Friday, March 27, 2020

Plant of the Week: Armeria juniperifolia

Hi Plant peeps. How are you dealing with our new normal? I hope you're keeping healthy and finding lots to do. Hopefully the weather has been decent and you're getting outside. 

Last Friday, I went to Costco. The Corona-hoopla wasn't terrible and was made all the better when I spotted plants. I don't typically buy plants at Costco because they're just standard fare. But when I spotted these Armeria I grabbed one.

This species Armeria juniperifolia (or SpanishThrift) is different than what we typically see for sale-- A. maritima or Sea Thrift. In my opinion, this plant is way better. The leaves are smaller and the overall effect of the plant is a much tighter ball of foliage when not in bloom.

 Perfect for a rock garden or trough, of which I have several. 

Check out the Ameria juniperifoia growing in one of those beds (below).

This plant is a few years old. It puts out its main flush of flowers now but it will flower intermittently throughout the summer. 

How cute is this? With the gardener's rule of when-it-works-repeat-it, I'm going to tuck my new Armeria plants wherever I can find room...

This is a really easy plant to grow. What's not to love about that?

And there you have it, my plant of the week, Armeria juniperifolia or Spanish Thrift. Thank you for visiting and happy spring! Keep healthy.


  1. What a pretty plant!! Good to see a post from you. Be well, stay safe ~ FlowerLady

  2. It's a good pick for plant of the week! Love it.

  3. Bagging a plant on a trip out would make my day here, Grace! Our local garden center no longer allows people to enter the store and shop the plant inventory on their own. One has to order on-line (preferred) or call an order in for pick-up or delivery. Supposedly, there's a third drive-up concierge-like arrangement available too but I've no idea how that works, except that it's not encouraged.

  4. I love Thrift, but hadn’t seen this specie before now. Sweet option for the PNW.


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