Monday, July 2, 2012

When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

YOU KNOW THE OLD saying, right? Some things are just too, weird or quirky to be made up. I decided that today's post would feature the latest in strange and silly goings on in my world. 

There is something silly and wonderful about the unfurling of a Calla lily. 

These Lupines were growing in an area along the side of the road,
next to a house with lots of flowers. My daughters and I were admiring them,
 until the owner of the house came out and got all snippy with us for stepping on her flowers.
Gardeners are usually such nice people and this baffled me. We weren't trespassing. Weird. 

I took this photo on a recent trip to Hawaii. Not really. Actually I took it during the garden
tour a few weeks ago. With the blue sky backdrop, doesn't it look tropical? 

My garden is too small for a queen size bed. But if only I had the space... You gotta love this. 

For everyone who hates Bishop's Weed, here's the solution. I saw this on the garden tour too. The evil plant
is safely sequestered in this container...for now at least. 

This is a fairy garden. I always admire other people's but I can't seem to get around to cultivating my own. 

This, my dear friends is a Crook-Neck Foxglove. It's trying to adapt to its less than perfect spot of ground. 

I'm not a fan of bugs. They creep me out. But I had to run for the camera when I spotted this albino earwig.

Recently while in the garden section of a major retailer, I spotted these weird cacti. 

Here's a close up. Do you grow one of these? 

In all the years living here, I've never seen a rabbit in my garden, until now.
It's a baby and like me, has an affinity for honeysuckle flowers. 

And speaking of babies, here are our sweet feline kids. Taz is sitting while Nala wants to sleep. 


  1. I've never seen cactus like that! Very weird! I've met cranky gardeners before. I've decided they're not gardeners, just unhappy people who happen to have gardens. But I love how intrepid the foxglove is. :o)

  2. Oh Grace ~ I LOVE that fairy garden! If that (and Pinterest) doesn't inspire you....!!!! Seriously, I know whenever you decide to create one, it will be fabulous.

    lol on the crook neck foxglove and
    don't tell me that beautiful calla overwinters in your garden??? I will be truly jealous!
    Adorable kittens!! I bet they are entertaining and I know they are lucky to have found you & your home.
    Happy 4th!

  3. Hi Grace, so glad I stopped by - love the weird and wonderful! That bed and the fairy house are beyond sweet. :) The slithering foxglove sneaking up on the other plants was very cute too.

    Hope you are having a wonderful season! :)

  4. Grace,
    You are right, truth is stranger than fiction. Love your post and the kitties. They are adorable!

  5. Wonderful photos as always. I love that church in the fairy garden, the bunny is cute and the kittens even cuter.

    Have a lovely 4th.


  6. That fuchsia in the fairy garden looks like something you could get at Fry Rd. Nursery. Have you ventured there yet? I am enjoying their newsletter they send. Thanks for letting me know about that.
    Wow, about the bunny! I have never seen one in my garden.
    Have a great day!

  7. Well you have proven the fact that I already knew. Earwigs are ugly in any color. LOL! What a fascinating cactus. That is the first garden bed that I have saw that had pillows Grace. I always thought gardeners liked showing off their gardens? I stand corrected. LOL! Some people are born grouchy maybe that was the problem.
    Have a safe 4th.

  8. The plants are divine but Taz and Nala steal the show. The complaining neighbor sounded like from here... I hope you just ignored. Happy fourth Grace! xx

  9. Nasty neighbor ! Cute Kiddies ! Happy 4th !

  10. Your kitties are still looking adorable. One of my neighbors had an old bed frame flower bed for a few years; it was delightfully whimsical. -Jean

  11. The cactus looked like broccoli to me at first :) Love the fairy garden and the flower bed.
    It's strange because little bunnies have just started showing up on our street. We've lived here 13 years and it's the first time we've ever seen them.

  12. As someone once said: curiouser and curiouser.

  13. All those photos and all I can think is ew earwig!!! All the while the kitten photo is the one I see staring back at me while I write this, adorable little kitties!

    I love and hate bishops weed! I found it grows wonderful if it is in a small bed meant only for it and maybe a shrub. Pollinators seem to love the flowers.

  14. Hi, I'm Nadezda! I love your king size bed, specially a mattress!
    Saint Petersburg, zone5

  15. Grace...that foxglove looks like a couple of mine that I planted in shade! They are keepers though because they really don't seem to give up! As for the Bishop's Weed, seems like those roots will find a way through that old wood in the whiskey barrel when it begins to rot--and when it does, they'll be sorry! REALLY sorry, as I am, ever since I planted some a few years ago. You can't kill the stuff! Cute little bunny, too. I never see them here, either...but a while ago, I found a baby one, dead in my garden. Don't have any idea where it came from; probably was dragged in by an animal. Poor thing. Love your kitties;-)

  16. Yes, the baby bunny looks so cute until you come out and all your bean seedlings have been stripped of leaves, lol. This is the first time in years the rabbits have bothered them. I couldn't help noticing the Lamium galeobdolon in the photo, now that is a horrible monster in my yard, but Bishop's Weed has been very mannerly and beautiful, staying right where I put it.

  17. Great post, Grace. Kim loves your Calla lily photo. Those red lupines are luscious. Must not water my Bishop's weed enough, it doesn't misbehave too badly. The crook neck foxglove made me smile.
    Your kittens are sooo cute!

  18. OMG ! Gracie your kittens are so damn adorable I can't stand it !!
    The fairy garden is something I absolutely love but I could never put one together the right way I am sure .. it makes the little girl in me laugh out loud with such pleasure though : )
    OK .. now we both have albino creatures we shared with the world .. I can handle my furry one better than an earwig though .. earwigs make me shudder .. ugh!
    The little bunny still makes me smile .. how cute can a living creature get ? .. oops ! yup! the kittens !! hahaha
    Joy : )


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