Thursday, June 25, 2020

Plant of the Week: Erodium manescavi

Here is a cutie pie. Heron's Bill (Erodium manescavi) is a long-blooming, sun-loving front of the border beauty. It is also a nice rock garden plant and will reseed a little if one is lucky.

I got my plant from Robin Parer's Geraniaceae Nursery back in 2018. I knew exactly where I wanted to plant it, under full sun, in loose soil by my outer pond.

It has been growing here ever since, slowly expanding its ferny foliage and increasing its flowering stems each year.

The flowers are a cool, lilac color with slightly darker veining on the petals.

Once the flowers finish, the seed pods develop their signature "Heron's Bill" look.

But that doesn't mean the show is over as more flowers continue to bloom...

...enhanced by the soft, ferny foliage.

Here is my plant a few weeks ago:

It's about two feet wide and twelve inches high now--it's mature size.

The aforementioned "Heron's Bill" seed pods will drop a few seeds and baby plants will emerge. Not nearly enough though, if you ask me.

There you have it, my plant of the week. Thank you for visiting!


  1. That's a nice one. I haven't grown Erodium in years and can't quite remember why I stopped. Thanks for the reminder about Geraniaceae. Robin Parer usually comes down this way for the South Coast Spring Garden Show and I always shop her booth but of course that event was canceled so I'll take a look at her online offerings.

  2. It's you need to dead head for more blooms?

  3. Beautiful flower! I just loved it.!! Thanks for sharing with us.


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