Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trees, Birds & Babies

Hi Everybody, There isn't a whole lot to report in the gardening department. This week's weather is sunny but cool. Unfortunately I haven't been home to enjoy it. However, the other day while driving I captured this pretty tree.

Last Sunday a bunch of us garden gals went to our local ultra-cool nursery to see all the winter and Christmas stuff. Although I didn't buy anything, I couldn't resist grabbing a photo of this sweet mini-garden. 

Below is another drive-by. Despite the fact that I live 50 miles from the ocean, sea gulls seem to like it here. Three of them had perched themselves upon these lamp posts, just begging me to take their picture. I know, I'm easily amused. 

Finally I wanted to share a photo I took of my darling, sweet grand niece, Summer. She is 5 months old and was the youngest member of our Thanksgiving gathering. Check out those dimples. 


  1. Beautiful tree and I can't believe you didn't buy that minature garden, it's adorable.....OH that bloom in the last photo is just precious..Nice to mee you Summer.

  2. She is precious!!! So much to be grateful for. She will be delighted by all the Christmas lights too I bet.
    I love her name, Summer. She looks to be a very happy child. Her dimples are dusting my desk with joy!
    Give her a kiss for me....
    Happy December!

  3. Adorable dimples,we too have a dimpled one. Just a month old Quinn. Cold isn't it? Good thing I tided up yesterday.

  4. These miniature gardens have become all the rage around here too.
    What a sweetie pie Grace.I want to just hug her.

  5. Hi Grace,

    Summer is adorable, love those cheeks!! and also like the way you shared that your easily amused! too funny, cause so am I!

  6. What a cutie!

    And I love the pot garden also. Wondering what the low-growing read leaved plant is?

  7. Summer certainly reminds me of summer, so happy! Your trees still have color, mine are now bare, winter is upon us.


  8. Isn't it fun to have a baby in the mix? And now you will enjoy summer year-round.

  9. :) That baby looks like a cabbage patch doll!

  10. Summer is adorable.

    I love the flaming tree, just fabulous and so was that miniature garden.

    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday season.


  11. I like this post - the tree, the garden, the birds and the baby. So refreshing to see a garden blog with other things - because that's what life is about, isn't it?

    Summer is so sweet, just like her name.

  12. Grace, she is adorable! nothing like the little ones.

    Love the miniature garden! and of course the striking foliage on the tree, which is likely now gone.

    We had a hard frost last night, so I guess we are both staying in. I've trying to convince our new little (wild) abandoned and rescued (by me and dh) kitten from behind the commode in the laundry room. We're making progress and she is teaching us how to come when she calls. ;)

  13. Those seagulls were posing. They can spot a camera from half a mile away you know. Cute baby!!

  14. Oh my goodness. Your little chubby-cheek sweetheart makes me smile. What a CUTIE! Love the mini garden too (but doesn't compare to those cheeks! : )

  15. Hi Grace,
    I enjoyed your photos. What's a grand niece? She sure is adorable!

    I want to live 50 miles from an ocean! Well, I also would love to be in zone 8. I would pick up and move if our family could come along. My fantasy place is North Carolina, though, for some reason.

  16. Summer is adorable! My favorite season too. Even if there isn't much in the garden now at least it's not covered in snow! I can't see mine. Bleck. It's old already....

  17. A gorgeous bloom in your family garden~ gail

  18. Dimples indeed!! Happy baby. :-)
    Love the dish garden....and those birds are pretty funny.


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