Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So, What's Your Next Big Thing?

CONFESSION: I plagiarized this title. However, as a writer I know that titles can't be copyrighted so what I'm really doing is shamelessly admitting my lack of originality here. 

I saw the title on a gardening LinkedIn forum. The author used this clever hook to suggest our next big thing be adding gooseberries to the landscape. Okay, maybe. Not. I don't have room. But the idea is a good one for those who do. 

We all have plans for our gardens though, don't we? Big plans, little plans, ideas that seem possible right now because in January all we've got is anticipation. 

What is my next big thing? Well, I've got a few. First, I want to dig a trench and lay an extension cord to my outer pond so I can have a small water feature here. Right now it's just stagnant water and not very interesting, except to a cat. 

Outer pond with Willow

I'd like to have it trickle a tiny bit of water from a small urn (already purchased) right where my late kitty Willow is drinking. I think just a little movement will be nice. Something like what's below with a little less algae inside the urn. 


Below is my other pond with its water feature. I used a cement leaf that I cast all-by-myself several years ago. 

Inner or "Patio" Pond

 My second project will require just as much if not more brain and brawn. I am going to get rid of my two small sections of backyard lawn. From the photo below you can see why. 

North lawn in September 2013
No matter how much I water and fertilize it remains an eyesore refusing to stay green. I've had it. Here is my replacement idea. Taken from Pinterest. 

I've already got several clumps of creeping Thyme that I can transplant. I know from experience that the heat and dry soil of summer don't seem to bother it. And I know where I can get square stepping stones for cheap. Isn't this cool? 

I have a few more ideas that I'll reveal in my next post. What is your next big thing? 

PS If you've never been wowed and wooed by Pinterest, it is the go-to for inspiration. Here is a link to my boards. Feel free to browse and comment. 


Teresa said...

After teaching the puppy to leave the plants alone. That should be fun... We want to trim out the beds better. Tidy the edges up. The thyme beds look just like big fat pillows. Pretty!

James Missier said...

Its great to note your next big thing.
For me - space is a great challenge and every space, nook & corner is just precious as a piece of land.

rebecca said...

I love your plans! Especially the one to replace the patch of lawn.

I plan to take some time this afternoon to check out your Pinterest board. Thanks for the link :)

Happy dreaming/planning, Marsha!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Fun idea for a post! I love both of your ideas! The thyme squares are great!!
My thing is going to be putting in a small pond in the bed by our front door. My oldest daughter gave me a frog "spitter" that I want to use for it.

Alison said...

My nest big thing is doing a boatload of planting. Digging lots of holes and plopping plants in. I absolutely love your checkerboard idea for replacing your brown lawn.

HeatherF1 said...

Oh, my! That second pond is fabulous! Why does it feel like I haven't seen pictures of it? What kind of tree is it there? Great plantings!
How fun! Can't wait to see the progression of your garden!

linda coombs said...

I'm getting rid of the last bit of lawn ,as well. I cant't decide if I should dig it up or use a sod remover . I am also finally, famous last words, giving my shed a revamp.

Kris Peterson said...

What great plans! Both will be wonderful additions to your garden. For my part, I'm also planning to take out another large swath of grass (assuming I can get the cooperation of my spouse). I'm also attempting to rejuvenate a hedge that's been badly pruned for years.

ricki said...

Now you've got me thinking...must come up with a big thing. Maybe stealing your checkerboard idea?

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Grace,

I am still working on that north side border garden, have put up gates to keep the dogs out and hope to get the perennials placed correctly this spring. I love the thyme squares, have a friend who has done this with grass and it looks great!


Mindy said...

Even with the still-cold temperatures, I'm finally starting to get the bug. Daffodils and daphne have buds and the sweetbox is bloomin' its little heart out. C'mon spring!

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Hi Grace. This is a fun post and the idea of the thyme and steeping stones is a nice one especially since thyme is pretty tolerant of a range of conditions. I am always gazing into the garden and planning and can't wait until spring to get out into the dirt!

PlantPostings said...

Wow--all great ideas! I especially like that last plan with the checkerboard stepping stones and Thyme. Very nice! Your pond is so lush and interesting--all the foliage colors, forms, and heights. I can see why your kitty likes it!

Jan said...

It's fun to 'dream' and you've got a few substantial ideas, and plans, ready to go. I like trickling water and hope you can do something like the photo with the urn. I like the other one to, with your photo of your moving water...that looks inviting. And checkerboard squares look interesting, I know it will look cool in your garden Grace.

chloris said...

I love the idea of the stones and thyme. It would also work well with Camomile:Chamaemelum nobile. I want to make a Camomile seat this year.A camomile lawn would be great but a bit ambitious. It is a lovely fresh green and smells delicious.

Anna said...

Your plans sound great Grace. I could do with editing our lawn but maybe not just yet. I have not got any next big things in the pipeline yet just lots of little things :)

outlawgardener said...

Your plans sound cool! I've got a lot of editing (cutting down a lot of overgrown stuff, extending a patio so that I can put more potted plants on it, etc.) that I should start doing. Kind of boring in comparison to your cool checkerboard lawn replacement!

Casa Mariposa said...

I don't ever go on Pinterest unless someone sends me a link to their boards but I do like the last pix. I can see why you'd want to ditch the lawn. Your patio pond is AWESOME!! Love it! I was hoping to install a pond but the whole "we need to dig up the entire patio to lay an electrical line" part of it was a bit of a downer so I am pondless. I'm adding more art to the garden so I guess that's my next big thing.