Friday, June 14, 2013

The Middle of June (Already)

WITH A SLIGHT RESPITE from the unusually pleasant spring weather, yesterday was all about downpours. Nice to have the ground saturated to help establish all of the planting I've been doing. Today it's back to sunshine. How perfect is that? 

I've gathered a bevy of random photos to share. 

Honeysuckle Lonicera purpurea

Purple Hens and many little chicks. 

Rosa 'Cinco de Mayo'

Spigelia getting ready to bloom.

Spigelia in bloom! 

The remains of my Tetrapanax ... Dead? 

No! Check out the Tetrapanax resurrection. 

Alstromeria in full bloom. 


Diascia and Angelina Sedum 


Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile' 

Rosa 'Carefree Delight' with Oregano 

Sedum in a vintage tool box with a side of honeysuckle 

Vintage work boots planted with sedums 

Hall's Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica 'Hallana') blooming by a vintage window.

Mexican Feather Grass looking stately 

Sedum blossoms in a lovely shade of pink.

Clematis 'Pagoda' in bloom

Sweet Peas in bloom

Rosa 'Getrude Jekyll' looks great this year. 

My daughter's Green Bean plants in a vintage wheelbarrow. 

Fall Gold Raspberries getting ripe already!

One of my happy garden borders. 

Another border 

Under the pear tree

On the patio 

Another border

The north lawn with the stately variegated comfrey in the distance. 

Shady loveliness 

My Fuchsia border, not quite in bloom yet. 

The secret seating area. 

My seed garden full of pink California poppies. 

Encroachment: either the weeds on the Blue Star Creeper and visa versa.
Which do you think is winning? (Hint: weeds!)

This used to be a sunny area but with growing trees,
it's becoming shadier by the year. I love it. 

Another border

Fuchsia "tree"  What do you think, Heather? 
As always, 


  1. It's so lovely to drop by and see your beautiful garden again :-)

    It is looking as gorgeous and mouth wateringly sumptuous as ever - yay.

    I love all the shades of pink and red.

    I must remember to keep popping back for a regular fix.

    It was just what I needed today.

    Thanks for sharing it with us,

    X Ferris

  2. Oh, my! There are no words to match the beauty of your yard/gardens, Grace!

  3. Oh Grace your gardens/flowers/plants look fantastic. I love how much color you have in there. What is the trick with penstemon though because I've killed it at least 4 times now.

  4. Your garden looks fabulous, Grace! I tried growing some of the pink California Poppies from seed this spring...but not a single one came up :-(

  5. Glorious! This is the MONTH! I bet you use that secret chair a LOT. (I would.) I think Spigelia sounds like a character name--someone you can't quite trust maybe-- but a very pretty shrub :)

  6. You make it look so easy, Grace! One would never guess how challenging it is to work in those vintage elements...or that you also hold down a job...and WRITE! Your garden is a vision of loveliness.

  7. I have to smile at all the plants and flowers you have...a beautiful garden...have a great weekend Grace!

  8. Double WOW! Grace your garden is so beautiful right now. And I imagine all those Honeysuckle vines are smelling so good. I was hungry for some Green beans and planted some in old window boxes setting on the ground. I do not know how that is going to work. LOL! Those sedum blossoms are just so pretty. Of course I love looking at all your old containers and garden redo's. Lovely ideas.

  9. Your garden looks so lovely! I really like the gravel borders, they set everything off, is it hard to keep the weeds out? Your Fuchsia tree is incredible! Hummingbirds must like all the honeysuckle and Penstemons. The beans are cute in the wheelbarrow. I just planted some in the mud today. I'm sad Spring is almost over because the days will start getting shorter, love those long days!

  10. I seriously can't believe how tall your fuchsia tree it!! You trimmed it into a standard, right? Love it!
    It is interesting how much darker the pink of your Carefree Delight is than mine.
    Everything seems to be in pretty good control- not crazy big yet. You have been using your pruners! I have broken another pair and need to get to the store and buy another!
    I would love to smell those honeysuckle vines!

  11. Grace, however did you manage to write a book and have such a lovely garden at the same time??? Enjoyed today's tour. Keep the photos coming!

  12. Beautiful shots, I particularly like the sedum in the tool box.

  13. Dear Grace ~ I love every flower filled nook and cranny, border, and secret little spaces that you have created. Joy and peace, exude throughout it all.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  14. Your gardens are absolutely stunning, and very inspring. I'm going back for another look :)

  15. Grace your garden is a little paradise, I so love to come and visit. This lovely sunny weather sure is welcome. the garden is responding in kind. Have a wonderful day.

  16. The borders all look magnificent Grace. I love that Philadelphus - its flowers are huge! Must check into getting that for the nursery next year! We have been inundated with cool, wet weather this summer, which I of course love, but not so much the customers!

  17. Some kind of gorgeous Grace! I can imagine the fresh fragrances of your beautiful garden in the moist warm air. A delight for the senses.

  18. 100% pure, amazing, awesomeness.

  19. Just beautiful Grace! I know I can always get my fix of pink on your site.


  20. wow. Everything is just gorgeous, Grace! I love love loved the tool box. You have some really beautiful images - the boots... awesome.

  21. Grace,
    Only you could find all those plants that make exactly the same shade of beautiful dark pinky-maroon coloured blossoms... Loved the element of surprise when I came upon the BLUE flower. Your gardens are magical - and inspiring - I'm going out right this minute to hack everything back - there's neat, and then there's Grace-Neat! You've got me aiming higher.

  22. Great photos A great blog. Just the tonic when it's raining. Thanks.
    Feel free to drop by my blog for some handy tips.

  23. Gracie girl it all looks fantastic !
    You have so much in bloom .. I am in the in between stage of flowering right now .. there is more green than anything else ... but excitement will be on its way .. hopefully in two weeks. And I hope great before and after pictures!
    Love all the shades of pink and the fuchsia tree is too cute !

  24. Lots of beautiful flowers blooming in your garden, Grace. I always think of you at this time of year, when my garden is in its pink phase :-). -Jean


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