Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Finery

WELL, IT'S OFFICIAL, the last month of 2012 is officially upon us. Can you believe how quickly the time has passed? I know several of you already have your Christmas decorations displayed throughout your homes. I commend you. My garage is kind of chaotic and, well, let's just say Christmas might have to wait another week or so. 

In the meantime, I'm scrolling through the offerings on Pinterest and finding lots of inspiration. I copied and pasted a few of them here for you to see. What do you think? 

Sweet Something Designs
I love the outdoor-sy look of this wreath with all the natural elements.
Very well done, don't you think? 

Gorgeous wreath. Love the plum and green.
Here's another beauty. Much more formal than the previous but so captivating
with the lime green and maroon colors. Not sure about that baby photo in the middle though.
What do you think? 

Winter urns
Someday, when I pick the winning lottery numbers, I'm doing this! I love the white Birch branches
and the gradations of green. 

Winter Landscape
Again, the more informal... I love the captivating simplicity of this wreath.
Nothing says Christmas quite like a red bow. 
So now, are you inspired? I am. Inspired to get my crew to clean up the garage! 

Free vintage clip art
As always, thanks for visiting. 


  1. The birch branches in arrangements are big in this area also. I opted for something less bulky like birch branches. I actually like the wreath with the photo, very creative.


  2. I love the wreath with the photo, but not the photo. Great rich colors! I should collect some branches and decorate my two hanging baskets. Right now they have dead plants in them.

  3. Grace, do you like to prepare things long before or to make all the day before holiday? I see you are looking for decoration early in December.
    I love the last picture with simple wreath.

  4. Christmas is on hold here too Grace at least for another week. Our garden club has a talk on seasonal wreath making later this week. Hoping to pick up a few tips. I'm with you on the one featuring the birch branches :)

  5. Hi Grace! The 3rd one from the top is my favorite! I started to decorate my house yesterday. Only looking at other blogs made me do it! I just recently realized that it's actually December! Garden was fooling me! Flowers are here, grinery is here... what winter??? You have fun!

  6. Grace we have similar taste..I love those wreaths and the pots...wish I could leave my pots out...but I hope to get a few inexpensive shiny buckets and making some natural arrangements for outside. Not ready to decorate yet here.

  7. I AM inspired! I am putting up my wreaths today (in between blog reading) and I needed this inspiration - thanks!

  8. I'm definitely the informal type! I'm in the holiday mood but slow to get stuff out and not feeling very crafty this year.

  9. My favorites are # 3, then 4 (std wreath), then 1. I have had so much going on at home, repairs and otherwise that I will have to wait one more week. We are keeping the cats indoors longer because gus fights a lot so there is more litter box cleaning and more litter scattered...uhhh WIshing you a great week....xx

  10. Thanks for the nudge toward the holiday spirit. I still have a ways to go, but this helped. I usually wait until mid-month to do any decorating, and even so, much has dried out by New Years (or maybe that's just an excuse).

  11. Hey there Gracie girl !
    I like informal and VERY out doorsy (having said that coming from the gal with the BIG Costco wreath that I have yet to find for the front door?)
    I do have my urn insert in though .. so it is a little festive .. other than that ? .. nothing else .. we are just too lazy ? here to go through all the trouble this year .. I will be lucky to talk the boys into a turkey!! haha
    Been thinking of you and need to do an e-mail to you .. I have some questions I have been thinking about .. I know you are the person to ask them to.
    Joy : )

  12. I like all of your choices! Since you asked, I agree with Alison about the formal wreath with the picture; love the wreath & frame but the picture seems out of place. Not decorating for Christmas this year - too much of a grinch. I opened some of the tubs of decorations in the basement and gazed lovingly at the contents. Maybe once the gifts are made/purchased, I'll be more in the mood to do something.

  13. Those are lovely. I've never been a grapevine wreath sort of girl, but that one is gorgeous. And the pots of the arrangements that require a second mortgage to acquire - wonderful. Nice warm day today - must get out and try my best to make the house look a little festive - or perhaps just a little less-unfestive. Good examples to get me going. Thks.

  14. great ideas! Ugh. i need to get the x-mas CDs out or something.

  15. Hi dear Grace,

    LOVE them, but think that the "bouquet" of greens and twigs might be my fave.


  16. Pinterest is a lot of fun. I'm always finding good stuff there. I do like the baby pic in the wreath. We have two large photo murals (24X36) of vacation photos in our dining area. I have recently created Christmas photo murals to replace them for the holidays next year. It was a fun project, going through 20+ years of Christmas photos of the two of us and of our two children. Also kind of revealing when you look back on pics of yourself from that long ago. I look forward to having them framed and up next year. Should make a nice trip down memory lane for everyone. Maybe I'll do a post on it.

  17. I'm totally new at making wreaths and I think all of the ones you show are beautiful! I have been collecting offerings from our woods the last week or so, to make a wreath of our own. If it turns out I'll post a few pictures.


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