Monday, September 9, 2013

Alsea Falls

MY VINTAGE (and I use that term endearingly) laptop is trying to update downloads or upload down-dates or download updates or something and is taking way to freaking long and sucking way too much power. So rather than, in frustration, throwing it at the window and scaring my kitties, not to mention making a tremendous, expensive mess, I'm going to go ahead and publish this uncharacteristically short post with the photos I have already uploaded. 

This drive-by really caught my eye. I love how the Angel's Fishing Rods (Dierama)
do their thing above the pool of low-growing plants. 

A few weeks ago when my hubby and I were anniversary-traveling, we took a side trip to Alsea Falls.
But first we passed this interesting place.
It reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies, Beverly Hills) 

Alsea Falls is really tucked away in the boonies. Here is a shot of the tranquil river. 

And here is the falls. Even after a summer with very little rain it is
just breathtaking. Notice all the bedrock surrounding it. 

Here is a shot looking down from the top of the falls. Again, notice all the bedrock.
Wouldn't it be relaxing to bring a blanket and book and sit here all day? 

Tucked in to a little nook we noticed a few Mimulus guttatus flowering sweetly. 

I'm not sure if you remember but awhile back I mentioned that we dismantled our (dangerously) rotting deck. We've since had a cement patio poured that looks great. The redux is still in process but when it's finished, I'll have a bunch of befores and afters to show. And a creepy critter I found while working in one of the adjoining garden beds. Or I might save those photos for Halloween since they're ultra creepy. For now, just be warned. (Wink.)  

As always,


  1. That place is so pretty! I also love the old building picture. It looks like they used everything possible on it. I never heard of angel fishing rods. But the name is fitting. We took a small trip yesterday also. Pictures on my blog. Isn't nature wonderful!!!

  2. What a beautiful spot. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Now Grace just talk to that dear laptop nice and gently - it may just work wonders :) What a well established clump of Angels Fishing Rods - it looks just right in that border. Looking forward to seeing your new patio.

  4. Grace, your computer may be dying but the photos are great.

    You are right that house is a trip back to the Beverly Hillbillies.


  5. I finally got a new laptop, after suffering , far too long!
    Happy Anniversary, looks like a beautiful spot!

  6. What a lovely spot Alsea Falls looks: that's another one for my Oregon bucket list. So glad you and your guy had some time to celebrate your anniversary - it's important to do that!

  7. More super photos Grace! Thanks! I love to view photographs of places I've never been. Love the Beverley Hillbilly's little house. I have to admit, I loved that show, especially Granny. :)

  8. Gracie girl ! Too funny about the BH shack you saw and captured ;-)
    Love the Angel's Fishing Rod picture, very pretty. Also the wonderful falls area .. I would love to see that in person .. play in it like a kid too? haha ... hey, you know better than to mention Halloween and a picture that is creepy ? don't be a tease girl .. you have to let me see it!!!!! LOL
    Joy ( still in reno shock .. brain fried .. maybe I need a reboot ?LOL)

  9. You found some incredible nature photos...suitable for framing.

  10. I love that you included a shot of the cabin. I love the sense of equality you give to the natural world and to the art we simple humans try to create. :o) You're in my Blogger Spotlight!

  11. The photos of Alsea Falls are beautiful. I love water photos - guess that is why I live and garden here on Lake Michigan. I have the lake as a backdrop to many garden pictures. Enjoyed my visit this morning. Jack


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