Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Look Back for Comparison

Hi Peeps! I've been invited to give a presentation on the evolution of my garden. In preparation, I've been digging through old photos. I found the only three outdoor photos that I took while touring the house before we moved in. (Why didn't I take more? Darn it anyway.) The previous owners were not gardeners but the yard had good "bones" and lots of possibilities. And I was a lot younger. 

This photo is of the south side of the house. You can see lots of lovely dandelions blooming
in a sad excuse for a lawn. August, 1997

August 2014, the lawn is long gone and so is the deck, replaced with a concrete patio in 2013. 

Here is another photo, looking north. 

And this photo is taken on the replacement patio looking down into the southern portion of the garden. 

The second "Before" photo, looking south shows the wood deck in the distance and cement patio closer.
The steps I showed in the previous "before" photo are just past the railing by that black thing.
If you focus on the white-trimmed door it will help you get perspective on the next photo. 

See the white-trimmed door way... back there? I guess it's obvious that I like plants and stuff.
The tree is a Japanese maple seedling from the A. p. 'Sango Kaku' planted in the front yard.
This guy is well over twenty feet tall now and the shade it provides is fantastic.
To see a plant transform from something so tiny you can hold it in one hand
to something that towers overhead is nothing short of amazing.  

This photo was taken much father out, looking south.
If all the plants weren't there you'd be able to see the patio. 

In this photo you can see the patio through the shrubs. 

Here is a photo I took last June. It's farther south than the previous one. The patio is more obvious.

Here is the third photo. It's of the north end of the house.
The two Rhododendrons, one on each end are still here but I've limbed them up.
The other plants have been replaced with a wood deck. 

This photo gives you an idea. 

Another shot...

Again, looking north. 

Here, we're almost to the north end of the yard. 

And here we're looking south. It gives you an idea how long and narrow the yard is.  
This time of year is nice for looking back at all the leafy goodness of summers gone by. Hurry up spring. 


  1. this is so inspiring - I want to go out and get some things done now!!!

  2. Oh, it must have been wonderful to see that tree grow every year from a tiny thing to towering overhead. My garden is only 5 years in, and I'm looking forward to that happening with my garden.

  3. I love all your photos Gracie. The progression of the structural changes and the gorgeous plants. Oh how I would love to get up close and personal with some of your plants....thank you for sharing. Love you~

  4. You are plant crazy! (And that's a very good thing)

  5. WOW! I loved this post seeing your gardens from the beginning to now. Definitely love the NOW!!! You've done a fantastic job. The space is joyful and filled with lots of color.

    Very inspiring ~ FlowerLady

  6. Loved the tour Grace. It is amazing. Of course you know I love all your plants and garden decor pieces. It is always such fun to see where the garden start from and where it grows over the years.

  7. This is great to see the transformation! What a change!
    I look back through our pictures sometimes and can't believe how the yard changed. How big some of the plants have gotten and what we no longer have. Trial and error on some plants. Gardening is like life. Some things work out and some things don't. It is always fun to see what you will bring to us next. Always interesting.

  8. Huge difference! I can only hope my "afters" look as good (although I don't have much in the way of "before" photos either). I'm impressed but also a little frightened by the growth of that maple - I have the same variety planted awfully close to our garage. (Here maples have to have shade or they fry.)

    Best wishes with your presentation!

  9. Wow Grace!...What a remarkable transformation from workable to magnificent...and what amazing views you have created. I love the hodge-podge of so many variety's of beautiful plants. Great job! You truly are a "Master" gardener.

  10. Gorgeous, Grace!!! I love this!!

  11. These pictures are nothing short of amazing! I have one question: did you do this in layers, with a sense of what you would do NEXT, or did you have a sense of the overall design you wanted to achieve? Oh, also, I absolutely love your patchwork brick and ground cover/herb patio area--it's beautiful.

  12. Your presentation's attendees are in for a treat. I predict you'll be making some new gardeners.

  13. What an incredible transformation, Grace! You had a vision and you delivered on it! I love the "before" and "after" comparisons. Good luck with your presentation!

  14. WOW Grace!! You have really instrumented an incredible transformation ~ it's hard to believe it's even the same place! Your garden has always inspired me. You always have the coolest plants & plant combos but now that I see where you started, I'm even more in awe.

  15. I see the houses everywhere with your before landscaping all looking pretty much the same, by contrast your new plantings look so colorful and inviting, always something blooming, and with some nice evergreen bones to keep it green. Wonderful photos!

  16. Hi Grace,
    I'm glad I made it here to see this post. I love seeing before and after photos. You really have turned the place into a lovely garden!

    I have not been blogging or reading blogs lately, but hope to get back into it, even if not as actively as I used to.

  17. What a wonderful post Grace! So nice to be able to see the transition of your property. That Japanese Maple is amazing! This post shows what a plantswoman you truly are. I am sure it will make for an exciting presentation!

  18. I thought I had left a comment but either technogremlins ate it or I'm losing my mind. Probably the later. I LOVE your transformation from boring to fabulous! Just beautiful!! If you hadn't shown the house, I"d never know it was the same place.

  19. It's so nice to have those before and after photos. You've done a fantastic job! I'm getting itchy for spring also. We would like to get just one trip to the yurt in first, if the dogs cooperate.

  20. Isn't it so crazy to look back at how far you've come? And how much work it took to get there!? It's a good thing to start young. :)


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