Friday, October 4, 2019

Nursery Jaunt, Times Three!

With nurseries having their fall sales, last week I decided it was high time for a visit to Dancing Oaks Nursery. Given that it is at most a half hour drive, I don't know why I don't go more often. So I made up for lost time. After my first visit I went again a few days later with my friend Heather from Eugene. I took more photos on the first visit because the weather was better that day. 

If you've been to Dancing Oaks you know that the final stretch is a two-mile gravel drive across a field, up and over a ridge, down into a valley and a sharp left to the gate. Along the way, I stopped to take photos of these vultures guarding the fields. Such fascinating and creepy birds.

After scrolling through the website, I had a list of plants I wanted to purchase. But I also wanted to   take a quick stroll through the gardens. I didn't get nearly enough photos.

My camera doesn't do these wispy blue flowers justice. They were kind of magical.

A pretty hardy fuchsia

After several fails, I've decided I need to try one more time to grow Plume Poppy. Here are photos of the large and glorious stand in the garden.

Macleaya cordata or Plume Poppy

I admit I went a little overboard with photos. I just love these uniquely shaped gray-blue leaves. 

I should also find a spot for Four O'Clocks again. I love these cheery flowers.

Mirabalis jalapa or Four O'clocks with lighter colored Gaura

I bought one of the 4 inch pots of Bergenia ciliata. Check out the mature specimen! We're talking big leaves here.

At home, here is my loot. 

Clockwise starting at 12, Clethra barbinervis 'Takeda Nishiki', Plume Poppy (dormant),  Sisyrinchium striatum (Yellow-Eyed Grass), Pernettya mucronata, Cyclamen coum, Bergenia ciliata, Blechnum penna marina, and Elsholtzia stauntonii (Chinese Mint Shrub).
After Dancing Oaks, Heather and I decided to drive the short distance to Dallas to see what Daryll's Nursery had in stock. It had been a few years since I'd been there. I was pleasantly surprised with how fun it was, despite the stupid rain.

I love all of Daryll's rusty goodies.

So many cool plants in rusty or galvanized containers, just my style.

Probably the nicest clump of Ajuga I've ever seen.

I was completely smitten with this bright red Agastache and had to have it.

What is growing in that mailbox?

Wire vine and maybe a hardy Geranium?

Whenever I try to grow Schizostylis it flops. It looks really nice here.

Nice rocks too!

If you're looking for a tree or large shrub, Daryll's prices are really hard to beat.

So, here is what I bought on my second trip to Dancing Oaks and to Daryll's Nursery.

Clockwise from 12, the aforementioned red Agastache 'Kudos Red' (I bought two. At $4 each, Eryngium 'Miss Willmott's Ghost, Clerodendrum 'Carnival', Soldanella sp. and Eupatorium 'Pink Frost'

 And a few more:

From left to right: Penstemon 'Ruby', Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues' (Little Blue Stem) and Clematis 'Little Mermaid' Daryll's prices, $5, $7 and $5 respectively!

 One last nursery, Garland Nursery on a recent visit. I was inspired by these container plantings:

Yes. That's a bonsai wisteria!

Finally in the shade house, one, just one. But it was a beauty. At $45, I didn't buy it but it was tempting. 
Rhododendron 'Sinogrande'

Rhododendron 'Sinogrande'

I didn't see the Dancing Oaks' felines. They were probably hiding from the rain. But I got a quick glimpse of Fanta at Garland. Not a very good photo though. Her ears are normal. 

Fanta, the garden cat.

Next time, I'll be back to garden photos. I've been working on a muddy case of musical plants and having a blast. No frost yet so there are still a lot of flowers.


  1. I love fall plant sales and in fact drove 3 hours to the north (the last half with a friend in tow) to the Australian Native Plants Nursery this very day, followed by stops at 2 other garden centers while we were in Ventura County. I don't think I did as well as you did, though! That Plume Poppy looks right up your alley. And the bonsai Wisteria looks like the very best approach to controlling that plant I've ever seen.

  2. Gracie girl how are you !
    There is so much here I want to comment on but I better stick to what stuck to my mind .. Plume Poppy ! I tried it but some how I took it out before it came to all of it's grandeur .. but I am still a FAN of it and those are wonderful photos! ... Miss Willmott's Ghost !! I had it and loved it but it was short lived .. I so want it again !!
    I love your picks .. I love those nurseries .. what I wouldn't do to have them here so we could have a choice of some fantastic Fall planting .. however I have painted myself into a corner with all the Spring bulbs i have to plant .. let alone the regular shut down of the garden and i have done nothing yet .. waiting for a killing frost is a chancy move .. plus Garden PA is all enthused about "helping" me which is great but you know how some times you want to work alone and quietly ? LOL
    In any case .. loved seeing what you saw .. even if it made me extremely JEALOUS !!!! LOL Have a great time in your garden ;-)

  3. These rusty containers are very pretty. I also have some stored in my basement so maybe I will give them a second life? It is a really amazing idea, have to think about it before spring comes. What I envy you is this huge greenhouse. I would love to have one so I could grow there all flowers I don't have place for in my house. Your bergenia is also enormous. I sown mine (seeds from in the spring and now it also looks cute. But leaves of your are also cool!


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