Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Plants!

I am ashamed to admit this but, well, here goes. I have really gone nuts with plant purchases this year. And why not? There are so many cool nurseries to visit and each one has its own special must-haves. How is a gardener to resist? 

I'm really excited about this plant. Check it out.  

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'
Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty' has been on my radar since the first time I "spotted" it growing outside the main pavilion at Dancing Oaks Nursery years ago. However, usually I'm so caught up in a spring flower frenzy when I'm there that I forget about it. 

Well, my sister and I took a drive to Nowlens Bridge Perennials last Saturday and dang if Dotty didn't jump right into my hot little hands!  

Part of the allure was knowing that I already had a "spot" picked out for it. That also helped justify the cost which I'm not going to reveal here because most people already think I'm a little nutty.

If you haven't been to Nowlens Bridge Perennials, you really should go. Owner Donna is a kindred spirit with equal parts friendliness and plant knowledge. And her inventory is amazing. Here are a few of the other jewels I was unable to resist. 

Clematis heracleifolia
I saw this shrubby Clemmy last August in the Village Green Garden in Cottage Grove. It was blooming then and a savvy commenter IDed it. Until now I hadn't seen it in a nursery.  

Mukgenia nova 'Flame'
Mukgenia Nova 'Flame' is a new (to me anyway) intergenetic cross between Mukdenia and Bergenia developed by Oregon's own Terra Nova Nurseries. With all of the attributes of both genera, you can imagine how popular this plant is going to be. My specimen is still smallish so I'll keep it in a container for awhile. Click on the Terra Nova link to see better photos.  

When Donna showed my sister and I a large pot of her Beesia deltophylla, I was immediately smitten and had to get one of my own. Looks like a classy, stepped-up wild ginger. 

Beesia deltophylla 

Aren't these leaves delicious? 

And when I spotted this Sophora prostrata 'Little Baby' I turned to mush. Look how healthy it is. It will need winter protection. I lost one a few years ago and I can't let it happen again. 

Sophora prostrata 'Little Baby' 

This plant is notoriously difficult to photograph. Here it is from the top.
It's still in its one gallon pot. Nice, huh? 
And last Saturday wasn't the only plant shopping I've done. Oh no. Here are a few more new acquisitions.

Oenothera pallida "White Evening Primrose" 
I found this White Evening Primrose on Annie's Annuals' website. It was calling my name. This is the very first flowers. The plant was quite small when I got it but has grown quickly. It has a lot going for it: It's hardy, low-growing and has white, fragrant flowers that last all day. You can see Annie's photos here

In early June my sister and I visited another nursery, Secret Garden Growers also on the Cascade Nursery Trail. One of the plants I bought was a, then, very small Hibiscus. Here it is now.

Hibiscus moscheutos 'Southern Belle' 
My southern Belle friend Anna Mullins in Texas grows these big-flowered Hibiscus so I've gleaned as much cultivation information from her--full sun, lots of water. Bazinga! 

Well that's all the newbies for now. Oh wait. This rose is new and is putting out a luscious cluster of flowers again.

Rosa 'Adelaide Hoodless'
Thank you to the commenter who IDed it for me. 

Two little Zinnias among the California poppy foliage

My hardy banana (Musa basjoo) has really gone to town this year.
Notice the neighbor's bamboo behind the fence. 

This must be the first year for this hollyhock to bloom.
I can't remember ever having a nearly black blossom. Cool, huh?

Oh wait. One more newbie. The darkest Sedum ever is Sedum 'Touchdown Teak.'
I'm excited to see the blooms. 
 And finally, a few random garden shots.

Keep cool and garden on. 


  1. Don't be ashamed - be proud ! Plant buying is not an addiction :-) (If it is, then I am addicted , pure and simple !) You have got some absolute gems, and I am coveting them all. Many are new to me, and perhaps would not enjoy conditions in the UK, but I'm sure I could make that Sedum very happy. What wonderful nurseries to supply such unusual plants. Enjoy ...

  2. WOW! Once again another lovely visit to your wonderfully colorful, packed gardens. You got some great new plants too, to add to the mix. Every time I visit here I come away refreshed and ready to work in my gardens.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hahaha...I don't think you're alone, Grace, I spent most of the spring plant shopping this year too! Your photo reminds me of a similar Oenothera I bought a few years ago, but it was a very light pink (I think it was called 'Siskiyou Pink'), but it didn't come back this year, sadly :-( Your garden is looking great!

  4. All this loveliness makes me drool with envy :) It all looks so peaceful and lush!

  5. Dear Grace, thanks for sharing your insatiable appetite for these garden lovelies! What a gorgeous way to start the day! Hugs to you and your new loved ones! :)

  6. Very cool Grace! I love them all but especially the cross between Bergenia and the mukdenia. I have never been to either nursery. They sound fun!

  7. Girl you have been busy. LOL! I love all your new acquisitions. Since I am such a softy for dark foliage I adore that Sedum. Gorgeous! And the Hollyhock is so pretty. That Spotty has such great foliage. I cannot wait to see its blooms. Hey we all have to go a little bananas once in a while.. I see you already have one of those too. LOL!

