Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bouquet Fodder

I took some time to wander the garden today. It wasn't rainy but everything was wet from an earlier downpour. I'm working full time for the month of October, maybe longer so my gardening has been severely limited. When I do get a block of time, boy am I going to be busy. What a freaking mess!  I was surprised that among a plethora of untamed madness (and believe me that's an understatement) there were a few pretties.  
Monkshood (Aconitum) and a reblooming Phlox

An aging Hydrangea blossom.

A newer Lacecap Hydrangea blossom 

Fall color is still in its infant stages in these parts. Most of the trees are still green and only a few of the shrubs are turning. I was surprised to see so many blossoms on my dwarf Buddleia.

Buddleia 'Lo and Behold Blue Chip'
 Most of my Sedums have turned brown. Not this one though.

Sedum 'October Daphne' 
With the aforementioned Buddleia and a few nice blossoms of Honeysuckle, I'm thinking I could create a final fragrant bouquet.

Hall's Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica 'Halliana ') 

'Cherry Ripe' Phygelius (Cape Fuchsia) 
 There are a few reblooming stems of Phygelius I could add to the mix.

 A few fragrant stems of Jasmine are also begging to be acknowledged.

(Cercidiphyllum japonicum) or  Katsura  
 My Katsura is one exception to the fall color delay.

A pot of tiny Sedums
Early in the spring, I poked a little snippet of Sedums in the above pot. They've filled in nicely and are now beginning their journey over the side. Yay!

Finally, I wanted to show all of you the gift I received from Chelsea. She is a fellow Oregon blogger who recently had a giveaway and I was the winner. Lookie what I got! If you haven't yet visited her delightful blog, Three on Grove just click on her name. She's a real sweetheart. Thanks again, Chelsea!!


  1. I hope you made up a lovely bouquet to enjoy! I love the aging hydrangea. Gorgeous! Off to check out Chelsea's blog~

  2. I can see the purple Lacecap Hydrangea, the Buddleia, the Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Phygelius making a terrific bouquet. You do have some lovely things still blooming in your garden.

  3. Your gardens have been waiting to show you what they have been up to while you've been working, nice! Love the sedum bowl.

  4. What a perfect day that would be, planting those wonderful allium and coming in to enjoy the cuppa coffee. What a thoughtful friend!

  5. Your garden is still putting on quite a show! Love the purple lacecap Hydrangea. Pretty pretty pretty.
    I saw a package of allium at the big box store....thought about it a little bit. My soil is so thick in clay, the bulbs would probably rot....but give me a few more years of amending the soil!!!

  6. I can't believe your monkshood has blooms. Mine are loooong gone. I do have a few phlox flowers, but the plants themselves are covered in mildew. Along with everything else. You SHOULD bring them in! Enjoy them all in dry house where you don't have to look at their surrounding disaster. :o)

    I'm pretty jealous of your allium win. Every year I say I'm going to get some, and after 16 years of playing in the dirt, I still have never planted a single one.

  7. Grace, I really love the way the monkshood and the phlox look together. I envy you all your beautiful hydrangea blooms. I can't grow hydrangea in my Maine garden because my soil is too sandy for their taste; I could grow them in Gettysburg, but it doesn't make sense to plant one when I'm only going to be here 2 more years. Recently, though, I had dinner at a friend's house and she sent me home with a bouquet of hydrangea blossoms from her garden. Weeks later, I'm still enjoying them. -Jean

  8. You are such a honey! A honey with an awesome blog. Not only do I always read your new posts, but I love to prowl through your old posts as well. Thanks for all the inspirations!

  9. It's so nice this time of year when everything is dying back to find these delightful little flower treasures out there in the garden. Congrats on your giveaway win, and for recommending Three on Grove. I'm always looking for more PNW blogs to read.

  10. Grace,

    You still have so much color and I am really liking that October Daphne Sedum, great color and also the leaves.


  11. I love that 'October Daphne'. I don't think I have ever seen a sedum with that many blooms. Also, the pot of sedum is going to look great falling over the edge. Have a good week and don't work too hard.

  12. All your lovely flowers give me hope for next spring and summer. I'm searching for items to place in the beds with the flowers; you have great ones in your "vintage garden stuff".

    Loved the pot of little sedums and I've never seen hydrangeas in such beautiful colors!

  13. Lovely post, as always, Grace :-) I totally plan on getting some of the 'October Daphne' Sedum next pretty!

  14. Look at those prizes-- I KNEW you were a winner Grace! And I love the jasmine blooms...

  15. Wish I could say the same thing - we've had a week of rain and wind so alot of the trees are bare already. My old maples are hanging on to some late green, but they'll be gone soon. And the sedums are even turning brown.
    We're in zone 6 here - what zone are you in?

  16. Oh the garden is a mess, sigh.
    Beautiful flowers you still have going there and the Katsura is simply stunning. There is no such thing as too much fall color, I've been wanting to plant something for fall color, that katsura is calling my name.
    The hydrangeas are fall stunners also.

  17. Congrats on the win Grace! I would love to smell your Jasmine in bloom. Your Buddleia is still so lovely and colorful. I love the blue Monkshood blooms too.

  18. Delicious dear heart,

    Gotta tell you that the blue in the monkshood just knocks my socks off.

    Love sharing the garden with you today.



  19. Everything is pretty as usual, but that October Daphne; Wow!

  20. Grace, so lovely to visit your site - good to see that you're doing more writing. Isn't that Katsura grand. My favourite is one at the Royal Botanical Garden that is about 40 feet high - so brilliant and gorgeous.

  21. Dear Grace,

    I am not yet recovered from travel, visitors, more overnight guests (just left), more to come....and our garden has taken the back seat to all of that.

    You, my friend, just lifted my energy with your beautiful fotos and flowers. Sun today!!! hope you will be enjoying some of it.

  22. Hope you are at least getting some time off work over the weekend Grace, so that you can linger over those late flowers, plant those beautiful alliums and then sit down to a leisurely cup of continental coffee.

  23. I've just planted that Sedum 'October Daphne' lovely isn't it? Looks like you've got plenty still going on.

  24. boy is that sedum just beautiful! I love that instant coffee. Yum!

  25. Congrats on winning the great giveaway Grace. One can never have too many Alliums, right?!!!
    If your garden is a mess, we can't tell from these photos! It still looks great to me. Hope you are enjoying the full-time work??

  26. Grace your garden is still gorgeous in October!!

  27. Congrats on such a wonderful win. Can you just imagine those alliums in the spring? What great pics you will get then.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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