Sunday, September 15, 2013

Drive-By Shootings of the Camera Kind

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I HAPPENED upon this lovely front yard garden. There was no one around so I didn't get permission to take photos but that has never stopped me and it didn't this time. I've never seen such beautiful clumps of Red Flax.

Red Flax Linum grandiflorum var. rubrum

I wish the owner would have been there so I could ask how she got these
beauties to grow so well. I've never had much luck. 

This looks like German Catchfly or Viscaria oculata also a gorgeous clump.

Other goodies in the garden...

all in this busy, vibrant front garden. 

Beside it, was this tree, a Dogwood of some kind, with ladybug-like fruits...  

on foliage already celebrating autumn. 

Here is another front garden that caught my eye. 

How is this for a gorgeous stand of weeping Love-Lies-Bleeding?

It was also growing along the fence. 

And here we have a "weeping" stand of Joe Pye, after the rain. 

Finally, I had to take a photo of this hell strip planted with orange Zinnias.
I'm thinking this might be in celebration of Oregon State University, just a few blocks away.
OSU's colors are orange and black. 
 *     *     * 

I got a lot done in the garden this weekend. After all the rain we've had, the soil is easy to work so weeds are getting the heave ho. I hope you all have a wonderful week. 


  1. Oh My! That Love Lies Bleeding is gorgeous!

  2. Grace, Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! It's so pleasing to the (heart) eye and encouraging to see so many people into taking such care of their part of the world and letting the rest of us see part of it!

  3. That swath of zinnias against the landscaping behind it is so impressive, wow.
    Great drive-by shots!

  4. I forgot to order red flax this year, must have ben hoping for selfseeders...none...maybe next year !

  5. All that row of zinnias needs is a border of black mondo grass to carry out the OSU theme.
    Happy Fall!

  6. I so wish my Joy Pye wouldn't weep so least he's not alone, by the looks of it!

  7. Gorgeous neighborhood shots. It just proves how much better the gardening is out your way! You are fortunate to live in such a great climate! Wet, but perfect for plants!

  8. That red flax is seriously impressive. And that parking strip! I don't do orange, but that's pretty dang impressive.

  9. Hi Grace. I also engage in drive by garden photography without a license. Haven't been chased by someone with a broom yet.

    My favorite is the orange zinnia strip. I love how it looks with the other garden residents and house color. So often the color of the house isn't taken into account when chosing foliage and flower color, but when it is, wow!

    Christine in Alaska, zinnias hate it here

  10. Wow Grace, you got some great shots of some cool stuff. Love-lies-bleeding is spectacular! The hell strip zinnias sure make a bold and fun statement! Love it all!

  11. Grace, I love these flowers- amaranths, on your third to last photo. They are deep red color and long. This front garden is pretty one!

  12. Love all the photos and landscaping I don't see in my neck of the woods Grace. I always love looking at photographs of foliage and flowers in other areas of the country. Beautiful photography! I had to look twice to make sure that wasn't a lady bug on the plant you mentioned had ladybug like pods.

  13. I love that you take photos of people's yards without them knowing. If feels very CIA-ish to me. :o) That flax is amazing stuff! If you get the secret, let me know!

  14. Hello Gracie girl !
    I should be doing an e-mail .. so much going on here though I am overwhelmed and exhausted and yet more is coming down the road!
    That is an extraordinary garden!
    I grew Love lies Bleeding years ago and it is such an unusual flower it almost seems fake eh?
    This garden has so much variety to it and those orange zinnias on the hell strip are amazing ! haha
    Great drive by shooting girl!
    Joy : )

  15. Ha! "hell strip".. you have a way with words, dear Grace. ;)

    I got some amaranth seeds this year (with saving the seeds after they blossom in mind), but didn't quite get around to planting them; now I'm not sure where they would go in the garden.

    PS: thankful for the rain we've gotten

  16. Wow look at all those deep pinks especially the Love-Lies-Bleeding.

  17. I enjoyed your drive-by shooting! You should have left notes so they could see their gardens on your blog. I especially loved the first one! Beautiful photos!


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