Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nursery Jaunt: Little Prince of Oregon

Finally, I was able to make it to what has become the annual  Little Prince of Oregon Garden Bloggers' Plant Sale! It was nice to see old friends and meet new ones. Because I was so busy chatting and hunting for plants I didn't get many photos. 

Little Prince of Oregon is a wholesale plant nursery located here in Oregon. They deliver their fine wares in this pretty green truck to retail nurseries from Portland down to Eugene. Their website lists them specifically. 

In fact, last year when I was at one of the participating nurseries, guess what I spied. Their telltale green frog tag, with a green frog hiding in the pot!  

How cute is that?

These containers with sedge and ferns were really eye catching, a clever, year-round-interest container ensemble.

The place is HUGE. We traversed the seventy-some hoop houses, delighting in row after row of interesting plants.

Here are the plants I purchased.

Check out the leaves on this hellebore. I don't care if it ever blooms.

Helleborus argutifolius 'Janet Starnes'

One of my current fascinations is the genus Erodium.

Erodium reichardii 'Flore Pleno'

Check out this cool Sedum.

Sedum 'Lime Twister'

Another Sedum.

Sedum anacampseros

I was really smitten with the burgundy midrib on this fern. 

Athyrium otophorum

A fuzzy little Sempervivum.

Happy trees are making for increased shade in my garden. I knew I needed this Toad Lily to add to the mix of woodland wonders.

Toad Lily, Tricyrtis hirta 'Blue Wonder'

Here is a Little Prince photo of its fall-blooming flowers.

Tricytris hirta 'Blue Wonder' flowers (Little Prince of Oregon photo)

This tiny Crassula was too cute to pass up.

Crassula socialis
After we finished plant shopping, Heather, Laura drove over to nearby Aurora. We had just enough time to visit one antiques store. Because it requires millionaire status to do any shopping here and I am no where near qualifying, I was a little more free with the camera.

Sedum in rusty things always appeals to me.

Clever use of an old bathroom sink.

There were two of them.

I really wanted this metal chair but can you see the price tag?

I'm not a huge fan of blue but I love old mailboxes.

Lots of cute ideas here.
So, are you shopping for new plants? It is spring now, after all.


  1. It was great to finally meet you at the Little Prince Open House. Isn't it just the most fabulous place? I was too gobsmacked last year to take any good photos too. This year I took my time and shopped a lot and then went round again taking pictures. You found some great treasures. I love Erodiums, and that adorable Crassula was a great find too. I could have bought one of each plant, but that would have gotten very expensive. I went overboard as it is.

  2. I really never stop plant shopping (although I should during summer's height when new plants are guaranteed to fry). I SO miss Little Prince's plants. There was one nursery here in SoCal that used to offer them but, when the founder passed away, his family sold the land and that was that. You made great choices. I love that hellebore!

  3. So glad you made up to be part of the day Grace! Also glad you got that cute little Crassula socialis.

  4. Oh my goodness, Grace, I l-o-v-e that frog in the pot. He looks practically cuddly! You got some good plants there. I'm sorry I missed meeting you! I had my head buried in the plant frenzy and photo-records-of-what-the-heck-I-was-buying. What a cool-looking Crassula. I'm impressed you got this post up so fast!

  5. So sorry I couldn't make the LP open, it would have been great to meet you in person and see so many other bloggers as well. Looks like you found some fabulous additions to your garden! In answer to your question, yes, plant shopping has commenced in earnest for me. (Did it ever really stop?)

  6. I agree about that Hellebore--the foliage is awesome! You got some great new plants! I added quite a few new plants last I'm waiting to see if they emerge before I decide what new ones to add. ;-) Of course, I always buy new annuals for my pots and my potager, but that will have to wait until May.

  7. Oh that sounds a good day out Grace. The fern is going down on my wish list :)

  8. Too funny, I just read Philip’s post at Dirt Therapy about HIS visit to that same nursery. And how cute to find a frog in the frog pot!

  9. I'd boot out my species argutifolius for that number! Love toad lilies -- good choices all!


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