Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pointless Poinsettias?

REMEMBER WHEN THERE WERE three TV networks and two brands of toothpaste? Remember when Campbell's was the one brand of canned soup and when there were only a half dozen rock groups we listened to on the radio? 

And remember when there was only one color of poinsettia...  

Those days are loooong gone! In today's world, there are choices. Everywhere. Have you looked at the dizzying number of different poinsettia types lately? 

There's the water color effect.  

There's the white sliver effect. 

There's the pure white which is actually more like soft yellow. 

There is the red with sage-green variegated leaves.
There are unique poinsettias with narrow bracts sporting shiny gold "variegation." 

And bracts in PINK with creamy white edging. Since it's pink, do you think I might be tempted? 

Sometimes the faux can look as good or nicer than the read deal. 

Nope. The real deal beats all. 
So, do you appreciate all the choices we have available to us today 
or do you prefer the simpler times of yesteryear?  
Vintage - Bough of Holly with Red Berries around a sign


  1. I miss those simpler times when we had fewer choices. I'm just not convinced that all of the options available to us are necessary. What about being thankful for what we have instead of always looking for the next best thing? I saw blue poinsettias a couple of years ago. Really?!

  2. Oh, I love all the new choices! But I could do without the fake gold dust.

  3. Not sure some things I like choices and I do love all the unique poinsettias...some years I am a purest and some a rebel. I actually opted for the faux since I tend to kill them in my dry house in winter...sad really.

  4. Yes i do and i remember when white was the new cool one...i love that watercolor one...and why is it all you can still find is red?hahah

  5. I do remember when there were fewer choices and stores closed at 6:00 p.m. and on Sundays. Sometimes I long for simpler times when neighbors would just drop in for a visit and people didn't start conversations with the air in public (well, except for a few "eccentric" folks.) However, if a neighbor just dropped in for a visit these days I'd sure wish that they'd called first and I sure do like reading lots of cool garden blogs. Hmmm.

    Cisco Morris said that something like 75% of people prefer good old red ones. Just saw the variegated leaved one for the first time this afternoon and now it's on your blog. Mind link? I love variegation and initially was enamored by this one. The variegation could be a reason to keep the plant after the red bracts drop instead of throwing it into the compost heap. I think I'm still fondest of the good old-fashoned red one.

  6. I remember only one color of poinsettias. I'd love to purchase this one with silver spots on red leaves, is so pretty!

  7. I love all the choices. I like different ones for different themes, but probably buy the plain red one more than all the rest!

  8. When we lived in Germany there was one TV station and one radio station...Armed Forces radio and TV. Everyone watched / listened to the same music or show. There was really a commonality of experience. I often wonder about too much variety.... we lose the bond.
    I like the poinsettias you chose...with the white sliver. Very pretty.

  9. I like having choices, but I hate the blue ones, and I am not a fan of glitter on them, either. This year I got the red, with the variegated leaves.

  10. Not traditionally a fan of Poinsettia, even if it is in the same family as the wonderful Euphorbia. I did this year, in a re acquaintance with the 'real' Christmas tree, find myself bringing home one that is a deep burgundy colour - only because it plays off we very well with the blue of Abies concolor. As for the other choices, definitely not a fan, not even the traditional red one. There always has to be a Scrooge this time of year, does there not? Have a wonderful holiday season with your family Grace, and all the best for 2013.

  11. So sad but yes I remember all. LOL! I love the variations that they are coming out with now. I think the red and white is the prettiest. I have to admit I am not fond of the died or glitter laden ones. :) Have a great week Grace.

  12. I think we are over-choiced to be frank but I do enjoy red and still the best if I had to choose xx

  13. I prefer the simpler times, but that white silver effect is stunning!

  14. I used to design gift wrap, a large percentage of it Christmas. I got so sick of red and green that I refused to feature those colors in my own holiday decor. So I have great empathy with those who tinker endlessly with color possibilities...and far be it from me to complain about the ever widening selection of succulents and such.

  15. There is a nursery by us that has lots of different choices, I kind of like the variegated ones. I tend to kill them very quickly so I don't buy them and feel awful when I get one as a gift and within a week it has dropped most of it's leaves.
    It seems like we have so many tv channels to choose from and yet there is still nothing good on. I do miss when there were shows on early that the whole family could watch together.

  16. My gratitude level for modern choice varies with the situation - in a nursery, it's fabulous. In a grocery store or a toy store(!) I get overwhelmed, especially if it means the store is five times larger to accommodate whole aisles I never frequent. As far as Poinsettias, I'm not a big fan, but the modern variations are pretty amazing. From a hybridization standpoint, I appreciate them in spite of myself!

    Merry Christmas and a peaceful and fulfilling New Year, Grace!

  17. Hi Grace,

    Today I tried to leave a comment on your blog post about the poinsettias, but I don't think it took. So in case it didn't, here it is:

    With a cat that will go to great lengths to eat any indoor plant, I stay away from live Poinsettias. So instead, I use fabrics with Poinsettias as part of their design, and sew them up into table runners, aprons, and pot holders, for gifts and to use those through the holidays and beyond. No watering required.
    Ah, the old days, when tweets were what birds did, the web was what spiders made, and a network was ABC, CBS or NBC. Simpler times indeed.

    I'm headed back to Seattle for a quick 'fly-by' this week. Looking forward to getting back to the PNW.

    Happy Holidays!


  18. I cannot tell a lie (ahem) I prefer the days of old when we had less to choose from. Okay maybe not all the time in regards to everything but it sure was simpler.

    I remember when the gardening magazines started telling of all these fantastic poinsettias that were being developed and thinking really!?
    They are all quite pretty but I prefer simpler, the bottom photo is my favorite, not too showy or splashy.

  19. I like choice, and appreciate the wide variations available in so many plants now. I can appreciate the dozens of subtle variations in Tiarella leaves, or tons of Heuchera colours. It's fun to see all of the poinsettias variations in the greenhouse, but my favourite is still the solid dark red.


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