Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Had Raspberries For Dinner

YEP, IT'S TRUE. WITH CLEAR, blue sky to entice me and my workday behind me, I ventured into the garden and had my raspberry fill. Of course the evening was all the more pleasant thanks to a happy and adamant robin gracing the garden with birdsong.  

'Autumn Gold' produces fruit all summer and well into fall. 

And 'Autumn Bliss' is an equally prolific producer. 
The weather people have declared this June as the third wettest on record here in western Oregon. While the rain has been good for the garden, I can't help feel pangs of sadness over the horrific fires raging in Colorado. I sure wish I could magically send them our rains.  

A few years ago, I dug up a single stem of a Fireweed plant among a modest clump on a roadside. I stuck it in a pot and forgot about it. Last year, I got a single flower panicle which solved the question I had about what mystery plant was growing in that pot. This year, there are two panicles so far and several more to come. I know this is a weed and all but I really love these flowers.  

More June bloomers...
Bletilla striata or Hardy Orchid

A serendipitous combination: 'Belle Etoile' Philadelphis (Mock Orange)
 and Nepeta subsessilis  

Veronica longifolia 'Evelyn' or was it 'Sonja'? leans into the pathway.
Behind it is Phygelius 'Cherry Ripe.' They seem to be competing with each other
to see who can trip a passerby first. 

My Honeysuckle Lonicera japonica 'Purpurea' is blooming. It smells heavenly.

One of my deciduous ferns. Although it's a little late emerging, I love the color of the new foliage.

One of the corners where I keep a bunch of plants. 

Clemmy 'Julia Correvon' in full regalia. 

The Berberis foliage is a dead match for the splotchy chevron in the Persicaria 'Painter's Palette.' 

My Darmeria peltata is huge thanks to all the rain. The Callas are starting to bloom. 

And finally, the photo below is a drive-by. I had to capture these Eremurus or Foxtail Lilies growing at one of the entrances to the university campus. The school's colors are orange and black. I don't have any Eremurus in my garden which makes these all the more special.  

As always,


  1. Lucky you eating those raspberries. We just planted some this spring. Your garden looks really pretty! I love that plant corner.

  2. Hi Grace,

    The Alstromeria are on my table right now, bought at the supermarket. They last longer than any other flowers. That fern might be Autumn Fern. I thought mine had died but they are just coming up now, guess they are not fully grown until autumn.

    Fireweed looks a lot like Gaura, wonder if it is related.


  3. Your garden is looking so good! I need to get out there and cut some stuff back and tidy up. I love that Berberis/Persicaria combo, it is a perfect color echo. I have heard that Fireweed spreads aggressively, you might want to keep it in the pot. It is so pretty when you see a whole swath of it on the roadside though.

  4. Oh Grace your garden is so beautiful now. I love that Fireweed. That is new to me and what a lovely wildflower. I think your Alstromeria are so lovely. I wish I could grow them here in our zone. I am tempted after seeing your to pot some up so I can drag them to the basement in the winter. LOL! Like I need more plants to drag about. Some flowers are just worth it though. The Veronica is beautiful.
    Is your fern the one called Autumn Fern or is it another. Looks lovely in amongst the greens and adds a bright spot.
    Have a wonderful week and send some of that rain east.

  5. You are so lucky to have Alstromeria in the ground, in fact, all of these flowers in the wild and not in the grocery store where I usually see them.

    I love raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, ...all berries..I think I have some bear genes in me, maybe you do too. xx

  6. The serendipitous combo is lovely. Often those are the best kind.

  7. Everything looks great, as usual!

  8. I'm SOOO jealous of your Darmera, Grace...if only I had the room for that beauty!!! I have some Epilobium as well...although I shovel pruned it a bit last fall, it's back again and I just LOVE those beautiful!

  9. Your garden looks incredible!!! We're dry as a bone here and it's supposed be 103 tomorrow. That fireweed is beautiful! I would have dug it up, too. I have a big blackberry patch but the birds always eat them first.

  10. I would have dug up that fireweed too! At first glance I thought it was a Gaura. Super jealous of your berries!
    Your use of galvanized buckets for planters is great.

  11. Grace,
    I love to color balance and lighting in your photos. The back-lit raspberries are great shots, and the honeysuckle and ferns just glow. Superb work. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I just noticed the fireweed starting to bloom here when I was out on a trail yesterday. However, my raspberries are still green. I have a very long row between my house and the neighbour's, so there is always lots for me and the birds too.

    Your Alstromeria have a terrific combination of colours that really pops out against the green foliage.

    The honeysuckle and Philadelphus must be providing some lovely scent to your garden now.

  13. Hi Gracie!
    Those golden raspberries are remarkable. (What a great dinner you must have had.) The rain has indeed been endless but I do prefer it to the horrific heat that seems to be the other choice in our part of the world. We may need some recipes for cooking with green tomatoes...

  14. Great pictures as always Grace. I love the Foxtail Lilies. Those raspberries look yummy! How are the new little kitties doing? I bet they love hanging out in your garden.

  15. We have raspberries too, I love them. I've never grwon the orange ones, do they taste as good? You have some lovely plant combinations in the garden and I can clearly see that you've had rain! Christina

  16. Lucky you with all those raspberries! I love the robins song. I've always loved fireweed too, it reminds me of my dad but I've never been brave enough to plant any.

  17. Today, while I was out cutting flowers for the house, I noticed the first ripe raspberry of the season by the side of the driveway (and instantly popped it in my mouth!). Raspberry season is short and sweet here, but it's my favorite berry season and it's about to begin! Yum. -Jean

  18. I love your "corner" with a bunch of plants girl !
    I also had Fireweed at one point (it disappeared on me) because I really liked the flowers , I didn't care if it was considered a weed at all .. I like certain plants because I LIKE them !! haha
    You have some beauties here Gracie !

  19. Oh jealous of your raspberries, I'm having issues with mine and am tearing them out.
    Glad to see the Veronica, I have a pink flowering one coming up and wasn't sure what it was till now!
    I love the fireweed, it was one of my childhood favorites. It selfsows really really well in my yard and if I pull it up I get stem so apparently the plants live on!
    Beautiful flowers as always, I really enjoy looking at them.


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