  8. Oh, I hope your Hibiscus does well. I used to have a lot of them when we lived in Massachusetts, and they did really well there, put out lots of huge flowers but were slow to return in the spring, usually some time in May. I've tried a couple here since then, but we don't get enough heat in summer for them to produce flowers. You were very lucky to find Spotty Dotty too, I've heard that she's hard to find in nurseries now.

  9. 'Spotty Dotty' is one of my faves (yet to be obtained)! She and all the other lucky plants that found their way to your home will be wonderful additions to your stunning gardens! Gorgeous additions!

  10. You crazy plant shopper! Nice work.

  11. I liked this clematis bush, never knew about, Grace. I also love your small hibiscus, nice flower!

  12. Oh my gosh, that sedum! Holy Cow, I have to find that sucker...it's gorgeous.

  13. Oh my gosh, that sedum! I have to find that plant for sure....it's gorgeous!

  14. Oh they say that confession is good for the soul Grace so this post must have been most therapeutic. Some great new purchases. I'm off to see if I can see if that sedum can be purchased somewhere nearer to me :)

  15. Wow Grace! Your garden looks amazing and so lush...as usual. Love the dark Hollyhock and the roses. So happy your hibiscus are doing well for you. Mine have already gone through their blooming season. It's so hot now in Texas there isn't much of anything doing well except the Yellow Bells and Pride of Barbados which love the heat.

  16. I'm guilty too, though it's been too hot to shop, plant or do anything in the garden this summer!
    I have a Beesia , very easy plant. I dug it up this spring and made four new plants .

  17. Plant shopping therapy is the very best kind...and you do it so well.

  18. Well done - what lovely additions to your fantastic looking garden! I struggle with plant addiction too. I was just outside trying to figure out what to get rid of so I can plant the new ones I just brought home... I think I need to join some kind of Twelve-step program...

  19. I think we are in the same boat! :) We always get so many new plants each year. We are planning what we want to do next year. The gardens need some kind of edging. Not sure what we want to yet. But then again the bed on the south side of the house needs to be re-worked. Just not happy with it. Like the plants, but needs some (alot) of tweeking.
    Your new plants are gorgeous! As are your gardens.

  20. Grace, I think your garden is expandable and you are the master of finding more space! So many beauties...
    Podophyllum is on my list, but I don't have a spot for it.... yet.

  21. LOL - Oh wait, there's one more. LOL You sound like me. Although, I'm pretty good about not going to the nurseries any later than July. The garden center at the grocery store is another matter. ;o)

    Dulcy Mahar wrote an article once that said something along the lines of: Men, Never ask your wife how much she weighs or how much she spends on plants. Amen.

    I LOVE all your new babies. It will be so fun next spring to see them all emerging.

    What's the tall, columnar shaped shrub in your last photos?

  22. Oh yeah, this is the second reference I've heard to Annie's Annuals already this month. I was trying my damnedest not to go there, but you made it so easy with a link. I've gotta check it out now.

  23. Your gardens look wonderful and it is nice sometimes to have some new additions to add interest and enjoyment! You have some interesting plants there, especially the hardy banana tree...such fun!

  24. Grace, your garden is proof there is always room for more! When I look at photos of your garden it looks stuffed to the gills with so much goodness that I can't see where all these new fabulous finds are going but that's why you're the awesome gardener you are!! I am going to have to google some of these ~ you always have something new, unique and exciting there. :)
    Glad you had such a great day ~ I'm jealous. Plant shopping is one of my favorite pastimes.

  25. Excellent selections. The Mukgenia--oooh!

    When you find such great plants--how can you not bring them home?

  26. Congratulations on your new plants! I love Spotty Dotty and all of the Chinese podophyllums! You got some great plants and your garden is looking amazing!

  27. Holy mackerel Gracie !!
    I am in love with that "Baby" and a few others you managed to flaunt and make me drool, you wicked gardener!!
    You really let lose and finally just jumped in to gather up the plants you have been lusting after and I think that is fantastic! LOL
    Your garden with the new landscaping is looking gorgeous!
    I am still waiting for the rest of mine to happen .. BIG sigh.
    Enjoy your new plants, take time to relax and soak it all in!
    Joy : )

  28. I just bought some new plants, too. They are just impossible to resist. I don't think any of your new babies would over winter here except for that sedum! That is incredible and I have to find one! Your garden looks gorgeous, as usual. :o)

  29. You have been a very bad girl, buying all those plants! Isn't you garden already full? I am trying very hard not to buy extra plants, because I just don't have room for them. I've done fairly well. Not perfect, but fair. In the meantime, where should I plant this euphorbia? I can't figure out where the heck to put it!

  30. So, I will try and adhere to plant etiquette, but I know what they want for Spotty Dotty at Lost Horizons up here...... good on you girl! I am still contemplating... maybe at their 30 off sale next week! I have more C.heracleifolia than I can count. It is a personal favourite and is only now thinking of blooming. The joy of new plants!


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