Thursday, April 24, 2014

So Much to Love

I'm in full-on gardening mode. It's been so enjoyable, playing in the dirt, moving plants around, potting up newbies. If I'm home and it's not raining, I'm outside in my garden. Can you relate?

Here are some of my bloomers: 

I don't grow very many annuals but
when I found a little four-pack of annual, all-pink Mimulus,
I couldn't resist. 

I planted the Mimulus with this fragrant Nemesia

The Lewisia are abloom!

As is this little bulb bloomer

One of my favorite shrubs is this early-blooming
Lonicera tatarica ‘Arnold Red’ 

Another favorite shrub, Weigela florida 'Variegata' is just starting to open. 

Geranium 'Orion' is a newbie. The flowers look a lot like 'Rozanne'
but they're a little bigger. 

Melittis  melissophyllum looks really special this year. 

The Epimedium foliage is dramatic

Silene robotii ‘Roly’s Favorite’ has seeded itself throughout my garden.

I really enjoy the cheery spring blossoms
while my summer players are just getting their growth on. 

And just look at this Cotinus foliage. 

Recently I spotted these cuties at the store.
Did I buy one? What do you think? 


  1. I always enjoy seeing your lovely bloomers. You have so many that I've never heard of. I just love all of the shades of pink.

    It's funny, I was just thinking of pink flamingos the other day. The question is, did you buy just one?

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh so lovely! The Cotinus foliage is gorgeous.
    (Did you?...I think a pink flamingo or few would enhance the pinks in your garden!)

  3. Hi, Grace ~ Your garden has some pretty blooms! I love the flamingo! There used to be a nursery here in Austin that had at least 100 of them on their front property. :)

  4. Oh, I certainly hope you did buy a pink flamingo! I love them, and of course, they will match your color scheme. I am in full-on gardening mode now too.

  5. So, where did you put the flamingo? They always remind me of Dulcy.
    There sure seems to be a lot of growth going on in your garden this spring!
    How is your patio project going?

  6. Lovely bloomers, but beware the Star of Bethlehem bulb - white flowers fourth picture down. It's a deceptively charming thug. It took over my Portland postage stamp garden and I've got a mass in the grass in my NE Alabama back yard (already here when I moved in). I was going to let them bloom because there's a lot of space, but now I'm noticing it scattered all over, including the flower beds, so for now I'm mowing it and will be making attempts to remove it later, at least in the beds. Maybe yours has more manners than the ones I've had experience with, but they are sneaky.

  7. It's a little frustrating that every time I get into full swing I get rained out. I guess I shouldn't complain, as it forces me to lead a more balanced life. I always enjoy seeing your photos, as you cultivate a different range of plants, all beautiful.

  8. I've never grown Mimulus - it's awfully pretty. I'll have to watch for it.

    It's just been the last couple of years that I've fallen for Nemesia. That plant is a workhorse.

    Ahh, the Lewisia. Love, love, love. Do you have any in the ground, or just in pots?

    I was hoping you'd have the name for that little white star-shaped bulb. I have it popping up everywhere and have no idea where it came from.

    That honeysuckle is amazing. Want. AND that Weigela. I have one, but I'm becoming obsessed with variegated leaves. And the dark pink buds are so pretty.

    My geranium like that is just starting to bloom, but his tag is long gone, so I don't know which one it is.

    Please tell me you bought a flamingo. I have one that moves around the backyard. Never in the lawn, though. He like to hide in the brush.

    The rain this week has made everything grow like gangbusters. Can't wait for the predicted sun next week!!!!

  9. Hi Grace, Yes, spring is fully sprung your way! Your blooms are lovely! While we don't have as many blooms, almost all of the perennials are up and growing. I've been out a lot, but other things have demanded some of my time. Hopefully, they will settle down so I can focus on getting ready for the neighborhood garden tour June 7 that I agreed to be on. Then, when our daughter has her baby, who she has named Ruby, the end of June, things will be busy for awhile. Hopefully, I'll still be able to be in the garden a lot. They won't be living with us, but I will be watching her 4 days a week when Ash goes back to work.

  10. Gracie girl you had to have bought at least one of those flamingos .. right ?? even if you hid him away in a corner, just for yourself! LOL
    We are still way behind you but slowly prodding along .. I have to trim up my Royal purple cotonis soon but waiting for hubby to get back from Cuba to spot me on the ladder .. just to be on the safe side right?
    I am riding along with 7 bags of triple mix soil in the back of my vehicle .. soon it will be compost and mulch .. for the season .. just that thing about being a gardener eh ? LOL
    Everything looks wonderful girl!

  11. Did you buy a flamingo?? LOL! I love your new addition to the garden. I see why you just could not resist. I love your Lewisia. I wonder if I could over winter one indoors? Probably kill the beauty. LOL! I am jealous of all your blooms in your garden already. {Sigh} Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Your hard work in the spring garden is obvious by your beautiful blooms. Love that Melittis melissophyllum -- wish I could grow it here. P. x

  13. Everything looks incredible! I also have Rolly's Favorite but mine are so much smaller and more compact. It must be my cold winters. Love that epimedium foliage. Fabulous!

  14. Oh I just want a few of these blooms but we will need to warm up first :(

    So where did you put the flamingo?


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