Sunday, January 19, 2014

Guess What I Bought

There is so little to photograph in my garden. It looks so forlorn and sad right now. I did a chilly walk-through yesterday and noticed a few blossoms on my winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima). I snipped off the branch and brought them indoors to share a vase with my wintersweet. (Chimonanthus praecox) so I guess I shouldn't report that nothing is going on in the garden. 

A single Lonicera fragrantissima blossom
On Saturday, one of my daughters and I slipped over to the Habitat for Humanity Restore to take a look around. I was surprised to find out that everything was 50%. While foraging in their yard area I hoped I might find a quirky treasure for the garden. I did!

This is the upper part of a vintage wood stove. Look at all the lichen and crusty stuff, the scroll work on top and the label still attached to the front. 

Pretty cool, huh? Okay, don't judge me. Only a junque person can really appreciate this awesome relic and if you prefer more artsy garden ornamentation, just nod your head and humor me, okay? Thanks. 

My daughter twisted my arm and begged me to buy these primroses to provide a teensy bit of color in the garden. I hesitated, not really all that excited, but after some deliberation, I acquiesced. Do you believe that? Okay good. 

 And now, just because, a trip back to last July...


  1. I LOVE your find at the Restore!! I alway say I am going there and haven't made it yet. Hopefully this week. I hear so many good things about the stores. I nrrd more garden art. Something different then most people have. I also love your 2 new plants. So much color. God knows we could use some color around here about now. Everything white outside doesn't do much for me. lol.
    I love the pictures of your yard. So beautiful! I don't think I ever used love so much in one comment before. But It is the word I have to use for this post.

  2. I also love that new find for your gardens. It is really cool and interesting.

    The primroses are beautiful and I enjoyed glimpses into last years gardens.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Thanks for the blooms. My eyes feel better. My yard looks to terrible. I haven't been able to do anything in it due to a knee surgery I had awhile back. Love the junk find too. Have a great week.

  4. Lucky you ! I've been searching for a small wood stove for my shed revamp …If you come across another one.

  5. I love your wood stove thingy, are you going to plant things in it?
    The primroses are lovely, I don't usually like double flowers but I make an exception for frilly primroses.
    Your July garden is gorgeous.

  6. That wood stove garden ornament from Restore is fantastic! I love that kind of stuff but seldom find it at any of the junk stores here. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  7. I wish I could pull off an ultra tasteful, clean lined garden like the ones I so admire but something in my personality will not allow it. Like you, I'm a junque enthusiast. Your rusty stove find is exciting and I can't wait to see how you incorporate it into your garden!

  8. I liked the weathered old stove Grace - well done on such a find. I wonder if what you call a junk store is what we call a reclamation yard. That time travel back to July has warmed my soul :)

  9. Ah, will roll around again, won't it? I'd nearly forgotten how lovely it can be. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Sigh. It's all so colorful and lovely! I got nothing. All I can offer is snow and cold, and more snow and more cold. Trying to live in the moment, but having some difficulty with it. Thanks for sharing the beauty of July!

  11. Old cast stove! Awesome, Grace!
    What do you think to use it? As a big pot or in a center of your garden?

  12. Great find Grace! And what pretty primroses. They are so bright and cheerful, as are the pictures of your gardens in July. Beautiful.

  13. Awesome. I can see the foliage spilling out of it already. :)

    I've been scrolling through old garden pictures, too. I'm ready.

    I know I've screamed from the mountain tops that I'm not a cold weather gardener, and I'm not, but I couldn't help myself yesterday. I did a mini walk through the back to see if anything was happening and found my hellebore covered in buds, but hidden by all of last year's leaves. So I grabbed the clippers. Then, since it was close by, I cut all the old foliage off of the.....well crap, I hate it when that happens. You go to say a plant name and it leaves your brain. Ya know, the one that blooms early and if you don't cut all the old leaves off now, it takes you 3 hours to do what I did in minutes because you're trying not to hack off the buds. You always say bah humbug to these flowers, 'cause the foliage is where it's at, (and I was after the wild yellow one which I know you love the most - early morning sarcasm), but when it's the only thing blooming, I get giddy to see those buds comin. Well crap, I'll think of the name later today when I'm doing something completely different.

  14. I LOVE IT!!! So super cool! I've cruised our H4H store before but not in a while. Time to go back! Are you going to plant something in it?

    A fellow ORE blogger needs some design/plant advice and I thought you'd be perfect to lend your expertise. Check out Susie's blog:

  15. Love the colours of your primroses.
    I don't get that in my region - the closest I've seen are the Gloxinia and they are very much highland flowers.

    Happy Gardening.

  16. Hi Grace, I signed up for an email feed way back but I'm not getting it??? Managed to find my way back all by myself-ha ha. Now I'm in the PNW I'll be visiting more, I've got over an acre to fill so I need lots of ideas. I'm going to look up winter honeysuckle right now.

  17. Hi Grace,

    It is lovely to see the signs of a garden. Mine is under snow and ice with no end in sight.


  18. Girl you always find the best old pieces!! I love the stove. It just just goes in your garden. Yes it was meant just for you. :) The Primroses are so beautiful. They always have such bright colors.Enjoy it all while I am freezing my backside off. LOL!


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