Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Reading

When I saw Sandra Knauf’s “status” on the Facebook “gardenchat” page, I was intrigued. Sandra was announcing her labor of love. Publication of her brainchild Greenwoman magazine was forthcoming and she was inviting publicity. Read the magazine and write a review.

When the magazine arrived I was torn. It was peak gardening time and I was in the throes of obsession. Garden chores were scrambling my gray matter and now I had this additional obligation. Luckily Sandra understood. This is the very thing, the real life that is captured so well within the pages of her magazine.

Greenwoman is not written strictly by women, nor is it strictly written for women. This is the first thing I noticed. As I began reading Dan Murphy’s invitational essay titled, “Informed Simplicity,” followed by Bruce Holland Rogers’ relatable fiction, “A Human Birth,” I realized this wasn’t going to be a gardening how-to. In fact, neither piece was specifically about gardening at all.

Ah but a look at the following drawing by Rachel Kloster, titled “Worm” made me smile and I was back on customary ground. It was followed by Sandra’s own inspiring chronicle of community gardening. But then the magazine veered off again and I realized that this was a periodical loathe to box itself in or stoop to cliché. The topics would be familiar but the twists and turns would be unique because the human experience is unique. Garden thievery would be confessed along with a voyeuristic take on the praying mantis. We’d get a chance to hover over the history of seed saving; delve into the workings of a mysterious marijuana dispensary and peak over the fence of a backyard full of chickens and children. And much more.

To finish it off, “Top Dressing” vied to invite us into Sandra’s world and heart. “Like flowers and pollinators, gardening and community go together. It matters not whether you are fortunate enough to have a vacant plot to donate for a community garden or just an extra pass-along plant to give to a friend. Sharing is what it’s about, making those connections that feed us all.”  This is the impetus for Sandra’s endeavor. If you are of a similar mind, Greenwoman is for you. You can learn more by going to:

*    *    *

I learned this week that there has been a delay in the release date for The Moment I Knew. [See sidebar.] Ah, welcome to the world of publishing. In the meantime, my heart and prayers go out to all of you east coasters living along Irene's path. 


  1. Wonderful review, Grace. Sounds like something for everyone!

  2. I couldn't imagine trying to find the time to read now!
    Thanks again for the Columbine seeds! I planted them today...saved some for winter sowing, so we shall see!
    I so love your blog header pic. So green and lovely..

  3. Grace girl my curiosity has been peeked .. so I might just have to wonder over through that link and see what it is all about. I'm sorry about the delay with the publishing .. but it will happen ..and I know it will be a winner !
    PS .. I had some wonderful if not sweaty tired moments in my garden yesterday .. I felt the earth deeply and loved smelling it .. a gardener's perfume ? LOL

  4. The cover of that magazine sucked me in, it sounds like something I need to read.

    I saw on FB the other day Reflections of Women mentioned you.

  5. Interesting review Grace. Sounds like it will capture a broad audience. Phooey on the delay!!

  6. Hi dear Grace,

    Welcome to the unpredictable world of publishing....hurry, hurry, wait, wait.

    The swath of the hurricane (tropical storm) was so wide. No, they do get blown off course, but mainly stay on course and seek refuge.



  7. The cover immediately caught my attention. Good review. I will have to check it out.
    Delay..ugh. Keep us informed.

  8. Sounds like an interesting magazine. Brave of someone to try a new one though, seems like most are going out of business.

  9. The magazine sounds unique, Grace. I will keep it in mind for gift giving to gardening friends!

  10. You have made me want to check this out with your review.

  11. Great review Grace. Sounds intriguing. Hope your published work gets to press soon. Very exciting stuff!!

  12. Thanks for the review, Grace. Now you have me intrigued. Perhaps I should order the magazine.

  13. Great review; piques my interest in this new reading material! Good timing, with cooler/wetter weather just around the corner.
    Hope the delays are short for the publication!


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