Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Photos and a HUGE Thank you

THE WEATHER has been so nice lately, having traded places with September. Usually by mid-October the rains have returned in earnest leaving us with a wet, leafy mess to contend with. But after two record-breaking deluges in September, this month has been sunny and mild and wonderful. 

I'm trying to find a pretty bowl or water feature for the new area off the patio. While scouring a nearby nursery a few days ago, I also had to catch a gander at the plant selection, right? I mean, what self-respecting gardener wouldn't?  

Look what I found! 
You know me and my proclivity towards all things pink! 

A hybrid "Snowberry." Sweet indeed!
But at $30, I passed.

Situated right beside it was this: 
The camera is fooling us. The berries were actually a very deep cherry red. 

I'm pretty sure this is Pernettya mucronata 'Rosea' 

There was also this glowing Hydrangea:
So pretty!
By now the prices had discouraged me from making any purchases
so I didn't even look at the tag to ID it. 

Back at home, I took a few more random photos.


Pennisetum 'Fireworks' with pink (of course) canna blossoms. 

Look at the Berberis berries! They're tiny but so stinkin' pretty! 

The Acanthus is "bearing" new leaves. It definitely prefers the cooler weather.
Smart plant. 

Canna 'Bengal Tiger' sprints upward between a variegated Snowberry
and a hardy fuchsia. 

I love this Euphorbia. It is much happier since I
trimmed and tamed its boisterous neighbors. 

Fuchsia love

Even Fuchsia berries look great this time of year. 

A dwarf, blushing oakleaf hydrangea ... Hydrangea quercifolia 

For the past month, I've been walking on my paths, la-de-dahing... and catching a whiff of the most elegant perfume. Because I was always en route to some other task, I wouldn't stop to investigate and would just assume it must be coming from the Lilliputian grove of cyclamen blooming in this particular spot. 

But then, one day I realized, duh, it's coming from the blossoms on my Elaeagnus!

Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Gilt Edge' 

Duh! One of the major draws to this shrub was the fragrant fall-blooming flowers. How could I have forgotten? 

Maybe the fact that they're so incredibly tiny. But boy do they pack a punch in the olfactory department! So yummy! 

Sorry for all of the grainy photos but it was starting to
get dark outside. Don't you hate how early the sun sets now?  

My neighbor's shaggy Shasta Daisy likes my garden better. 

I love these berries on the Harlequin Glorybower (Clerodendrum trichotomum)
I wanted to thank you all for your sweet, generous compliments on my new patio. Not only did they melt my heart, but my daughter was so incredibly honored and delighted to feel your love. You know how young people are, trying to find themselves and discover their passions? She's so talented but doesn't always believe it so your words really helped propel her forward. Thank you so much! 

Finally, I have to show you another photo of my new patio. Several of you wonderful people mentioned how much you liked my "lived-in" seating arrangement and wanted to see the "after" photos. Well, here is how it looks right now. My daughter and I are planning to paint all of the (mix and semi-match) vintage (aka garage sale) furniture. Probably mat black. What do you think? 

The Situation 
As always, thank you for visiting. 


  1. You have beautiful collection of flowers and colors :)

  2. I spotted several of Charlotte's cousins on my walkabout yesterday.
    Her shirttail relations are trying to take over our house.
    The official colors of my high school graduating class were charcoal and pink (all the rage in my day) so you have my vote for the matte black paint job.

  3. Is that Euphorbia 'Blackbird'? I had a bunch of them, but they all DIED :( I loved them, as well.
    Wonderful shots and as usual, glorious. It's fun to 'look' at the plants but the prices can sometimes be daunting! Well, occasionally I do splurge (like I just shared w/you on FB about what I got online!!) and hopefully the sacrifice of eating boullion for the next 6 months will be worth it ;)

  4. Your daughter most definitely deserved all those kudos. I had Alyssum blooming in my garden all summer, and never once got a whiff of its supposedly wonderful fragrance. All of a sudden, we're having cool, foggy weather, and it's all I can smell. I wish we were getting some of your sunshine. aren't going to paint your furniture pink?

  5. that is really a cool hydrangea!!!

  6. Hi, Grace!
    You found a treasure, nice pink berry bush! I wonder how it will grow and bloom and have fruit in your garden.Also I have to say with the neighbor's daisy that your garden in actually pretty. Your new patio looks as it was there all the time, suits well to all furniture.

  7. Aha! I remember seeing a pink Snowberry a few months ago at one of the local nurseries...and thinking of you!

  8. I also had the "charlotte" spiders this year. Plus writing spiders. So cool to watch. Something so small can so facinating!! I love your pictures. So many interesting pictures. I wonder if my E. bloomed. I never noticed them before. But we had frost this morning so I think our gardening days may be almost over here. :( Please keep posting pictures. I love to see the variety from where you live.

  9. I just bought 2 snowberries. I just tried to ignore the ugly price tags. I'd paint the furniture matte black, too. :o)

  10. There's so much life left in your garden and you have such unusual plants. Just beautiful as is your new patio.
    The Winterberry brings back childhood memories.....
    I hear ya about the cost of plants. They must mark them down at some point but I'm wondering how you would keep them over the winter if the ground is frozen.....

  11. Grace I adore my coralberry which is the native to your much blooming in your garden...mine is just about finished here as the weather has gotten so much colder in the 40s in the daytime.

  12. Thanks for another view of the patio--it looks so comfy and welcoming! I agree with the Fuchsia love--I can't believe mine are still blooming, even after a week of frosty nights and neglect while I was away! I can't imagine a garden without Fuchsias. And your Oakleaf Hydrangea is beautiful!


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