Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wide View

Monday morning and clouds. After a weekend of 90+ degree weather, [our first all summer] I'm happy for a break. [I know. All of you southerners are thinking, "wuss!" and you're right.] If gardens could talk, I think mine would also utter its relief. This is the time of year when hauling the hose around to water my thirsty babies begins to wear on me. Mainly because it seems like no matter how much water they get, some plants just don't want to look nice any longer. But there are areas that still look decent. I thought I'd  share some of the wide views of these areas. I took these photos last evening. 

 Under the pear tree, this hydrangea is 'Cityline Paris.'

 These white things are the handles to my vintage wheelbarrow. The big-leaved plant is Tetrapanax. 'Heidi' Achillea is just starting to fade and the center green plant is 'Alma Potschke' Aster, just starting to form buds.

The tall, big-leaved plant in the back to the right is Catalpa. It's only a few years old. I cut it down each year so it won't decide to become a tree.

 This is my outer pond, although with all of the foliage the water is impossible to see. My Spacial Denial is evident in all the photos. I never leave enough room for the plants to mature and then everything sort of melds together into an amorphous blob.

 Case in point... It's a jungle out there.

 The fuchsia on the left is hardy here, blooms all summer and beckons hummers. Easy to root and grow, it is one of three offspring from its mother planted elsewhere in the garden.

 Every year I do something different with this area. I didn't buy very many annuals this years so the colors aren't as bold as they've been in years past.

 Verbena rigida is sort of taking over this area. Who's complaining? It is a perennial and I am hoping to have seed to share. I'll let you know. The purple foliage jutting up from the middle of it is a juvenile Cotinus.

This bench is looking its age. It's got a bunch of dead fuchsia blossoms on it. My oops.

A peak at the north lawn looking worse for the wear. I'm standing on the patio, looking east to take this photo. To the left is the patio pond.

I'm standing on the patio for this shot too but I'm looking north instead of east.

 The tawny, wispy foliage on the upper left are the seed heads from my Stipa gigantea. They get probably seven to eight feet tall. Love that plant! To the right of the pathway you can see the aforementioned vintage wheelbarrow just behind the rusty obelisk.

 Stipa gigantea again, sneaking out from behind my towering Heptacodium or Seven-Son Flower, just starting to bloom.

In the center of this photo is Daphne 'Summer Ice.' It's been blooming [fragrant, tiny, white blossoms] off and on since early spring! Another must-have for any garden within its Zone range.

This is taken on one of the minor paths looking out at the north lawn. To the left is the ubiquitous 'Autumn Joy' Sedum just about ready to host a bee party.

Hydrangea 'Glowing Embers.' It's not quite as red as I'd like. In front of it is H. q. 'Sike's Dwarf' sporting one amazing flower head and a bunch of amazing leaves.

And finally, looking towards the patio. On the left, finishing up are lavender, native Bachelor Buttons and Phlox.

Sorry. I've just got to brag a wee bit more about The Moment I Knew. This Friday [August 26th] is the day! I'm psyched. See my sidebar for more information and thank you to all of you for your kindness. You're awesome.


  1. These may be the prettiest flower beds I've seen! I know I ought to water more. I don't have nearly the variety that you do, but I'm realizing I should have been more attentive to what I have...

    Very beautiful and inspiring! I've enjoy my "visit" here.

  2. Grace:
    Your gardens sure don't seem to be complaining much, at least not from my view. Gorgeous! Plant centre stage in photo seven.... is it Lycesteria formosanum or a Persicaria or even Weigela 'Ghost', or am I totally off somewhere in left field? It is stunning.

  3. Grace,

    I have been looking for that Cityline group of hydrangeas and have not seen any around here. The colors in your garden beds is wonderful, soft and whispy and then a pop of bright pink, blue, white, great comginations.


  4. Oh Grace ~ I love your gardens and paths. I just want to keep going down one path after another. It is all so lush, peaceful and beautiful!

    Enjoy all that beauty surrounding you.


  5. Grace, Grace, Grace, you did it again! You showed your artful jungle in all its beauty! Your garden is not only beautiful, it is interesting! So many plants, combinations, arrangements, accessories... I love the very first picture! And second, and third... All of them!

  6. Grace, I see no worse for wear here! the color, texture... my eyes jazzed from one place to another.... so beautiful. You have a remarkable garden.

  7. Seeing these pictures makes me wish I could see it all in person! I love the combinations of all the different leaves and colors, so pretty!!
    My 'Summer Ice' is worrying me. It's been doing great for 5 years, now one big branch has died. I cut it back and am hoping that the rest survives.

  8. Words just can't express how I feel about your beautiful gardens! It seems you have one of just about everything, something I've always wished for. And your use of the old wheelbarrow, tubs, and watering can is perfect. I love to visit just to look.

  9. Grace, I love your jungle of color! I'm in awe when I stroll thru your garden pics. This is how I want my gardens to be.....someday I may accomplish this. How long did it take you make your jungle? Thanks for taking me away to a happier place.

  10. I feel like I am looking at a garden magazine. Love the wide views of your beautiful garden and all the interesting paths you have created.
    Also, congrats on the book!! I bet you are so excited to see the final product. :)Sounds like a very inspiring book.

  11. Your garden is an inspiration - love all the little vignettes you've created and the combination of plants is wonderful. You might call it a jungle, but I don't think the rest of us would.

  12. Grace for a jungle (as you describe it) it is gorgeous. I wouldn't worry. The plants appear to have room to grow together beautifully. I envy the lushness of your garden. Mine not so much this year since we had precious little water. You keep right on bragging about The Moment I Knew. I cannot wait to read your essay. We should have our books in a few short days.

