Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

IT WAS SUNNY AND cold today (in the 30s F) and I had every intention of getting outside to take a few photos. But things came up and I didn't get home until it was too dark. Dang. 

Taken earlier in the season, there are still a few remaining blooms on my plant. 

Last night was our first real frost of the season and there have been several plants with a few final blooms holding on. I really wanted to get photos of them. Maybe this weekend. 

For January, the big story for our gardens, is, Berries! 

Below is a case in point. Today, I saw this red-berried plant "blooming" in my daughter's neighbor's yard. 

So I grabbed my camera and went closer for photos.

I'm not sure what it is but I like it, both with leaves from its accompanying plants, above and bare-stemmed, below.

And you gotta love that blue sky! It's such a rarity in these parts.

A few steps down from the berried bush, I saw this sweet Penstemon blossom holding on. 

And this shrub rose had lots of blossoms. Granted they look tired and worn but under the circumstances, I think they're entitled. 

Below, is my Viburnum bodnantense 'Pink Dawn.' This photo is from a previous year because, as I said, I wasn't able to get photos today. This plant is a fabulous winter-bloomer and is just now getting ready to open its blossoms, as depicted in this photo.   

Sweet, pink blossoms in January. How cool is this? 
I hope you're all excited about this brand new year full of endless possibilities. If you have time, please visit my writing blog where I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY.

My motto for 2013, "The best is yet to be." 


  1. Happy New Year Grace! I wish I knew what the berries are. The Penstemon is very pretty, one of my favorite flowers.

  2. Dear Grace ~ Lovely photos. I hope you get to take some new ones this weekend. I also hope the frost doesn't do a lot of damage to your gardens.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love your first photo! Now that is a beautiful plant. I have a few berries, but no flowers left blooming. I've been drooling over the seed catalogs dreaming about the pretty blooms come summer. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Grace, it's so nice to see blooming bush rose and viburnum! You live in great climate.

  5. The red berries really pop against the brilliant blue sky. Enjoy your Viburnum flowers as they open.

    I hope that 2013 is your best gardening year yet.

  6. Must have more berries. Happy New Year! Don't let the darkness get you down.

  7. Grace how wonderful to have these plants blooming...love the berries and look forward to seeing the viburnum in full bloom...I can't believe there are so many winter flowers as we have just snow!!!

  8. Happy New Year, Grace! What a treat to see all this color from your garden when my garden is currently clothed in white. After an exceptionally warm winter last year, things seem to be back to normal in Maine this year. It's already about -5 outside and will probably be below -10 by tomorrow morning. Good weather for staying inside and reading blogs :-). -Jean

  9. Happy New Year Grace! So glad you got out and enjoyed some blue sky! It's been incredible! Cheers, Jenni

  10. Love the beautiful berries! Could that be another kind of viburnum? Could it be a Hawthorn planted by birds in the middle of the broad leaved evergreens? We had beautiful blue sky yesterday and are starting with that again today but the forecast calls for returning clouds and rain this afternoon. Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Years Grace. Beautiful berries, flowers and blue sky too boot! We've had some blue but mostly rain and chilly although a few plants were hanging on I think they are pretty much done now.

  12. Oh what glorious berries Grace and how gracefully they dangle from the stems. Would be intrigued to know what it is. I hope that the new year treats you and your beautiful garden kindly xxx

  13. Happy New Year Gracie Girl !!
    Wow ... that shot of the berries against that gorgeous blue sky is perfection! .. it is a very gray day here even though the temps have risen and snow is melting a bit .. it seems cold .. probably because it is so GRAY and WHITE out there ? LOL
    I am totally jealous of you having flowering plants near by .. well, I can use the rest to work up to maniac garden time when Spring decides to come our way which will be a long time yet .. I am hoping for a more natural Spring that is gentle and stays longer before that dreaded heat and humidity of summer takes over and I am flat on the ground moaning and groaning ? LOL
    This was a nice post to see Gracie .. cheered me up ! LOL
    Joy : )

  14. That blue sky was so nice while it lasted! You give me great hope for the new year Gracie-- Cheers!


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