Sunday, October 26, 2014

What a Soggy Mess!

In the past week, we've had a lot of rain. And a pretty strong wind storm too. Despite the weather drama, I have been able to sneak in time to get things planted. I still have more to do, of course. Don't we all? 

On Thursday, garden buddy Carol and I went to our local nursery's fall sale. Wow, talk about good stuff. 

Among other things, I bought this huge 'Peppermint Swirl' Hydrangea. 

Look at the flecks of darker pink and white. I love it. 

After losing one of my Daphne odora to last winter's nonsense, I was happy to find this $5.00 replacement!
Yes five bucks for this beauty. Daphne odora 'Mae-jima'. 

I just love the fuzzy-wuzzy look of my Chenille Plant. (Acalypha pendula 'Firetail')

I know I keep showing photos of my Fuchsias but I LOVE them. 

This NOID Fuchsia has never looked better. 

Geranium 'Elke' decided to put out one last blossom. 

Mimulus x aurantiacus 'Cherry' 

A water-soaked Honeysuckle blossom

STILL blooming, Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising' 

My Cup and Saucer vine is also still blooming. 

As are my Alstromeria. Can you believe that?

Rain-soaked and leaning, Salvia 'LaTrinidad Pink' is a trooper.

Arbutus unedo usually starts blooming in December but this year it started in September and is still going strong.

Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus' is happy. 

My Tetrapanax didn't get quite as tall as I wanted but that's okay. 

There are lots of new leaves on my Acanthus mollis. 

Red berries on my Skimmia japonica. 

Cotoneaster microphylla has berries too. 

"Welcome" is such a cliche but when I saw this sign for two bucks I bought it. 

Reality check

Finally, a very blurry photo of a Canadian geese fly-over. 


  1. Your lovely garden blooms have WOWED me once again.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I love your fuchsias too! They're beautiful. My cup & saucer is loaded with buds but not going to make it to bloom this year. Can you believe it??!! All summer and a very warm fall and still couldn't bloom. ugh. I wanted to see it so bad since it's been several years since I've grown it. oh well. next summer, right? Love your nursery finds. You always have the coolest plants Grace.

  3. So many pretty flowers still! What great plant bargains. That makes me want to go nursery hopping. I got an Endless Summer Hydrangea last fall and it did well this year, blooming and also getting taller. Peppermint Swirl is pretty.

  4. Wow, that hydrangea is gorgeous and a five dollar daphne replacement is a great buy! Your fuchsias are beautiful so why not celebrate them? I love that they will bloom until we get a hard freeze!

  5. I love Fuchsias, too! I wish I could keep them alive outside year-round. I'd bring them inside, but I'm thinking they might be a little messy as houseplants? Grace, your honesty is so refreshing. You have a lush, healthy, prosperous garden, and yet you share the imperfections and frustrations with us, which makes for fun and engaging reading. Thanks. :)

  6. Hey Grace girl !
    You so scored on the daphne !
    And I so want to find an alstromeria for my zone or sneak it in a little higher zone now that the garden is so protected !
    I'm going to have to call you
    "Fuschsia-Girl" ! hahaha
    The acanthus mollis leaves are spectacular .. I almost picked "White Water" acanthus up this year but did a double take .. where do I have room!!
    Love the welcome sign .. I plan to look for more garden art next year for sure .. meanwhile I have to clean and store my garden art for the winter yet ... eeekkkk !
    Your plants look so fresh and clean after the rain : )

  7. Soggy or not, it's still beautiful! You in the Pacific NW don't know how lucky you are to get all that rain, because the rest of us would sure like some of it. And it sure allows you grow some interesting things that don't like it in central Ohio.

  8. Fabulous fuchsias Grace. Hope that the rain has eased up and that you are having fun planting your new purchases.

  9. I love your fuchsias, too! Please keep showing them! Your garden looks lovely. Still so many gorgeous blooms! That windy weather actually brought a tornado through Longview, WA, where my parents both work. Luckily it wasn't in either of the parts of town where they are and there were no injuries.

  10. That hydrangea is gorgeous. And a five dollar daphne?! That's the deal of the day, I'd say.
    I can't believe how good the alstromeria still look.
    And I must say, soggy mess is right. My yard is a train wreck right now. I have mushy zinnias laying on everything, ugly perennials taunting me, and enough leaves in the yard from my neighbors' trees to fill three yards. I don't even go out there unless I have to. Have I mentioned how much I hate fall gardening? And I STILL haven't planted my bulbs. Crud.

  11. Your garden is still looking so beautiful, so many things are still in bloom. My Alstromeria vanished ages ago! What bargains you got at the nursery too, that Hydrangea is gorgeous!

  12. Grace I love that new hydrangea. You are lucky to be able to grow so many great plants that bloom for so long. No planting here, but lots of clean up as the garden will be done this weekend with a freeze.

  13. I love it all as usual, Grace, especially the hydrangea and fuchsia's. I love red berry plants too. So colorful!

    I guess too much rain can be a bother but I wish we had more of that problem. Our red oak
    leaves are turning brown and they haven't been frostbitten's from lack of rain...and oh yes...falling leaves will soon be a big problem.

    Our weatherman suggested raking live oak leaves around the trees to serve as mulch and I did that last spring and it worked well for those trees I have borders around. No weeds at all!

  14. I think I just blew it Grace. I typed where the robot was supposed to type. Oh well. It's been a long day. What I wrote--at great length I might add--is that it is hard to know where to begin. You are your garden are buddies and what a joy that is! Oh, you might be interested in this: on Monday (the only day of full sun--yikes) I spent the day at the Japanese Garden and learned that they are planning a bonsai garden to begin in the fall of 2015. Won't that be wonderful?!? Your fuchsias are lovely, I'm jealous of your skimmia (unless I have the wrong sex--dontcha hate it when that happens) and I'm nut about the Dahlia Dutch Explosion. Such exquisite beauty all around.


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