Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Not Just Pink!

I admit that I'm a hopelessly-pathetic-pink-flower-fanatic. Pink flowers alter my brain chemistry, mess with my synapses and serotonin and dopamine levels. But it's not just pink. I love red and purple too. And here is a photo to prove it.  

Geranium pyrenaicum 'Summer Sky'

A few years ago, I purchased seed of Geranium pyrenaicum 'Summer Sky.' It germinated easily and the plants were blooming a few months later. Like many geraniums, 'Summer Sky' self-sows nicely. 

The flowers are smaller than a lot of its more prominent cousins but they come
prolifically all spring, summer and fall. 

Awhile back I saw a photo of Oregon's native Oxalis oregana Tamara's blog "Chickadee Gardens." It was so lovely, that when I spotted the plant at a sale last fall, I got one. Here is one of its sweet blooms. 

Oxalis oregana 

Armeria maritima 'Victor Reiter' is blooming. I love this little critter. 

I know Vinca minor is a thug but I keep mine in a hanging pot. Besides its early-spring
blossoms are charming, especially at eye-level. 

Okay now for a little pink!

Last August I purchased Lathyrus vernus on sale at Sebright Gardens. Its first blooms are popping out right on schedule. Yes, they're pink and I'm on a natural high! Typically Lathyrus blossoms are more purple so I'm thinking I must have the 'Alboroseus' cultivar, which of course I like even more than the purple one! 

Lathyrus vernus 'Alboroseus' 

In case you're wondering, the white mess in the background are fallen petals from the neighboring
Star Magnolia.  (Magnolia stellata)

Lamium maculatum 'Chequers' is a magnet for big fat bumblebees. 
I'm not crazy about the flowers on this Rock Cress (Arabis variegata) but the foliage is outstanding. A year-round, ground-hugging carpet of green and white. I love it.  

Arabis variegata 

Just don't do what I did and confuse this Arabis with Silene uniflora 'Druett's Variegated' which, has similar foliage but, in my experience, melts into nothing during the winter then makes a very shy comeback the following year. Notice I have no photo to share. 

I succumbed to Impatiens omeiana 'Silver Pink' last spring at Dancing Oaks. It protested whenever the sun hit it and I really wondered if it was going to die. But it lived and look at it this year! 

There you have it. Is it spring where you are? (Or summer in the case of Kris.) Are you seeing green yet? 


  1. Oh that geranium has gone straight on my wish list Grace. That colour is glorious. Here it is still most definitely late winter but slowly morphing into spring:)

  2. Behold! There is purple in Grace's garden :) Did you get much wind yesterday? It was wild up here. I really really like the foliage on your Impatiens omeiana 'Silver Pink. Lovely!

  3. I'm just hoping I don't see brown soon! Our daytime temperature is supposed to drop 11 degrees tomorrow and another 5 degrees the day after that, putting us back in the near-normal range (if such a thing exists anymore). Hopefully, it'll stay there for awhile. I love your very purple Geranium and found that it's related to my G.'Bill Wallis.' Sadly, while 'Bill' shows up occasionally, he isn't vigorous here - he probably likes water, silly fellow.

  4. Hello Grace
    J'adore le lathyrus, magnifique coloris, j'ai h√Ęte de voir la floraison ;-)
    bonne semaine

  5. Your description of what pink does for you is priceless.

  6. Hi Grace,

    Fun to see what else you love! I agree with Ricki that your description of how pink affects your seratonin receptors is perfect... LOVE the French comment above too.

    That purple geranium is something I want to see in a trailing basket, better start looking now.

  7. It depends on the shade of pink for me, but those soft pinks (and purples and reds) have me swooning! Wow, especially the "melt my heart" soft purple of that Geranium. Sigh. Happy spring, Grace!

  8. Great looking plants, as usual. Nice photos, too, Grace! We're seeing some green and some color from daffodils, crocus, and forsythia. :-)

  9. No spring yet...still winter for at least 2 more weeks as this crazy polar weather is not the Arabis variegata and I never thought to grow Vinca in a pot....

  10. Oh my your impatiens are gorgeous and I'm thrilled you got the Oxalis! I hope you love it too!

  11. Grace girl ... your description of what pink does also makes me grin ;-)
    I have had my head overloaded with potting bench plans because I can't bear to think how much longer I have to wait to see PLANTS of any kind come to life in my garden as yet .. BIG sigh.
    But I have enjoyed yours so thank you!
    Joy "not GREEN with envy" .. yet ? haha

  12. Fantastic colors AND photos! I bought that silene last year. Your warning is one spring too late. Mine is a no-show.

  13. Love all the purples... and I must admit, I've never seen a geranium that looks like that or else I didn't know what it was. Ours are big blooms consisting of a bunch of small flowers and they don't produce seeds and I've never seen a purple one...only various pinks and reds. Beautiful flowers as always Grace.


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