Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Garden Tour of 2013--Part 1

THIS MORNING I had the pleasure of meeting with several of my fellow garden gals for a formal tea and tour of the Deepwood Estate in Salem, Oregon. First we enjoyed tea and scones in the formal parlour. Afterwards, we took a tour of the house and then outside to the gardens. 

The Hellebores were amazing.

Deepwood is located in the heart of Salem, as evidenced by the hubbub of traffic surrounding it.

The house, a Queen Ann Victoria, was built circa 1898. 

Isn't it sweet? 

Just off the porch is a to-die-for conservatory. 

I love the spindle work of the veranda and the view, even in winter is fabulous. 

The only photo I took of the interior of the house itself was this fabulous stained glass window
in the master bath. It's actually a lot more PINK than it looks here.
The formal borders, near the house, were lush with broadleaf evergreens.
The Skimmia japonica were about to burst into bloom. 
The Daphne odora was in full, luscious bloom. 

Hellebores dangled profusely behind a  neatly trimmed Boxwood hedge. 

Camellias were also few weeks away from a colossal floral display.
I loved the structure of the tree rising up behind the Camellias. 
Winter Aconites in full bloom, were dotting the lawn...
(I've been alerted by Ricki of Spig to Twig that this is not Winter Aconite 
but Lesser Celendine and highly invasive. She's right and I stand corrected.

While in other areas, big bunches of them bloomed in profusion. 

Croakies were abloom in an obscure corner.

Love, love, love!!
The estate is spread out over 5 acres. Farther from the house are lots of interesting "rooms."

An Ivy-lined allee borders one of the open lawn areas. 

I can imagine how wonderful this area looks in high summer.

Annie, on the left and Cate were enjoying the nooks and crannies in one of the formal parterre. 
A happy grouping of  Snowdrops just begged for a photograph! 

Isn't this a lovely lattice fence and gate...

and brickwork walkway? 

Blooming pink Bergenia looked sweet next to yellow Winter Aconites. 

This is one of the woodland pathways...

...juxtaposed with a more formal walkway.

Tree roots were causing a little upheaval here. 
Beautiful now. Can you imagine it in a few months? 

Love this!
And this...

And this...

And this... 

So sweet. 

Sooo sweet! 
 Part 2 next time, I am planning on showing you what I found inside this...
The greenhouse! 


  1. What a beautiful house and garden to enjoy with frends! With each picture, I thought, I love that, that's my favorite. So much great stuff! That green gazebo is fabulous and needs to live in your garden (and mine!)

  2. You and your friends got to explore a really gorgeous garden! I love the pink Bergenia with the yellow Aconites, and the ones popping up in the lawn too. Looks like the gardens are really huge, and rambling. What a great house, too, I love the conservatory. Looking forward to more!

  3. A lovely day you had. That hellebore, true love, well true love for 2 hellebores! The little mossy stump area gets me though, love that stuff.

  4. This REALLY got my gardening "juices" flowing! What intriguing "rooms"... What an beautiful view from the veranda.... I am SO in the mood for spring to arrive here. I look forward to seeing what you found inside the greenhouse.

  5. Oh my, that house is wonderful! Love the stained glass and the gardens are lovely even when not in full bloom. I loved the woodland paths, made me want to go quietly exploring.

    Thanks for the tour, it inspired me to get outside today.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. What a wonderful place to visit!!! I can't get over all the flowers that are in bloom already. We are still buried in snow and it will be May before I see any flowers. And I love, love that old house! Thanks for the visual treat.

  7. Just had a conversation with my husband about moving to a milder climate - these gardens in Feb/March are beckoning me!!!! We're surrounded by a foot of snow with flurries predicted today. It will be another month before we have anything in the garden!!! Arrgggh! I think I better get myself to the Garden Festival which is being held in a nearby town today.

    Must get some hellebores - they look so welcoming in this garden. Your photos were great - sounds like awonderful day with your gardening friends.

  8. Grace,

    Love, love, love that hellebore! We (in southern Ontario/ western N.Y.) are still in the grips of winter. Your pictures give me hope that spring is somewhere around the corner!

  9. What a lovely old Victorian home and garden! They always make me wonder what they were like when they were new.

  10. Grace! what a lovely discovery. I never knew it existed, so must find time to go there... guess I should get out more. ;)

    We have had a few really nice days and looking forward to more.

  11. Hi Grace! Gorgeous garden in the heart of Salem! I think I know about where u were and I had no idea such a delightful place exsisted there! Those early pink rhodies are quite stunning. Cheers, Jenni

  12. What a gorgeous place! So many beauties! I keep going back over the photos, just drooling.

  13. I can't get over your weather...snowing here still. I love this house and gardens...Just amazing.

  14. What a great house and gardens! You will have to go back in other seasons to see the changes. I can't believe the blooming rhodie!

  15. What a great jump into spring! I'm so glad Feb is over. It feels like spring is finally coming. Yay! :o)

  16. Grace, I hope you had a lovely trip to the garden! I love so wonderful
    stained glass window!
    Although the spring just coming the rhododendrons are blooming, hellebore is still blooming, primroses are lovely!

  17. Grace, Loved the house it is super cool. The gardens are very impressive, thanks for sharing with us.

  18. A wonderful estate the encompasses everything we gardeners enjoy. Delightful to see the ephemerals in bloom, not to mention the wonderful Helleborus! Looking forward to part two!

  19. What a great garden! Lots of pretty things blooming already. Wouldn't it be fun to live in a house with that much character?

  20. Good grief! My Google Reader must have been messed up because I got everyone's back postings all at once.I wondered where everyone was. LOL! Oh well,
    Girl I love this place. The house is so sweet and the gardens. I only which mine was that lovely with all of those blooms already. The Daphne is so pretty and all of the Hellebore's.

  21. What a great place. Very beautiful.
    I lived in Salem for a few months in my 20s. Never saw this garden though. Lovely.

  22. I loved seeing all those blooming flowers; it looks like spring has arrived where you are. I can't wait for it to make its way from the northwest to the northeast. I'm ready! -Jean


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