Saturday, May 25, 2013

So Much To Do

I'm taking a break from the garden to eat dinner, watch the news and post my latest garden photos. But, on second thought, I'm going to mute the news. No explanation needed, right? Tomorrow my garden buddies are coming over so I'm trying to get things looking good but despite my all-day efforts, perfection is futile. There's always more to do than there is time or energy to do it. 

I zoomed-in for this photo of Clemmy 'Ville de Lyon' blooming up high on the arbor. 

My hens and chicks are apparently happy that it's spring.

My garden buddy Carol gave me this small 'Tri-Color' Beech.
Despite missing a third color, I love the bright pink edging. Silene 'Roly's Favorite' is equally smitten. 

Last year I almost lost my Ninebark 'Coppertina' because it was planted in a
really hot, dry location. I moved it early this spring.
It looks happy now but time will tell. 

My yellow/chartreuse and maroon foliage border is looking great this year. 

Looking down on Joe, 'Little Joy' Joe Pye, that is. I love the maroon centers. 

I love the mottled new foliage on 'Rose Glow' Berberis. 

My daughter Beth's lettuce. I can't recall the name of it. 

Sambucus 'Black Negligee' and Rosa 'Knock Out' are an oversize duo
thanks to my reluctant pruning earlier this spring. Oops. 

My new tree fern has a new frond untwirling!

I always love how the Mexican Feather Grass captures the light. 

I thought I'd share a photo of my weed. Just kidding. It's not marijuana.
It's a small Helleborus foetidus I got for a buck at a sale a few weeks ago. 

Well, as much as I'd like to take a shower and go to bed, there's still daylight and more work to do in the garden. So... 


  1. Looks beautiful to me. I think you're done - it's time for you to come help with mine now.

  2. I hope you post pics of your garden party!! It's all looking fantastic Grace :)

  3. You garden is looking great and lush and most presentable. You have done a great job with your plants. Its time to have the manicure and set the table for tea :) Wish I can gate-crash join you all :))

  4. Grace, all your red-leaved plants are exciting! I love your daughter's lettuce, very delicious.Nice to watch the Berberis, I have one but it freezes every winter.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Beautiful as always. I just love your color scheme. Everything looks so lush.

    Have a lovely time with garden friends.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Looks like you're ready! Love all the burgundy and chartreuse combinations - it's one of my favourites.

  7. So Beautiful, as always! Do you have any good tips for weed control? I feel like as soon as I spend a few hours weeding one area, the weeds have grown and covered the same area again as soon as my back is turned! Pesky buggers....can't get on top of them this year! :)

  8. LOL - I thought you literally meant a weed. And then I looked at the picture. And then I laughed 'cause clearly I'm so far into the SAHM gig that my mind goes to real weeds instead of drug weeds first. Too funny.

    The yard looks great, as usual. I can't believe how much work needs to be done after the week of pouring down rain. I haven't done a single thing, other than go on slug massacres, and it's quite obvious when I stare longingly out the windows.

  9. Funny how gardening buddies can be both the most intimidating AND the most understanding. Only they can truly appreciate the work and creativity that result in a garden as beautiful as yours. I know you will have a splendid time with them.

  10. Nice, nice, nice! Everything looks healthy and beautiful, but that lettuce is a winner! Hope you had a great time with your garden friends, Grace!

  11. That sambucus ( I don't even know what that is) and the knock out rose together is fabulous! Love the beech, as well! I am glad your garden was getting toured before today's rain! Beautiful!

  12. Your garden always has so many lovely colors ans textures. I just love it!
    New blog address:

  13. Your garden is looking lovely, Grace. I love that succulent in the footed pot, and your daughter's lettuce might be 'Brown Trout' - it looks a lot like some we grew a few years ago at the Master Gardener demo garden. I'm a little worried about your comment regarding the Physocarpus as ours is planted in a hot place, though we will water if needed. We'll see how it goes... Enjoy this rain - or at least try to ;)

  14. You go gardener! Your garden is looking very beautiful this spring! The rain has been keeping me inside today & it's killing me!

  15. I am also enamored with yellow and maroon combinations, I was considering either Ninebark or Cotinus last year and went for the Cotinus since it was more deer resistant, I have some Euphorbia 'wulfenii' and Euonymus fortune for the yellow/chartreuse. So far so good on deer damage. Your garden looks great!

  16. The foliage colors in your garden are just stunning Grace..the pinks, bronzes, deep purples,mauves....well you know...just beautiful my friend.

  17. I love your garden Grace! It's so different from our gardens in Texas, but that's to be expected. Different weather, different climates.

    I love all the lush leafy plants you can grow, and really like your daughter's colorful cabbage. We do grow a nice ornamental cabbage but I've never seen a mottled one like hers.

    I do hope your Luna grows well for you...keep it in the sunniest spot you have and keep it watered and fertilized and it should do fine. Great photos as usual!


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