  13. Rebecca said it first: I know I ought to water more, too. Your beds are looking amazingly lush for the amount of dryness we've had - a testimonial to your good planning and hose-dragging perseverance.

    I love the look of the verbena backed by that young purple smoke tree. And if it's evergreen, I think I'm going to take out my Daphne odora in favor of that lovely and shapely Daphne 'Summer Ice': I like it's long-term rewards!

  14. Grace no matter how many photos I see of your garden I always leave wanting to see more. Apart from looking colourful and floriferous it always looks so tranquil :)

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I love all the pinks and purples, especially the verbena and cotinus. I have so many reds and yellows in my garden. But I need to do an area of pinks and purples. Very inspiring!

  16. Your gardens look gorgeous and are very inspiring. I love the "jungle" look in your gardens ... it looks full but certainly not crowded. I sure enjoyed my garden tour today :)

  17. Your fuchsia is perfectly set off by the chartreuse coloured shrub beside it - a great combo!

    You garden just seems to say, "come sit awhile and enjoy." :)

  18. Your garden is beautiful at any angle Grace. Your hydrangeas are so pretty. Half of mine did not even bloom this summer. I always love looking at all of your container ideas and decorations.

  19. Very jealous of your Stipa blooms... I've got nout !
    Your garden looks sooo lush , I'll have to take note of some of those plants.

  20. Grace girl your garden never fails to amaze me : ) I would love to see it in person and get totally lost in it ! I love the mix of plants you have grouped together .. they all seem to love each other : ) I still have my gazing ball on its stand in the living room .. I'm just not ready to have it in the garden yet .. I want more privacy and places to hide in it .. it took me a while to figure out what my subconcious was trying to tell me with the way I was building my garden .. but now I know and I am happy : )
    Beautiful plants girl .. they love their home!

  21. I love the stone pathways and beautiful flowers that grow abundantly in your garden here.

  22. Your gardens are beautiful, I love how many different areas you have and how well they are showcased.
    The Tetrapanax has a dinosaur name! Looks like an interesting plant with those leaves.
    Beautiful blooms allover!

  23. WOW! So beautiful! You must never want to go indoors! And no weeds either...that is where i fall short, especially when it is hot. : ) There are two trees near my house that smell amazing...they sweeten the whole street and smell like star jasmine. I have tried to figure out what they are, and from my google searches i am guessing seven sons. I suppose i will just ask the neighbors this summer!

  24. Hi Grace,
    Thanks for the tour. I always enjoy seeing your awesome garden. It doesn't look overgrown to me.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I have gotten pretty behind in my visiting other blogs. I hope to find more time in the next week.

    My word verification, "sumboomp" made me smile.

    Hey, congratulations again, on being published. The subject may have been a difficult one, but there are some out there who will be helped or comforted by it.

  25. Wow!--What beautiful gardens/flowers/plants! My gardens are looking old and dry this time of the year... Thanks for sharing your photos :) (I love the vintage garden stuff!)

  26. Grace ~ I see no such thing as August doldrums in your garden. You are such a plant connoisseur ~ every photo makes me drool and forces me to do research! I had no idea you could keep cutting a catalpa back without killing it! You've given me ideas!
    I have spacial denial too, just not with the same cool plants. Your first photo is my favorite. I love everything about it including that cool leaf birdbath.

  27. Your garden is stunning! Mine is looking very sad at the moment and I waiting for Spring to arrive over here so it will start looking good again!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  28. Grace dear,

    Looks like a gardener's version of paradise to me. I can almost smell that Daphne...I love it so much.

    Your variety is amazing. It makes me realize how few plants I do have at home. But, I also know how hard you work on this.

    Griping about hauling the hose around???? Woo hooo, at least you have WATER!!! Those folks in Texas. I saw a posting of a dried out creek bed with a sad turtle sitting there in the dust. So scary to me.

    Thanks for your concern about the hurricane. Yes, we're so close to the water, but our cottage has sat here since 1920...I HOPE it sits here for another century.

    We stocked up on candles, batteries, food, water, and firewood yesterday. And, we have a great friend who lives in an old cottage that sits high and dry above the town landing. We'll evacuate to trees around her home and no crashing waves.

    Happy weekend.



  29. I'll jump on the band wagon, you've done it again! Just gorgeous Grace.

  30. Your spatial issues are perfect according to me! I love the lush crowds of plants. And you would never know it is August, so many blooms and nothing looks dead like at my garden, going to seed, thinking of winter... Yours is better than many public gardens Grace!

  31. I definitely would not say amorphous blob is the way to describe your lovely garden!
    It is so wonderful, I look over your photos over and over, what a beautiful place you have...
    In the photos where the stipa is visible, I thought it was the sprinkler! The plume stems look to me just like the water from an oscillating sprinkler!
    **I got back today and got your envelope!! I haven't done anything yet, trying to get rested up!**
    Thank you thank you!

  32. Grace, I must say you have a truly lovely jungle! Love the name of the hydrangea you first showed - so many gorgeous plants and flowers! Well done!

  33. Wow, everything is just gorgeous Grace!

  34. My goodness! Your "jungle" is so impressive! Just gorgeous. Looks like great plant planning to me!

  35. Excellent Tour, Beautiful Flowers. Things are certainly looking nice this time of year.

  36. Grace, School has started and I'm having trouble keeping up with blog reading, so I just got to this. I just wanted to say that while it may be a jungle out there, it's an exceptionally beautiful jungle! -Jean

  37. Grace- what a lovely garden. I'm still battling grass and wish I could have rock paths instead. The new bunch of deer are eating my Trilliums and now my geraniums instead, things no former deer have bothered, your garden looks so carefree. I'm sure it is a lot of work too, though. I especially like your purples of the Verbena and Cotinus.


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