Saturday, October 8, 2011

The ABCs of Me

It's a beautiful Saturday. Earlier, I ventured outdoors and was pleasantly surprised at how warm it felt. Still, fall was evident at every turn. I don't like how it has affected my summer garden. My summer garden. Even the late-bloomers, like asters and anemones are scooting past their prime and begging to be deadheaded. And despite the efforts of the blooming stalwarts like hardy fuchsias and roses the entire scenario looks sad because of their ailing neighbors.

I tell myself I'm not a perfectionist anymore but maybe I'm delusional. All I know is, at this juncture, it all seems really futile and even punitive, reclaiming the wildness and disarray that nature has so routinely [and somewhat cruelly] doled out.

Rather than pep talking myself in to grabbing the pruners and digging in, I said to hell with it, came inside, grabbed my laptop and opted to hover over other people's happenings.

Not too far down the burgeoning Reader list is  Rindy Mae's Blog. She had a cute idea she borrowed from another blogger so I thought, hell, why not?

 "The ABCs of Me." 

Age: 50 but who's counting?
Bed size: Queen... must have room for cats!
Chore I dislike the most: Scooping up cat vomit.
Dogs: No! Cats, 4 of them including an unruly but lovable kitten.
Essential start to my day: Coffee, computer and meds.
Favorite color: Green.
Gold or silver: Neither. Green!
Height: 5 feet.
Instrument I've played: My mouth, singing in the car or yelling at rude drivers.
Job title: Admin Assistant, Writer, Wife, Mom, Litter box changer...
Kids: 4 ranging from 28 to 19.
Live in: A house in western Oregon
Most wanted: A bigger bathtub.
Nickname: "Mom"
Oprah, yes or no: Yes until she went to cable.
Pet peeves: Rude drivers, Congress.
Quote from a movie: "Whose little girl are you?" [Villain, Jack Elam to a nervous Tim Conway in The Apple Dumpling Gang] and "Alabama, Mobile." [Sultry and sly Jodie Foster to handsome James Garner in Maverick.]
Right or left: Ambidextrous.
Shopping: Plants, rusty junk garden art bargains.
TV show: The Good Wife, Brothers & Sisters [Netflix]
Underwear: God help us if I don't!
Vegetables I hate: Frozen or canned.
What makes you late: Over-zealous cop.
X-ray: Teeth.
Yummy food I make: Mexican, tonight!
Zoo animal: monkeys.

By the way, I've been working on my writing skills. If you've got more time to waste and you're curious, click on the link to my writing blog. It's on my sidebar. I'd love to have your opinion, yay or nay.


  1. See, I love lists like that. Who would of ever thought you hated cleaning up cat vomit!? :)

    I'm headin' over to check out your other blog......

  2. I should know you love green! Green is my favorite color, but I also love silver. No dogs? Hmmm...

  3. Love this Grace!! Curious, is green your all around favorite color and pink your favorite flower color?

  4. Grace girl this was really cute and funny enough a lot of my answers line up with yours : )
    Thank you for the birthday wishes .. it was a nice quiet time with the boys. Number One son gave me a fantastic BIG book on herbs which is wonderful .. and hubby keeps on giving me things .. some he might not even know ?? LOL
    Joy : )
    PS .. I was out in my garden yesterday and talk about an Indian Summer perfection day !!!

  5. Love the list - hate cat vomit too, miss Oprah on "regular" tv and need that cup of coffee in the morning!

    P.S. thanks for the advice on the "painters palette". I will deadhead it today!

  6. Fun Post Grace! I might have to borrow this one myself soon :)

  7. Grace, would you mind if I borrowed your ABC's? I am all about the DOGS and have one now named Gracie!
    I will bop over and check out your writing blog, as well, Grace!

  8. Fun AND funny! I've about given up on our flower beds, too. Might have to try the ABCs myself :)

  9. Enjoyed the ABCs!! Now I feel I know you better. I just wish I had something to deadhead; we can't get a drop of rain here!

    I'll check our your writing blog. Thanks.

  10. Funny stuff with the ABC's.
    This time of the year can be a little disappointing with summer flowers dieing off BUT autumn does have many rewards.

  11. Cute idea - and I enjoyed getting to know you a little better. Ambidextrous! I'm impressed!

  12. What fun! and I see we have quite a few things in common. ;) You know, Grace, as we become older there are more times like this that you just have to say 'hell with it'. I'm so happy I have company. ;) Have a great week.

  13. Love your ABCs. We have much in common...loving the new blog too

  14. So fun to get to know you better from this post! I laughed out loud on the undies questions! : )

  15. Ah we have the same views of the garden at this time of year. It is so wet out there, how am I supposed to clean up - that dampness makes me feel old.
    Love this idea. Heading over to your writing blog now.

  16. I am chuckling over my coffee Grace :) Will be over to check out your writing blog soon.

  17. Green? Are you pullin' our legs, Miss Pink?

  18. great post! love the ABC's!
    Can I play?

  19. Fantastic post Grace, I liked your ABC's!

  20. That's a refreshing list, Grace. I like it. Glad to hear you have 4 cats! The most we've had is two. Couldn't agree more with your pet peeves but I would have to add "inept, incompetent boss."

  21. Always good to get to know our fellow bloggers better! I love fall, but admit my garden looks like a soggy, floppy mess right now...booo!

  22. I loved reading your personal alphabet!

  23. My garden is begging for some cleanup, too. But maybe this year I'll subscribe to the 'wait until spring' camp for cutting things back. Better insulation for the cold winter, even if it looks kind of trashy.

  24. You're funny. That was a fun post! I'm going to go check out your writing blog. :)

  25. Love these type things. I had no idea you were so shrimpy :) I'm shrimpy too. Go shrimps!

  26. What a fun post! Love the instrument you play :)
    I'm ignoring all the dead heading I need to do and instead am spending time on Pinterest :)

  27. subplots - I love that. :) I'll be enjoying that blog since I am a fan of your writing! Your blooms are gorgeous as usual - espeically that dusty rose hydrangea.


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