Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Daphne, oh Daphne..." A Lesson in Memory

I HAVE A CONFESSION. You know how sometimes you get something stuck in your head and every now and then, even years later, it's still there, coming to the surface at the recollection of some similar stream of consciousness?  Like there is some kind of arcane association going on? Well, now that you're going, "what are you talking about, Grace?" I'll explain. 

I was thinking about what's blooming in the garden right now and the first flower that came to me was Daphne odora, those sweet, lemony-scented star-shaped jewels that adorn a smallish evergreen shrub in February and March. You know the one...

Then, while pondering the merits of my Daphne, I heard a voice in my head that went, 

"Daff-nee, Oh, Daff-neeee..." And I was like, 
Hmm...where is this coming from?  

I do love my Daphne but this voice was not mine. It was from my distant past. And then without any real prompting on my part, just a teeny tiny hint, likely fueled by my recent trip to the (figurative) basement to unearth my boxed-up history... a TV show... A show I used to watch... 

With the Internet at my fingertips, I followed those inner promptings, allowing Google and then Wikipedia to sate my curiosity. After reading the plot and characters, I discovered her! 


One of the characters from the soap opera...Dark Shadows

And the voice I was hearing must have been the desperate utterings of... 

Barnabas, calling out to his beloved Daphne in some kind of come-hither unrequited desperation.    

Hmm... But it wasn't that simple because it was a soap and it was convoluted and mysterious and twisted. This was what I learned from Wikipedia anyway. I was between the ages of 6-11 when the soap aired from 1966 to 1971. Although I'm sure I was incapable of following the story line, I loved the show. It was creepy and sinister and scary. Despite a long-ago voice stored in the recesses of my mind, mostly what I remember from back then was trying to see the characters through a sans-cable, snowy black and white. 

But years later, hardly unrequited, my beloved Daphne is in living color and perfumes my room and makes me happy. 

As always, 


  1. Oh I use to love that show too Grace. It would probably seem tame and silly today to watch them now. LOL!I also love your sweet pink Daphne. Have a terrific weekend.

  2. Grace:
    How totally apropos that you would mention Dark Shadows. I so remember curling up with the curtains drawn watching this show at my Gran's house - it was so wonderfully intoxicating..... and now Tim Burton is bringing it to the big screen with his muses Johnny Depp as Barnabus, and I cannot remember the actress for Daphne. I love everything Burton does. I wonder if his wife, Helena Bonham Carter is the actress I am thinking of, as I know she is starring as well. As for the plant..... heaven on Earth the fragrance they emit!

  3. Well, Grace, I remember when that show was on, but don't remember if I watched it or not. I think I may have for awhile, at least. I do not remember any of the names, though.

    Your Daphne blooms sure are pretty!

  4. yes, I do remember. I was into dark stuff at the time.

  5. Very interesting the things that go through our minds! Who would have ever thought a plant would remind you of Dark Shadows! Your daphne is beautiful. I had two that I killed last year. :(

  6. You hit the flower on the petal. Oh that sweet, tangy odor of Daphne, which I need to plant here. I have a friend who visits and she always arrives with a little vase of Daphne for me. Love it.

    I was JUST working on a blog posting when your comment came in. Jeff has to do some links for me and then it will finally be up. Not enough hours in the day, right?

    Your sense of humor slays me!!



  7. You know, I have always wanted to check this show out... I'm going to have to see if its on netflix. Sounds right up my alley.

  8. Hi Grace, I so enjoy your sense of humor! What a fun post :) I've purchased my very first daphne so I can plant it later at the new house. The scent is incredible. Cheers, Jenni

  9. Grace, I have a different TV show and different daphne in mind: Frasier and Daphne x burkwoodii 'Carol Mackie,' respectively.

  10. I love my Daphnes too. I remember a little bit about Dark Shadows, but no story line comes to mind. I know it was on after school and my mom wasn't always keen on us sitting in front of the TV. Oh well, maybe it is time to watch it on the internet. :-)

  11. ha ha - my husband watches that show - I think he has a box set. he showed me a scene where there was a fly buzzing around on set and was landing on the people's faces.

    I love that amazing fragrance, but I think it's either fussy, or not hardy or something. There's some reason I don't have it.

  12. I remember 'Dark Shadows" well. As a teenager, I was a "mother's helper" for a neighbor family during the summer and we would watch it every day. It was mildly creepy and thrilling at the same time.

    Your Daphne odora is much more straightforward and sweet, and the scent is intoxicating!

  13. I vaguely recall Dark Shadows but I do know what you mean about recalling something that was tucked is a good feeling to get it out into present time I think. I love Daphne too though until now i did not know the it is prettier. xx

  14. Could it have been that the Edge of Night was on at the same time and that's why I never saw it....or maybe it was never shown in Montreal? Now I'm very curious.

  15. Gracie girl I just have to get one of those plants .. it has been on my radar for a while but I have just not done it yet for some reason.
    That is too funny about that soap.. I think I have some fuzzy recall about it and it should be right up my alley for a Halloweeny type fun thing.
    I am so tired from working in the garden my brain is totally baked and in this so unusual HEAT !
    The birds have set up housekeeping in my new bird houses so I am really happy to see that : )
    Joy-ous ! in glorious Spring weather : )

  16. Isn't that funny when one little thing triggers a memory like that? I don't remember that soap. I do love Daphne though. Our neighbors have a big one and I can smell it all through our yard (when it's warm enough to be out there).

  17. I don't know the show. But judging from her appearance in the clips, you should have looked her up today for curiosities sake.

  18. The Daphne is a beauty and love love love the fragrance.
    As for Dark Shawdows I saw it as a rerun as a young adult and it was different from what I remember.

  19. I do remember Dark Shadows, seemed so spooky at the time. I wish I could grow Daphne, however, with the weather we have been experiencing I could grow tropicals as perennials.


  20. I'm another one with those delighted shivers up my spine over Dark Shadows. We used to rush home to my house because I was the closest home to watch it. I had no idea what it was about, was scared stiff to watch it, but loved it. And after it was over I was terrified, LOL.

    Funny, I was just thinking about this show the other night. I would love to see Tim Burtons version.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  21. lol love both your Daphnes. And don't forget another famous Daphne from Scooby do :)

  22. Wow! Speaking of a blast from the past...

    Would you believe I'm unfamiliar with Daphnes, of the flower genre?!?

  23. I've always heard that scent triggers memory. What a fun, twisted journey your daphne set you upon!

  24. I'm of the Scooby Doo generation rather than the Dark Shadows generation but it is always funny how names can conjure up memories we've forgotten about. How would we function anymore with the Internet? :o)

  25. Oh, Daphne! Oh, Daphne! Why do your branches bow in the snow? I hope you recover from this freaky spring snow cover!

    Grace, thank you for sharing. I hadn't thought of this show in three decades. I loved it too.


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