Friday, April 10, 2020

Plant of the Week: Daphne x transatlantica 'Summer Ice'

Wow. The weeks just fly by. I guess this means I'm old. 

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. In these parts, the weather has turned beautiful. Yesterday's high temperature today was 74 degrees, fairly uncommon for early April and a hallmark for me:  I switched from socks and boots to flip flops! 

My plant this week is Daphne x transatlantica 'Summer Ice.' I could feature this phenomenal shrub any week of the year because it always looks good. However, I chose this week because, although this Daphne has been flowering off and on all winter (and fall and summer...), the flower fragrance rises with the temperature the scent of  "jasmine" wafts through the air.

This is the second 'Summer Ice' I've grown. The first one (below) died shortly after I moved it from this spot. I should have known better.

July, 2012
This second one (below) has been here since 2016 and is about 3 feet tall and wide. I have it situated where it gets morning sun and shade by the middle of the afternoon. This seems to suit it fine which is good because it's staying put!

This Daphne does perfectly with our Zone 8 winters and purportedly can take temperatures down to 0 degrees or Zone 7.

Even when 'Summer Ice' isn't in bloom--which is not all that often--the small evergreen leaves with a creamy margin give the shrub a sophisticated look. 

After the first year, I stopped watering it, although in summer it probably gets a little water run-off from a large nearby pot I keep hydrated. Other than that, I don't do anything. Admittedly I still harbor the dreaded Daphne-phobia. I've learned: Kindness kills Daphne. Leave it alone and enjoy. You can learn more about this sweet plant here.

Here's hoping you all can receive the essential survival therapies: sunshine and warmth, fresh air infused with floral fragrance and hugs from your loved ones.


  1. Your Daphne is impressive, Grace. I added one (D. odora) to my garden this past fall and have my fingers crossed it lives through our summer. They're not common here but presumably there's a reason for that. Best wishes!

  2. Thank you posting this. We carry this one at the nursery and it is good to know more about it. How fast do they grow? I planted a 'Carol Mackie' but it seems to be very slow.


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