Saturday, October 6, 2012

Endless Summer

IT'S THIS TIME OF YEAR when I wish I had a garden like Loree's. All of her drought-tolerant plants are undoubtedly handling our rain-less summer encore without any whining. The few leaves that drop onto Loree's gravel mulch are easily grabbed and relegated to the handy nearby bucket and tossed into the compost heap. Loree's garden looks as fresh and bountiful as it did in June. I'm sure of it. 
A pink Dahlia, so far uneaten by slugs or any other critter. Miracle. 
In order to have a garden like Loree's I'd have to possess a generous amount of restraint. I'd have to eschew the plants that weren't part of the theme and always keep a handle on my design sensibilities while perusing the nursery aisles. To be honest, most of the time I wouldn't recognize restraint if it kicked me upside the head. But right now, while nurseries are reducing their prices, you think I'd be shopping like there's no tomorrow. Nope.  
Oxalis blooming since spring. 
Some people are getting tired of all this sunshine. They don't like the way the farmers create a huge cloud of dust while tilling their fields. They'd like to see it rain so things will feel fresh and clean again. Although the idea of clean and fresh is appealing, I love the sunshine and blue sky and I don't want it to end. Not yet.
Chocolate Joe Pye is blooming
Despite my sporadic watering regimen, I've got lots of things blooming in my garden right now. Lots of happy plants, despite me. :) 
Rosa 'Sophie's Rose' 
My water bowl 

My Cyperus, a gift from Carol two years ago, has finally gotten as big as hers! 
Rosa 'Knock Out' is still blooming.
A jumbled mess of Fuchsia and Persicaria blossoms. 
Here, I'm trying to be like Scott by capturing Gaura like he does but he's a much better photographer. 
Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin' has bloomed nonstop since June and the plant is huge. 
Impatiens... I don't know which species. If you know please share. Thanks! 
Below are a few reality checks. Although I really like my Heptacodium (Seven Sons Flower), It has an annoying habit of dropping bazillions of dried petals beneath it.  
The positive side 
The negative side
Speaking of negative, this poor Mukdenia rossii ‘Crimson Fans’ is in a sorry state, despite my watering. 
Before signing off, I wanted to share a few additional photos.
This is my friend Cate's front entrance container planting. Gorgeous!
Finally, a photo of my growing kitties. Nala on the left and Taz on the right. 


  1. I don't want this warm sunny weather to end either. I harvested the last of the veggies (except the tomatoes which are still going strong) today. These warm fall days are such a joy to me!

  2. Gorgeous! i love that water bowl. Unfortunately, this year is always "take it as a loss" time. My whole garden looks like "the negative side".

  3. what precious babies!! i have never seen a Glasnevin how pretty..what zones? the pot is to die for!!

  4. My Mukdenia looks a lot like yours. Actually, come to think of it, a lot of my plants look like your Mukdenia. I'm hoping they're just dying back for fall, and not dying for real from thirst. No matter how much I water, it doesn't seem to be keeping things from turning crispy and dropping leaves.

    I don't have Loree's restraint, either, or her tidiness tendencies. I'm definitely in the more is more camp. But I am trying to stick with drought-tolerant perennials like grasses, salvias and agastaches.

    Your kitties are cuties!

  5. As if I wasn't already in stitches at Graces over-estimating the cleanliness of my garden the idea that I have any restraint just put me over the top. I'm the one that has at least a dozen unplanted new plants who then went to a sale at Cistus and bought six more! As for the leaves, well the nasty east winds from the gorge the last few days have played pretty rough with the neighborhood trees, I could fill a few lawn waste bags with debris, no problem.

    But...really...Grace your garden looks amazing, drought or no drought. I think we all have a few of those plants that just have had enough dry sun. My Gunnera is a big dry floppy mess and the Hostas all look so sad. Still, I'm not ready for the sunshine to end!

