Monday, December 16, 2013

The Big Thaw!

ALL OF THE LOCALS ARE HEAVING A sigh of relief as the big thaw has come and restored order once more. We're not used to extended snow and ice and temperatures that rival Alaska or at least Canada. We don't do serious cold. People wear shorts all winter around here. With temperatures dipping to record lows, (-9 in Eugene forty miles south of here) it was a 30 year event. 

I strolled along my garden's paths and unwrapped the plants I had wrapped for extra protection. The findings look surprisingly positive, I'm happy to report. The worst casualty, this: 

A two year old hanging pot of white-flowered Bacopa is pretty much toast.

Don't you love my pink blanket? The box covered 'Frost Proof' Gardenina.
Then the blanket covered the box. Then the snow covered the blanket. 

Voila, post the arctic blast, here is 'Frost Proof' Gardenia looking no worse for the weather.
It's supposed to be hardy to approximately 5 degrees  but I covered it just in case it got colder.
I don't think it went much below 15. 

Not such a pretty blanket, this one went over my
Melianthus major to protect it from the winter woes. 

Check it out post frigid temps. It doesn't look too shabby, does it?
The yellow-leaved Cistus beside it looks okay too. 

My Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana) did fine with a six-inch pile of mulch. However, my Tetrapanax looked sad and my Cyperus papyrus was (and is) questionable.  

I'm happy to be on this side of the storm and I'm praying that the rest of the winter is as normal as rain. 

Now I'll have to go see how your plants are doing. 


  1. Glad to see your garden made it through virtually intact Grace. Here we have had 3 feet of snow in three days with temps around zero not getting much above 15 during the day...lots of wind and below zero wind chills.

    The garden is warm and snug under its snow blanket...we'll see it in spring.

  2. Glad most of your garden survived. I love the colorful blankets doing their work protecting goodies underneath.

    Love and hugs to you dear Grace.

    Have a wonderful Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  3. What a relief to find you sounding so chipper after the big event. I had no idea Eugene got into the minus temps. Jeez!

  4. Congratulations on surviving your 30 year arctic blast relatively unscathed. We're at the other end of the spectrum in SoCal with 80 degree temps. The balmy conditions are wonderful but we need precipitation and, at this point, it'd be welcome even in a frozen form.

  5. I'm glad your plants survived, Grace! Here snow melted almost everywhere, it's unusual for December.I think you have no snow in your garden as well.
    Have a nice week!

  6. On the whole, the losses don't appear to be too bad, Grace! I'm glad to be on the other side of it as well. I'm all for a dash of cold, ya know..with snow!

  7. Hi Grace, we have not had any snow here on Whidbey Island yet, but there is some in the forecast for tomorrow morning. Unlike your garden, I do not have many cold sensitive plants. Glad to see you did not have to many die from the intense cold. I hope to blog more in 2014, depends on whether I still work six days a weeks. Have a wonderful holiday season, my blog friend.

  8. It is truly difficult to keep the outdoor plants safe from the deep freeze and the trouble you have to face in keep them alive.
    Truly remarkable to see that they had survive - thanks to you.

  9. Grace, you are a REAL gardener - you protected your plants! Not like me - I put additional mulch around several new plants, that's it. And even bigger sin - I didn't winterize our sprinkler system! We got so spoiled by last mild winters... Next spring will show if I got lucky... but the garden will have some losses for sure.
    Merry Christmas to you, Grace! Stay warm!

  10. Glad to read that the snows have subsided and that your beloved plants are unscathed. Here we have had lots of rain and gales to contend with so far this December - not nice :( Wishing you a most Happy Christmas Grace and happy gardening in 2014! xxx

  11. We haven't had any snow here but it seems you have kept your plants safe by wrapping them in blankets. It seems the obvious solution really - a nice cosy blanket.I don't know why I never thought of that.


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