Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nursery Jaunt: Dancing Oaks

A FEW WEEKENDS AGO my friend Vickie and I went to Dancing Oaks Nursery. We have to make at least one trip per gardening season because of the enchanting gardens and the delectable plant inventory. And, it's only a pleasant, twenty or so minute drive from my house! I've detailed and photographed previous trips here and here.  

This time I just took random photos of the gardens in early April. 

Ornamental Rhubarb making its spring debut

Probably the most health stand of Pulsatilla I've ever seen

Ditto for the Heucherella here. 

With the deep red of the Acer foliage, what's not to love? 

It was drizzling when I took this photo of the upper water feature. 

Even the weeds were pretty. You gotta love this Henbit. 


Luscious little bells 

This Pulmonaria was exquisite.
I think it's 'Raspberry Splash'

Don't you love these ingenious posts for insulators? 

I'm always jealous of Fred and Leonard's many healthy Daphne plants.
This one is D. 'Lawrence Crocker'. So fragrant.
Check out this Veratrum! 
It made me think of Loree of Danger Garden and her recent post about this scrumptious plant.

Muscari are allowed to naturalize

Very cool garden art

Euphorbia robbinae and variegated Lunaria 

Of course, outstanding hellebores! 

I couldn't resist capturing these bright red Semps.
Aren't they cool? 
Announcement: Eileen of Gatsby Gardens is the winner of a copy of my new book, Grace in the Garden. Congrats, Eileen. Thank you to all 43 of you who commented. I am honored and humbled by your well wishes. 


  1. I wish Dancing Oaks was closer. I can reasonably make a day trip to Cistus and Joy Creek, but further south, not so much. Heck, I wish you were closer too. I almost let henbit take over the first time I encountered it in the garden. I had never seen it before, and thought it might be a pretty wildflower. There is a whole different set of weeds east of the Rockies. I never saw shotweed in my old garden either. I just bought a Veratrum at Hortlandia.

  2. You're very lucky to have Dancing Oaks so nearby. Like Alison, I've always wanted to visit. Maybe sometime I'll plan an oregon vacation that includes Dancing Oaks, Frye Road, and maybe even Forest Farm.

  3. I can't decide whether the PNW has the best nurseries, or whether I just think that because I covet plants that aren't suitable to my own turf. In any case, thanks for the tour!

  4. Heucherella?! Heuchera, yes. Tierella, yes. Heucherella, never even heard of it. Tierella is on my list of must-haves this year.

    I've never heard of ornamental rhubarb, either. Want.

    I need that lungwort in my life. And the semps. Why do I never come across any that cool?!

  5. I believe if the nursery was close to me.....I would be there every weekend.

  6. Oh, so cool! Love the pics you captured. Have only been once last summer, will have to go now in springtime too! Thanks for sharing. The Tiarella especially gorgeous.

  7. It's so nice to see what Dancing Oaks looks like early in the season, since I've only visited later when things are more mature (and I'm not just saying that because you mentioned me)...great post!

  8. Great nursery, Grace. I love this Heucherella and maple it's very rare combination I've seen. Also hellebore are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  9. That looks like a wonderful nursery! We have a couple here with planted beds. It is always so nice to see what the plants look like when they are mature.

  10. I may have to mend my ways and stop yanking out henbit (thanks for identifying it, by the way). You allow muscari to naturalize? I allow, nay, encourage, to no avail. Dancing Oaks is one of those remote nurseries that is well worth the long drive.

  11. what a wonderful place to wander around. I wandered around our local garden center today, but the wind was cold, so I did not stay long.

  12. Some very interesting plants there....I will be doing a review of your book in June...can't wait to read it...I have been peeking and reading snippets. :)

  13. Daphne plant.looks like it might be some type of ground cover? I recall you mentioning this in your book but I thought it was another plant. Almost finished your book, on chapter #24..

  14. Thank you for naming the Henbit! It's invades my garden. Although it is pretty, it's a space hog so I pull it out.
    Your pics are great. I love the ornamental rhubarb. I've only one pic of it and it wasn't flattering.
    Happy Gardening!

  15. Wow, those are healthy plants! I love the potted Coralbells/Maple combination. What a great idea! The Hens and Chicks are lovely, too. Looks like a great place to shop!


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