Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden Tour -- Part II

AS PROMISED, I'm back with second part of the local garden tour. This time it's all about plants. However, being a total plant geek, I'm always on the lookout for the unusual, plants that are new to me and that blow me over with visceral coveting. This only happened once on this tour at my friend Bobbie Richard's garden. I'll show you in a bit. For now, it's common plants but very well situated. 

I must have taken a hundred photos at the first garden. The layout was really nice. 

This is a nice specimen of milkweed was really nice, even if it's not blooming. 

This Helianthemum wowed my friend Cate. 

This is a shot of the entire left side of the backyard. 
The second and third gardens didn't offer too much excitement for me however, right next door was this electrifying deep pink rose bush.

I'm not a huge fan of Daylilies but when I see a true color (not washed out), I take note.
I don't know the name of this one but it was nice.

Daphne -- either 'Carol Mackie' or 'Brigg's Moonlight.'  Wowza! 

Sweet William, (Dianthus barbatus

Plume Poppy or Macleaya cordata is a controversial plant in that it spreads
by underground runners. I happen to love that foliage and don't mind its habit. 

Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' 

I'm pretty sure this is Rosa 'Nathalie Nypels' 

A honeybee in Borage heaven

Here is the plant that I was seriously coveting. Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata'.
The tiny flowers are supposedly fragrant on this tall climber but silly me,
I didn't get my nose close enough to the flowers.  

Veggies can be beautiful too. 

I love these Lacinata or Dinosaur Kale! 
So what is your favorite? 


  1. Everything about the first garden you showed was wonderful! The paths and the well-trimmed edges framed the beautiful & healthy plants! What a treat that must have been!

  2. Wow! It's hard not to be envious! Everything looks so healthy and I really like the paths through the plants, making it easier to take "the tour".

  3. What a beautiful garden and your photos did it justice. I love those day lilies also...such a beautiful color. Don't think I've ever seen purple ones. Great job!

  4. Those veggies are certainly beautiful. Unfortunately, ours are never that photogenic. That lily pond with the stacked stone surround is fab.

  5. These gardens are not only beautiful but immaculate - I'm impressed. That pink rose growing along the brick wall is truly stunning. The daylily may be 'Indian Giver.'

  6. Thanks for sharing the garden tour with us! Great pics! I love the way formal gardens look but don't have the discipline to garden like that. The Clematis and roses blew me away! By any name the pink roses are stunning!

  7. Northern VA never has garden tours unless they're of some zillion dollar old mansion with a gardening crew. Sigh... I just love seeing the gardens of real people. I think everything looks fabulous but I really love the pond in the 2nd photo.

  8. I need to take a brake from mine and get out visiting a few open gardens this year.

  9. I love garden tours, Grace, and wish I could have taken this one with you! I think the fish pond picture is my favorite,but hard to pick. P. x

  10. Gorgeous shots of the gardens! I love that one of the Borage with bee. The water features are so beautiful too, and something I'd like to have in my gardens some day.

  11. I love this garden's water features. Water adds so much to a garden! Thank you Grace!

  12. I must be in the minority Grace as I'm afraid garden number 1 doesn't do it for me at all - way too neat.
    I do however feel a sparkle in my eye looking at the clematis you covet. In fact if we were at a plant sales table together with that clematis for sale I could well elbow you out of the way :)

  13. I liked the path in Japanese style and the pond surrounded by stones and with growing water lilies in it.
    Thank you for sharing Grace!

  14. Wow, how fun. The first was my favorite, too. I really wish I had someone to drag me to some of those tours. I still have never done one. Shame, shame.

  15. Oh I couldn't pick a favorite...so much to see and I would be clicking away as well...so much to learn from too and those roses!! Love the huge veggies too!

  16. Olá lindas fotos.
    Que belo jardim!
    Adorei conhecer

  17. The electrifying deep pink rose bush, hands down and a close second is the Clematis. Indeed a stunning garden.

  18. Beautiful photos! I loved the one of the borage. What a wonderful garden and I can see why you were impressed with it. I was, too.

  19. It's all gorgeous and the color of that daylily is really great. I'm most envious of that daphne as I've killed 'Briggs Moonlight' both times I tried it. Third time's a charm they say...


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