Monday, June 6, 2011

Blooms A-Plenty

The plants are responding to the recent bout of nice weather. And so is their tender! Today it's back to clouds and the possibility of rain but the weekend was really nice.

As I've stated before I don't buy very many summer annuals but I found two different types of annual Nemesia at a local grower--a yellow and a pink. When the temps rise, these emit the sweetest fragrance and I am a fragrance whore. :)

My hardy geranium 'Jolly Bee' is beginning to bloom. 

The hardy gladiolus are doing their best.

Heuchera 'Paris' has pretty leaves AND season-long pink flowers. What's not to love? 

The early honeysuckles are about to burst. I think I love the buds as much as the flowers. 

'Sweet Dreams' Catmint is blooming. 

Nicotiana 'Twinkle' overwintered AND reseeded and is beginning to bloom already. 
[This photo is from last year to remind me how much I love this plant.] 

The Oxalis have been blooming for a few weeks now. 

Phuopsis stylosa is blooming. 

The Verbascums are a happy bunch. 

And lastly, the Vinca are still abloom. 


  1. That first nemesia is quite stunning and they are fragrant? I had no idea. Beautiful flowers you've got growing there,its always impossible to pick just one I love more then another.

  2. Love the flowers on that Heuchera 'Paris'! Very pretty. Most of mine with interesting leaves have white flowers. I need to figure out which ones have pink or red. I just got some oxalis corms from the sale that Brent and Becky's had. I've seen them at a couple of display gardens this year planted en masse, and they look so great, I figured I had to try them. That pink honeysuckle is going to be yummy!

    I'm so glad we're getting warmer, drier weather. It's about time.

  3. It sure does look like all those pink flowers enjoyed the sun. I love the Catmint, I never seen one that color.
    We had beautiful weather all weekend too, and today is nice too. I think I see 'Gertrude' blooming from outside the computer window, I better go check!

  4. ...lovely, lovely dear Grace. I know you are enjoying the garden as have we. Today is overcast and that's okay for it will give me an opportunity to weed a bit more. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Looks like a gardener's paradise to me!!! I love it. The Heucheras are all so wonderful.

    I was away last week and my garden overtook every inch of the yard. I have hours to do to catch up.

    Sending love,


  6. Beautiful as usual heuchera will look like that one day....that may be my nicotiana...are those daisies to the right of the oxalis? Love that combination.

  7. Oh my goodness, I am so envious of your glorious riot of color. Love those Nemesias, and the Heuchera 'Paris'.

    Enjoy your lovely gardens and cool weather. It is miserable down here and we are in extreme drought conditions.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. Look at all that color! I forget that there are Heucheras with such pretty blooms! You may be the only person I've seen with Phuopsis...such a lovely plant...I remember being smitten with it at the Montreal Botanical Garden last fall. Don't you love the Oxalis once it starts blooming...especially since you know it will last all summer!

  9. Grace,

    Again, the pink is a favorite, everything is beautiful!

  10. I cannot keep the nemesia alive, here in this humidity! What a great post this is, did you notice how many of your blooms take the same form?!

  11. Hi Grace, I love the shade of pink of your Verbascums, so sweet! Tell me more about catmint..does it have any herbal properties? Heuchera Paris is a stunner.
    I love your cottage gardens, Grace. You inspire me to look for new and exotic plants!

  12. Grace my mouth is gaping open at all these gorgeous blooms. I LOVE the pink catmint! I've never seen it. The phuopsis is stunning as well ~ another new one for me. I'd also love to have a stand of verbascums as nice as yours. Quantity definitely makes an impact!

    You are so lucky to grow nemesia. I like them too (especially that pink color!) and have tried and tried but after a couple weeks they fizzle. One of the greenhouses here said they weren't heat lovers? Maybe that explains it? I'm glad you had some nice weekend weather. It's good for the soul, isn't it?

  13. I am in love with the verbascums and the heuchera .... both are plants we do not have .... how fun to visit so many gardens in the virtual world and get some new ideas! Your garden is beautiful!

  14. That nicotiana looks like a little star Grace so such an appropriate name. For some reason your recent posts have not appeared on Googlereader. I thought that you were being quiet but I have some catching up to do :)

  15. Wow! What a difference one garden zone can make!! Your garden looks just beautiful right now. I love that catmint.

  16. Dear Grace, I am so glad I stopped by~I sure needed a pretty pink flower fix! Gorgeous is actually a better work~The Coral bells is delicious! I have the same verbascum and love the dark penstemon you've paired them with~Is is 'Dark Towers'? gail

  17. Oooh, I like those perennial glads. Unfortunately, Mr. Sorry's mother was a florist so he associates annual gladiolas with funeral arrangements, so I don't have those in the garden. Maybe I could sneak in some of the perennial kind.

  18. what a pretty honeysuckle. I got a new major wheeler (i think) to cover the fence between my neighbor and me. Of course the new blooms are facing the neighbor's side. grrr!

    Love your header and love seeing another perspective of your most gorgeous garden!!!

  19. I'm not familiar with nemesias. They sure are pretty! I wasn't familiar with silene, either, but after seeing it on your blog, I noticed it at Menards' or somewhere, and picked one out to plant. It's happy so far. A gardening friend of mine noticed it and asked what it was.

    I've never seen so many blooms on an oxalis! All of your flowers look happy.


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