  6. I too think Loree's garden is tip top all the time. You have some great bloomers right now Gracie...and Scott is one helluva photographer! I actually walked, hobbled, around the yard a little today. I gave each of the three girls less than an hour each of weeding for me, feels so much better!

  7. Grace, I'm sure your garden is better than Lorry's, although I didn't see it. I love the fuchsias and rose Sophi! Have a nice weekend!

  8. Beautiful photos dear Grace.

    I really love your water bowl, it is so interesting. What are those tall tubular plants?

    What a beautiful, unusual impatiens. I've never seen one like it.

    I fell in love with Nala and Taz. Taz looks a lot like our Tork. What a sweet expression on Nala's face.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  9. My fantasy of an endless summer came to an end this week with our first frost. Fortunately it was a light one, so only the true wimps, like the begonias, Colocasia and calla lilies in my pots completely caved in. The ferns in the garden have been wearing their brown fall look for a while.

    Your water bowl makes a delightful little mini-garden with a unique look. Cate's coleus really glows because of that light green edging, and so does the little silver Lamium underneath it.

  10. I'm glad you're enjoying the sunshine! We are also. Our garden is managing to struggle through as we also water intermittently.
    That dahlia is beautiful.
    Your kittens are adorable.

  11. Beautiful plants Grace!
    I love the idea of a water bowl for pitcher plants.
    Sounds like you're going to have a bit more sun and warmth to enjoy there. Happy Fall!

  12. Hi Grace. Your Oxalis is so pretty. You still have a lot of color in your garden. We may get a freeze tonight and I am sad about that. THe blooming season always goes too fast.

  13. Hi Grace! We start every day like this: Wow! Another gorgeous day! It looks like September was new June, and October tries to please us too. I hesitate to buy any potted mums and other 'must' fall plants, since there is still summer in my garden! Yours looks summery too! The water bowl adds a touch of exotic! Your friend's container arrangement is amazing! Have a great week and thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Yes, I dry hydrangea flowers (just cut and put them into vases).

  14. That dahlia is gorgeous!
    I just can't get over how dry the ground is. It's like cement in places. I hate to say this, but we need some rain!
    I have my umbrella plant in my outdoor water pond as well, but I keep thinkin' it's probably about time to bring it in. I keep it in a pot that holds water over winter in the house. Do you leave yours outside?
    What cute little critters you have there. Almost makes me want a kitten. Almost. :)

  15. I'm not ready for it to end either. I can hardly remember what a gray cloudy day is anymore. I'm not great about watering now, but there is just so much blooming I don't want to give up yet. I even have Coneflowers reblooming.

  16. Grace I love the you are not getting much rain...we are in our fall rain pattern...almost some showers daily...temps are in the 60s and 50s ...30s and 40s at night...we are a couple of weeks ahead in fall which i do not like. Your blooms are gorgeous..mine are few and far between.

  17. Just have to boast that we've got 60% chance for rain this Thurs! I nearly brought that mukdenia home from the PNW but so glad I exercised restraint. See? Restraint. I know what it is, I can employ it occasionally, but not nearly often enough...I love your garden, Grace. Don't change a thing!

  18. Your garden always feels so joyful and exuberant to me. Please don't exercise restraint! I love it just the way is. :o)

  19. You have a lot to show in your garden for this late date! And now the rain has watered it for you-- and already I hear the sun will be back soon. Beautiful Meows you have there!

  20. Hi Grace,
    I enjoyed your blooms. I think your gaura photo rivals Scott's. Those water plants are exotic looking.

    We all have plants that are not doing as well as others, at least I know I do. I hope we all get some rain soon.

  21. This summers lack of rain quite honestly was beautiful. HA I loved it although toward the end my yard was so crispy and I didn't have much blooming this year. I love your Solanum, do you keep it inside during the winter or does it make it outside?
    I will have to enjoy your Gaura as I've killed every one I've planted.

  22. No need to apologize for your photography...there are some lovely shots here.


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