Friday, August 9, 2013

Pink Flowers and A Murder

I ONLY KNOW OF one gardener (a non-blogger) who has an affinity (okay obsession) for pink flowers like I do. Well, actually two because my friend Mindy Northrop, who is a blogger is also a fan. But she is far less compulsive, a more universal, equal-opportunity gardener. See for yourself on her awesome blog. She lives in Portland, near my old haunt in fact. She's enormously talented. 

Anyway, as I scrolled through the photos I chose for this post, I realized once again how crazy I am for pink shades. Have a look see... 

I love the little "wishie" in the middle of these Coreopsis.
I'm pretty sure it planted itself there to celebrate the forthcoming Perseid meteor shower this weekend, 

For all Succulent-lovers in the audience, I present this unnamed Kalanchoe.
$4 at Rite-Aid. The pot is from a recent trip to Goodwill. Sweet combo!
Notice the pink edges. 

My Grevillea rosmarinifolia is putting forth an un-seasonal bloom.
It's in my front yard. I hope the dear are color blind. 

I love hardy fuchsias! Partnered with this pot of Dianthus and a carpet of Pulmonaria,
what's not to love? 

It's a Dahlia, dahling. A little stuffy, yes... but lovable too. 

Dahlia partnered with Kale 'Lacinata' and the white rose I can't identify
because I'm not anywhere near my plant tags. 

I love how Hydrangea serrata 'Preziosa' after prancing all over the spectrum,
eventually morphs into my favorite shade.  

Earlier in the season, I bought two species Impatiens (I. rothii, I think). The one above was losing leaves
so I stopped watering it. Voila, look at it now! 

Here is the other Impatiens. I am going attempt to winter it over.
Wish me luck. 

A few weeks ago, while in Salem for the Art Festival with gal pals
Connie and Annie, I found another nice Clemmy: Clematis integrifolia

This tri-colored Oxalis is another early-season purchase from Fry Road.
It was a wee plug and now look at it. Just so you know, I snip off the
garish yellow flowers. It's good therapy.

This is my 'Frost Proof' hardy Gardenia. A week before this photo was taken it had 13 blooms!
On warm evenings, the fragrance is heavenly.

'Cityline Paris' Hydrangea looks better than ever this year. Next month,
when the water bill comes, we'll be eating crumbs. 

This is a scented Geranium. The purported fragrance is "hazelnut."
While I'm not sure about that, I am in love with the pink flowers. 

One of my Ornamental Oreganos if nearing its bee-loving end.
Check out the intricate design of the bracts. 

After the rare sighting of a Malope seed packet last spring, this is the result.
It's an annual that I will allow to go to seed.  

'Little Joe' 'taint so little. But he sure is handsome. 

Now that we've wrapped up or pink flora photos, I'd like to present a few non-pink fauna ones.

Rarely am I able to capture wildlife with my camera and while this photo is far from
perfect, it gives you all an idea of what's been slithering through my garden beds. 

This last photo is violent. Please be warned! 

The reason I KILL crab spiders! They eat my beloved honey and bumblebees!

Evil, murderous creatures. Poor honeybee was minding his own business and wham!
Why, oh why must it be so? Totally pisses me off! 

Okay. Thanks for letting me vent. 


  1. I don't know if I'm OBSESSED with pink, but it sure seems like it is the prevalent color in my garden, as well. By the way, we still need to get together one of these days. Are you going to go to that swapping sale at Fry Rd? I think that is such a cool idea.

  2. I'm not obsessed with pink but it's OK, it's a very prevalent color. I like Pulmonaria too, particularly the ones with a lot of silver. I like your tri-colored oxalis and I just got a Frost Proof. Did yours make it through the winter? I'm afraid to plant it outdoors so may just keep it in a pot. It is getting a bud, so it won't be long, can't wait to smell it.

    I also hate Crab spiders and actively hunt them down, I can't stand finding poor bees like that either.

  3. Okay, that spider is totally disgusting looking. Thankfully I've never come across one. Yuck!

    Thank you for the sweet mention. I bought so many pink flowers for so long, that I eventually decided I needed more color. Now the pink is in the minority and I need to start buying it again. :) Purple and lavender seem to be dominating these days. And some how a ton of orange has weaseled its way in as of late. I don't even LIKE orange flowers. Not sure how that happened.

    I had no idea there was a pink Coreopsis! It's being added to my want list as I type. And that Kalanchoe is totally awesome. Loving the pink dahlia, too. I have a light pink one that I LOVE, but it didn't do anything last year because of the hit it took from the slugs early on. This year it's being a little pokey in the growing department, but I'm crossing my fingers I get some flowers before the summer is over.

    Always love seeing photos of what's goin' on in your little piece of Eden.

  4. I love all your pinks, especially the grevillea!

  5. There's lots to love in this great post! That NOID Kalanchoe in the Goodwill pot is great! And I love your pink cactus Dahlias and the enormous bracts on your ornamental Oregano.

  6. seeing photos of your garden always leaves me with self esteem problems! :) Interesting white spider. Nature can be cruel - and so freaking fascinating too.

  7. I'm not a huge fan of the bright fuchsia pink in my garden, but it sure looks spectacular in yours! And I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the muted Rose-pink hues--so romantic. Love the ornamental Oregano and the Hydrangea (oh, and the Kalanchoe)!

  8. Love all your pink flowers! I tend to lean toward red in my garden but find as I'm planting every spring, I end up wanting something of every color. It all ends up clashing with color but I seem to like that style. :D

  9. If anyone could lure me over to the pink side, it would be you. Preziosa even blushes for you, while mine goes more toward rusty hues: such an accommodating beauty. Your NOID succulent seems to be Kalanchloe thyrsiflora, or paddle plant, and how lovely it is in your Goodwill find. And lastly, Grace, I do wish you luck in all your endeavors.

  10. You have such gorgeous pink blooms that look magnificent in your garden. And I especially love Joe as he is a native for me....but I will say I love the crab spiders. It is nature and everyone has to be prey even the spider. I know they kill bees, but so few compared to those who use chemicals in their gardens and all the chemicals used in farming...

  11. The pink flowers are pretty! I love the 'Cityline Paris' Hydrangea I have no one of this color!
    Fortunately we have no here the crab spiders and I think the bees are healthy and do not know why they are a few this summer.

  12. It's just like a marvellous fairy land of plants Grace. Never seen a Grevillea rosmarinifolia before - beautiful - love the toss off of "the hardy fuchsias" - in my dreams. All so very pink and perfect. And then to see the drama lurking just under the surface of it all. Tremendous.

  13. An interesting post with beauty and gore thrown in too. Murder and intrique in paradise! I'm sure the devious snake had a hand in it too (oops, snakes have no hands)

  14. Gracie girl !
    You know I am a PINK fan too ..even in Canada we do fixate on that colour! ..I have some Cityline hydrangea that are being stubborn about blooming or even setting flower heads .. I am trying to think what I am doing wrong.
    In any case .. all your pink is "a good thing" as for the wild life.. I shut my eyes like you said I should ? LOL ..
    PINK friend in Canada !!
    Joy ;-)

  15. Thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful flowers..


  16. I never realized crab spiders were such murderous thugs. Your garden is looking lush and fabulous. Your kale looks like a sea monster. :o)

  17. I'm looking for that Grevillea rosemarinifolia now. The color is so different from the grevilleas I've seen, and lovely. Pink goes beautifully with my favorite orange flowers!


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