Monday, February 8, 2016

Spring's Tease

We who live in the Pacific Northwest are in the blissful throes of spring's tease. I was too preoccupied with gardening to check the thermometer but I'm guessing it made it up to the mid 60s. Now, as I write this, I can hear the tree frogs serenading each other--definitely a sign of spring. 

The honeybees were out in force today, searching for those bits of nectar.  

Early Crocus with two honeybees

Now he's moving to another flower.

Snowdrop... I need to clean the leaf litter here!

Oooh the Sarcococca. It smells heavenly.

Here is the bigger of my two plants. Plenty of stems for cutting and bringing indoors.

Helleborus foetidus blossom with a bee's butt.

Nom, nom, good!

I took more photos than I needed to.

So much bee food this year.

On another subject, I got my two long, rectangular vintage livestock troughs set up and planted with 'Tri Star' everbearing strawberries. I took these photos yesterday, before the second trough was planted.


These troughs are placed on the south side of my house. It's a full-sun, heat magnet area. Last year we had our strawberries in plastic pots and with a regular watering regimen, they performed beautifully until October. So we upped our game this year. Bigger containers, more plants. They're going to be so tasty!  

Are you able to get any gardening done?


  1. How I wish I could grow strawberries! Or I should say: How I wish I could eat the strawberries I could grow! The critters are a constant source of frustration in that regard - the berries grow just fine here. One day, I'll convince my husband to build me an impenetrable raccoon/squirrel/bird barrier for at least one of my raised beds.

  2. Gracie girl are you trying to drive me CRAZY ???? haha
    Just to give you an idea of how strange it is here ... very little snow and our high for Saturday will be -17 my Garden PA informed me ... the next day he leaves for Cuba .. talk about a tease eh ?
    I love your idea with the troughs .. send me some strawberries girl !! LOL
    The most important part of your post (to me) is the thought of those frogs singing ... I would give anything to hear that in my garden .. of course not at the moment .. poor things would totally freeze .. but you have made me so jealous with that frog music !
    Have fun in your garden .. it will be ages yet for us .. BIF sigh !
    Joy : )

  3. Ah so lovely, Grace! I got out yesterday, too, and wil again today..glorious preview to Spring" Those strawberry planters ate to die for

  4. Coming out from my lurking to ask you about your troughs. Is your putting them up on blocks like that to better allow for drainage or to make them more accessible? I'm putting in a smaller trough on our driveway and wonder if we should put it up on blocks like these or not?

    Hi Grace!

  5. Great idea for the strawberries. I had given up on them because the deer nip off the flower buds before they can even think of becoming fruit. If I put things right up against the house, the deer leave them alone (at least so far...strawberries might tempt them to overcome any fears they may have).

  6. Hasn't it been a lovely week ? I've been out most of the day …a bit of this and a bit of that !

  7. Ooooh, the strawberries in the troughs is genius! Clearly I need a second one! Love the bee butts. I haven't seen one yet.

  8. Sweet Baby Jesus Grace..... walked outside this morning to -34C weather. Yes! And snow! So tease me no more you cruel, cruel woman!
    Actually, its refreshing, albeit said with much green envy and jealousy, to see that somewhere in the world Spring has awoken. It doesn't feel like we've had winter, and as one who loves the cold and snow, I cannot complain!

  9. Don't be in such a hurry to do any housework Grace - leaf mould is the perfect material for your snowdrops :) Love those throughs!

  10. 3 more feet of snow so no gardening...i will gaze upon yours instead!

  11. Snow and ice here but my seedlings under the grow lights are chugging along. I love those troughs full of strawberries. Lucky you!

  12. I haven't seen any honeybees in the garden yet, but I don't have any crocuses either. Spring seems to be really coming along for you, Grace. The strawberry beds look like they should make lots of berries!

  13. Nice to see so much green! We have some snowdrops up, that's about it. Some hellebores showing promise. I need to get out into our garden but I've recently had the flu :-( and then broke my first tooth and had to get a temporary crown yesterday. No fun at all! The strawberry planters look great!


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