) Forgive me for not visiting your blogs. Things will be calming down soon and I'll get caught up. I hope. At least I'll make a serious effort. Promise. Cheers.


  1. Everything is looking so good, Grace! What a bummer about losing a Japanese maple. I have a couple of red ornaments out in the garden that confuse the hummers. Actually, one day when I was out there in a red shirt, a hummer came and hovered near me, darted back and forth trying to figure out if I was a flower. It was one of those magical moments.

  2. you have been busy...I can see why you couldn't make it to the swap. looks great !

  3. Hi Grace! Everything is sprouting up in your gardens with such striking colors! I am envying your hosta's, I have not been as good as you with the slug bait. Enjoy the sunshine this week! Cheers, Jenni

  4. I love it all!!!!! And yes, I DID think that was an epimedium. Can't wait to see the flowers on yours. I've decided I'm in love with them and need to start a collection. At only two, I have a long way to go!

  5. I love it all, just beautiful.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  6. Everything looks great! I started the sprinklers today. I am pretty sure that I have never had to water in April before. I am not complaining though...

  7. Yes, Grace, you have nearly won me over to your pink way of life. For sure I need a hart's tongue fern after seeing yours.

  8. Spring is so awesome...every morning, I'm excited to go outside and see what's popping up or blooming! LOVE the Costco Tulip...that fringed edge is awesome!

  9. Incredible plants worth waiting for...I can not get enough of the fuschias and dark purples and greens and all the rest. Thank you!

    I am busy too...out of control : )

  10. Your garden is really growing now. Wow, everything looks so pretty. I just love that Tulip. The color is gorgeous.

  11. This is the time of year to be busy. And your garden is showing your hard work - it is gorgeous! Those tulips are beautiful. I can't wait to see your Lady Banks in bloom! What a show it will be!

  12. Grace, you are so far ahead of us, supposed to warm up this weekend. I love all that all of the pink also.


  13. The hard labor is almost over and delivery is eminent! Absolutely fabulous garden Grace!

  14. I must say your garden foliage is spectacular...I love the colors and combos

  15. Grace, how wonderful is your garden in spring!
    I love all plants with red leaves, so your red-leaved Japanese Maples,Heuchera, Fuchsia are very nice.

  16. Hello Gracie girl !
    I love all these plants .. especially the heuchera and friends and the epimedium and the spirea .. OK ALL of them ? LOL
    We have some nice weather finally .. I was very busy transplanting Golden Spirit and a few friends .. phew!
    Plus things are going to get busier with the paperwork finally arriving in Kingston .. so things are going to be HECTIC .. I think I need a nap or two to prepare myself? LOL
    Congrats again .. you go girl!!
    Joy : )

  17. Everything looks incredible! I wish I had room for that sophora!

  18. Looks like your garden has been as busy as you've been! Hooray for the parade of spring; it's such an excitng time in our gardens! Your pictres are yummy!

  19. Spring is here! And I knew that my visit here would be filled with so much wonderful and heart-warming color.

    Just yesterday I was thinking that I wanted to plant more tulips this fall_ now you've convinced me with that "hot" one from Costco. ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Grace.

  20. Fabulous to see your garden performing so well..... the snow here last week has ensured that most of my treasures are still thinking its winter. Alas...... I can visit your blog and dream of days to come!

  21. Your whole garden is ooh lala! That Saxifraga bloom is really unusual. love it!

  22. Some fabulous foliage and flowers Grace especially that Cosco tulip and the saxifrage. Glad that April is living up to expectations this time round :)

  23. That Sophora is exquisite! What a gorgeous combination of pink, red and green. And you remind me I should check my hostas for slug damage and Sluggo them to death...

    I so enjoyed meeting you and hearing you read yesterday, Grace. I was thrilled to be able to support you in person!

  24. Oh Grace it looks fantastic although your yellow is showing!!!! My leopards bane died a few years back, I need to find a new one.

    Everything looks fantastic, I especially like that heuchera, a fantastic color.

  25. Oh Grace, your garden really is looking gorgeous!


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